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Tarotscopes for July 2020

Hello! Welcome to the Tarotscopes for July. Here we are heading into the second half of 2020!!

In terms of the tarot ‘journey’ for the year we are probably at the equivalent of the number Six cards in the suits. This could indicate that we will now start to see signs of success, perhaps see what mistakes we have made (which is good because we can be more aware going forward), and more importantly we are having to commit ourselves to seeing it through – we can’t just stop in the middle of nowhere. There will be some challenges, of course, but each day we are better equipped to deal with them. At this stage it is important to take care of ourselves, give ourselves the food and water we need – fuel for the rest of the journey – and rest when we can or we will start to flag. It is probably best to adopt a steady pace and keep alert. But don’t forget to take in the beauty of the scenery and the excitement of the adventure each day as it comes. Stay safe.

Patricia x

I hope you enjoy these free monthly tarotscopes and our daily automated ‘CARD OF THE DAY’ here on our site and, more importantly, I hope they help.

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Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Swords, Two of Swords, Ace of Cups

The Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords might be indicating that you will need to don your crown and act the part. There are times when your knowledge, experience and capability can bring what’s needed to a situation and you may have to rise to the occasion this month. The Two of Swords seems to be indicating that there has been, or is, an issue which you have been avoiding. The Two of Swords also advises that this issue is not likely to go away on its own, and the sooner you deal with it the better. The Queen of Pentacles represents a Matriarch who not only provides amply for her loved ones but who is fiercely protective of them too. This means that you have the means to protect what you value and will use it if necessary. However, the Queen of Pentacles is also a loving and giving Matriarch, so try not to overdo the authority.

The Queen of Swords represents your ability to communicate clearly in any difficult situation and this will help – logic, sound reasoning and being properly informed of all the ins and outs of this issue will be required. However, this Queen tends to keep her emotions in check a little too much and she can appear to be too aloof – bear this in mind.

As this issue is tackled, the Ace of Cups suggests that there will be heightened emotions around the situation and you will need to understand this. And whilst the Queen of Swords can keep her own emotions in check, other people may not be able to, so you will need to compromise a little. The Ace also suggests the beginning of a new relationship which could indicate new beginnings for anyone involved – generally the Ace of Cups is a happy and positive card, so hopefully it indicates a good result, and the start of something good.


The World, The Empress, The Wheel of Fortune, Nine of Cups

Wow! Some very powerful cards have shown up for this month’s reading for you Taurus! Three Major Arcana cards suggest significant happenings for July!

We start with The World card, which suggests a really excellent month is ahead for you in July. This is the most positive card in a tarot deck and represents you having all that you hoped for in every respect, that you have achieved your goals, and you can now sit back relax to be happy. All is good. At last, you will be reaping the rewards of all your hard work and it is well deserved – enjoy.

The Empress represents a mother/child dynamic in a relationship, so it is possible that you are needed on some level by a child/youngster/parent if you have them, but they do not necessarily have to be related – it may be someone in your care. The Empress is strong but approachable, nurturing and kind – perhaps they need you to advocate for them, or do something for them, or they may just need some love from you. Whichever it is, The Empress is representing you as a key figure in someone’s life this coming month and your actions will have a significant impact on them – hopefully in the best possible way (The Empress can lose her temper occasionally, so watch out for this.).

The Wheel of Fortune is another key card which means that things are about to change in a big way – hopefully for the better! When the Wheel turns you should stay alert to great opportunities being put before you, but it will be down to you to take them before the Wheel spins them away – be ready to grab these chances!

In addition to all this interesting insight, the final card in the reading is the Nine of Cups which indicates all is well in terms of your relationships which will bring a lot of happiness and contentment – this too is well deserved as you have worked hard through all the difficult times. This is also a very positive card which could also indicate things going your way – so make the most of these very positive Energies being sent to you.


Queen of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, The Lovers

The Queen of Pentacles is able to provide her loved ones with all that they need on a physical and material level, so it is likely that she has appeared to let you know that you are in an excellent position in terms of money and security. This is good news, of course, but it is her ability to use it wisely which, perhaps, is the message for this coming month.

The Three of Pentacles indicates that there are early signs of success in any project or work you have undertaken in the past, and that it has the capacity make further money if you continue to put in the dedication and work you have till now – these signs should boost your confidence and make you feel it has all been worthwhile, and keep you motivated.

The Queen of Cups may be indicating the need for you to look at your own sensitivity, sensuality and emotional capacity. You have much within you to give to yourself and others – but it is buried somewhere deep within. Find your innate ability to love and attract love and let it shine – it’s time.

The Lovers card indicates some sort of decision with regard to a personal relationship, or even a partnership of some type. This could bring some emotional turmoil and you may find yourself faced with a knotty issue which does really need to be addressed. It is best to approach this particular issue from a place of love, and to consider the consequences of your decisions with empathy and understanding not only for yourself but for all those involved. The two Queens suggests that you are more than capable of doing this for the highest good for all concerned, and that you are probably the most qualified and capable to tackle it.


