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Tarotscopes for March 2018

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Here are the Tarotscopes for March 2018 written by Patricia at Simply Tarot.

Hello to you all!

It’s been a very stormy start to March here in the UK as you may know, or have heard. Many of us are keen to get ahead this month, not only with Spring (my favourite season) but with our lives, as we’ve almost come to a full stop as a result of the weather.

I have focused on four cards for this month’s tarotscope. The first looking at Love, the second Money, the third Home or Working life (depending on your current situation) and the last card is a key, or advice, card.

As always, the cards are to the point and won’