Ace of Swords, The Emperor, Knight of Pentacles, Eight of Swords

The two Swords cards flanking the middle two suggest that July might bring a challenge in which you will have to decide the best approach to use in it. Swords is the suit of intellect, knowledge and communication. The Ace of Swords indicates energy around new attitude to something, though in this reading it could represent a problem. The last card, the Eight of Swords, indicates that the way you handle this challenge could effect a result that you might not be happy with or change, so the two middle cards could be advising the best approach for you to take.

The Emperor card could represent two choices of approach in itself – one that is quite aggressive and domineering, and the second which would be firm but acceptable to those you are dealing with. These different approaches could make the difference between a good result, or a fall out. The strength that The Emperor represents, in you, is all powerful and that is why you need to use it carefully. But as always, the choice of how is down to you.

The second card to advise you is the Knight of Pentacles. This card usually represents loyalty, dedication and attention to detail, and can often represent a boring or pedantic approach to something. However, the Knight of Pentacles tends to be successful in all his endeavours because of the attention he pays to his duties and tasks. Perhaps this card is saying the solution to this issue is actually in the detail – this suggests that you might need to look carefully at everything that is being said and done, around this issue, to understand the truth of the matter and help you navigate it successfully. Regardless of how it turns out, if you have tried your best and it hasn’t facilitated the result you wanted, then the Eight of Swords advises you couldn’t have done anything more to make it better. In which case you’ll just have to let it go because it was never really in your power to change it.

It’s Cancer’s turn for the extra card – the Birthday card! Read on…….

Cancer Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday card is the King of Swords! He is telling you that you have super duper analytical skills! He is letting you know that the use of your logic and communication skills can really take you a long way, and that you are ready to apply these skills to everything you touch. With clear understanding and the ability to learn new things, you will soon be ready to move onto bigger and better projects that will enhance your life/lifestyle and income. You are able to balance your head alongside your heart when necessary and not allow your emotions to overrun the clarity that is needed in certain situations. This will make a huge difference in your approach to life and will help you achieve your goals. Happy Birthday!


Nine of Swords, Seven of Wands, Seven of Swords, Queen of Pentacles

If you find yourself feeling guilty or blaming yourself for how things have gone, you will need to stop and adjust your mindset. Thoughts can run wild, if they are allowed to, and things can seem much worse than they actually are. The Nine of Swords indicates that if this is what happens in July then you will need to adopt a more positive mindset. In other words, look at the positives around you and the qualities you possess to shake yourself out of this destructive thought pattern. Only you will suffer by allowing these thoughts to overwhelm you, because things are probably not as bad in reality.

The Seven of Wands suggests a bit of a dilemma in terms of any projects you have undertaken and you might be wondering whether you should just drop it. Again, your thought patterns could be affecting the reality simply by having lost some motivation and drive. Clear back all the dead wood, and get back to the original idea around this project and you’ll probably revive your initial excitement and find the drive to get it going again.

There may be a little manipulation at play at the moment (Seven of Swords). It could be you that is not being quite truthful about something, though it could be someone around you. You will need to look at the motive for this behaviour to understand why it seems necessary – why can’t you (or they) just be upfront and honest? Is there something that needs sorting out?

The Queen of Pentacles has appeared in this reading to, perhaps, indicate you rely on someone a little too much for your needs. Maybe she is suggesting that you need to find ways to feel confident in your own role rather than relying so much on this person, especially if it makes you feel inadequate. Even if you aren’t able to do this financially, you could start to value your own role more and learn to appreciate your own input as being equally important.


Three of Swords, Four of Cups, Strength, Knight of Swords

The Three of Swords is a card which can indicate some feeling of pain. Whatever the cause of the pain, though it is most likely to involve a relationship, sometimes you just have to accept you can’t change things. You might not be able to change the situation but what you can do is change your attitude to it. Holding onto this pain will not free you and, though it can be hard to let it go, you must learn to be ready for the happiness you will find, and it is better to find it sooner rather than later.

The Four of Cups might be the card which represents this particular relationship and which could be suggesting that, indeed, you are weary of being sad about it. Perhaps you no longer want to feel the way you do, perhaps you resent the association of pain with this person, perhaps deep down you really do want to be moving on from this. Again, the solution is in your hands (or rather your mind) and you can look to the happiness and good that is around you – or stay focused on the sadness – it is always your choice, choose wisely.

The Strength card might be able to help here, because there is always more than one way to deal with a problem. This is demonstrated by the image on the card – the figure had a sword with which he could have killed the lion. Instead he has driven the sword into the ground and has chosen to tackle the lion with his own hands to mitigate the bloodshed. Sometimes we are required to channel our strong emotions/reactions – it’s hard to do – in a way that hurts neither yourself or anyone else. Perhaps the next card could demonstrate a way to do this.

The Knight of Swords could be suggesting going on some sort of adventure, as a way to help you. Or it could be a quest to help others (as a knight would), or just something that will focus your mind, and energies, on new and different emotions/experiences. It would certainly help your current mindset. This card is probably wanting you to know – more than anything – that there is still so much fun and excitement for you to experience in the world…….so why don’t you get on your charger and go find it right now?


Judgement, The Magician, Three of Wands, The Chariot

Some interesting developments seem to be in the cards for July. There are three Major Arcana cards which indicate some Energies which will bring significant information/changes for you. We start with Judgement. This card generally indicates how your behaviours will have affected someone’s opinion of you (or you could be being more self-analytical to see how your behaviours have affected someone else). This could be an eye-opener for you, and this is why Judgement pops up from time to time – to give us a nudge, but if you have treated people well then it should be a pleasing result.

The Magician heralds a crossroads on your journey and you will need to choose a new path. He can’t tell you where these roads lead, but he does let you know that you have everything you need to travel it safely and successfully, but you must learn to use the skills you have acquired along the way – this is your own special magic and he wants you to use it.

The Three of Wands should bring you some encouraging signs that whatever you are working on is showing signs of real success and this will enhance your confidence. However, there is still a long way to go and you’ll need to keep putting in the effort to take this project to new levels of success; this is not the time to sit on your laurels and think it’s all sorted. Keep your enthusiasm and drive focused totally on improvement.

The Chariot wants you to have a clear vision of where you are heading and what you want to do. This cards represents the pushing and pulling of people or events around you diverting you from your true path. Grab the reins and take control of the direction you want to go and stay true to that path regardless of distractions.


The World, Strength, Two of Cups, King of Wands

The World tarot card is the most positive card in the tarot deck. This suggests that July will bring much happiness and contentment because you will have access to pretty much all you need in life. This is a great achievement, and the result of a lot of effort, patience and endurance through difficult times. Take some time to enjoy this contentment and celebrate all your successes. This card bodes well for the future since it clearly indicates you have the right approach to life and you use your lifeskills appropriately.

But pride comes before a fall, and the Strength card could represent the need to be careful of being too opinionated about yourself and the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of what others do. The World card has indicated that you may have done things ‘right’ for you, but other people are at different stages of their journey and by comparing them to yourself and what you have done ‘right’ could result in your downfall. So, Strength advises you to try and understand that other peoples’ journeys are different from yours and on a different timeline to yours.

A new relationship in your life could well be developing into something more ‘solid’. The Two of Cups suggests that this relationship does have a lot to offer you and is worth nurturing. However, it is still in its early stages so it is probably best not to make life changing decisions with them just yet – give it some more time to see how it goes.

The King of Wands could be indicating that there is someone around you who could help you develop a project you are interested in, or have been working on. This person could bring a lot of expertise, drive and motivation to get it going, so make sure this person gives you as much of their help as they can before they move on – Wands ‘people’ cards are constantly moving on to their next adventure, because they get bored, so utilise their help whilst you can.


Ten of Swords, Page of Pentacles, King of Swords, Two of Swords

The Ten of Swords indicates the ending of a difficult situation. It is likely you have felt pain and upset but at least, now, you can start the next more comfortable stage of your journey. It has not been easy, of course, and you may feel like you have been through the battle of a lifetime – you may carry wounds that hurt, but it is done. It’s a new day.

The Page of Pentacles could indicate that you are a bit wary or feel a bit naïve as you head into this new future, but he reassures you that you will learn as you go along – but you do need to be willing to learn and be ready to seek the information you need, even if it takes some of your precious time – it will be worth it.

It is now time for you to understand that you have mastered communication skills, and are able to analyse people and situations pretty well. You know when to keep your emotions in check and when to stick to logic and analysis. The King of Swords indicates this, and he says it will stand you in good stead. Just remember to not do full-on ‘logic’, all of the time, as this King can easily hurt peoples’ feelings because he tends to not ‘flower up’ his words.

The Two of Swords could represent an issue you have been avoiding recently. Unfortunately it won’t go away until you’ve tackled it. If you avoid it much longer it may develop into something much more complicated than it needs to be – but having mastery over mind and logic (as per the King of Swords) you might just need a bit more information on the issue in order for it to be resolved quickly and easily.


Eight of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, Queen of Wands

After some hurdles and obstacles caused you frustration with regard to a project you’ve been working on, things are now flowing freely and you are ready to fly with it! After a period of time when things felt stagnant you will now feel hugely creative and ready to move with great speed on your project. This upsurge of energy may have you running round and working like crazy, but it will be a very productive time for you. Keep at it till it’s done – it is nearly there.

Whatever tasks you undertake this month, the Knight of Pentacles advises you to be especially pedantic about the details – even to the point of being boring about it. This is not the time to be flippant. This Knight applies himself wholeheartedly to everything he is tasked with – that is why he is considered dependable, loyal and trustworthy, as well as hugely successful.

The Ace of Swords appears to be heralding a change in attitude or approach to life and/or current beliefs. Sometimes this can cause conflicts with others who may be surprised at the change in you. This change can bring difficulties to existing relationships which were built on your old approach and beliefs and can call into question what you might have previously declared was ‘the right way’. However, everyone has the right to change opinions and all that is needed to overcome any difficulties is to show that the love is still there, and for you to have the patience to explain the changes in you. It is important that other people know why you now feel this way.

The Queen of Wands brings us back to any projects or undertakings you may be involved in. This Queen represents flexibility and adaptability when being tasked with anything new. Give it a go and give it your best shot – the chances are you will be able to handle it well, and if there is something you can’t do then learn how to do it – that is what this Queen would do. If we don’t keep moving and improving we will just stagnate.


Strength, King of Wands, Knight of Swords, The Emperor

There’s quite a lot of ‘movement’ in this month’s tarotscope. There’s ‘action’ in the Strength card, ‘passion and drive’ in the King of Wands card, ‘adventure’ and ‘action’ in the Knight of Swords card and The Emperor is poised for ‘action’ in the image. These cards together suggest that you feel you should be ‘doing’ something, or, possibly, that you feel you should be physically sorting, or fixing, something. This could be part of a general desire to get out and about during this lockdown, but it is more likely that you feel it is imperative that there is something you should tackle.

The Strength card would advise you to watch how you use your strength in any situation you might find yourself, in that, whilst you may feel you have the ‘power’ to overcome the situation, this is not necessarily the way to go. You might need to adopt a gentler approach to it and find different ways to deal with energy surging through you.

The King of Wands is master of his own passion and enthusiasm and has enough experience to know how and when to wield it. He is fully aware of his successes and his abilities but he is not really able to ‘settle’ into a mundane existence since he gets bored and is always searching for a new adventure. However, by always being on the ‘move’ he rarely gets the chance to experience long-term engagement in any one situation.

The Knight of Swords is also always in a hurry to get into some sort of action, however he sometimes charges in without having full knowledge of what he is fighting for. Perhaps he is indicating that it is necessary to get all the information you need before heading into conflict – this Knight often finds out too late that his energy and efforts have been wasted. Save this energy for the right time and the right place when it will serve you best.

The Emperor is a powerful figure. He can either be a trustworthy and reliable ally or the most formidable foe. This card could represent someone in your life who has a lot of influence on you, or it could represent you yourself. The essence of this card is the ‘power’ that can dominate or protect, bully or defend, be a friend or foe. So, this is someone who could have an influence of any of these over you, who might be around this coming month, or it may be that you have to choose which side of The Emperor you, yourself, would want to utilise this month. All in all, these cards indicate a lot of decisions as to how to direct your power, strength and abilities in July.


Six of Cups, Nine of Swords, Ten of Swords, The Emperor

The Six of Cups would indicate some regret over a past relationship and maybe even wishing for it to be the ‘way it was’. Often it is easy to look back fondly on a relationship, after a break, because time eases some of the pain. However, this fondness can cloud the reality of the reasons for the pain. On the other hand, when time passes, there can be a change or growth of the people involved which could mean that the relationship does have the possibility of reparation if both parts are willing to work together to help it succeed. So this card asks you to be realistic and honest with yourself as to whether this past relationship could work again, or not, if you think anything has changed.

The Nine of Swords indicates some feeling of fear, grief or guilt coming to the fore, bringing destructive tendencies to the self. Often these thoughts get magnified to such an extent that one can punish oneself for the choices made in the past and really suffer. In reality things are really probably not as bad as they seem and so it might be necessary to adopt a more positive mindset, and to eject those destructive thoughts. Focus on what you know to be true rather than what you feel might be the case.

The Ten of Swords, however, indicates a particularly difficult situation coming to an end. Whilst this situation may have brought you a lot of pain, that may linger long after, perhaps the relief that it is over can bring balm to your heart, soul and mind and allow you to start over again – there is always a new day and a new way.

The Emperor finishing up this reading could represent someone in your life who you can trust enough to use as an ally. He could also represent someone who could be a formidable foe and someone you can’t trust. If there is someone around who fits these descriptions then they are either around you to help you, or hinder you – but you will need to decide which it is – and approach the friend, or avoid the foe. If this card is representing you then you may need to consider your approach to any given situation – you hold considerable power which can be used in different ways – it will be down to you as to whether you use this power to overwhelm, or support, those that are looking to you for help.

End of tarotscopes.

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Tarotscopes for July 2020


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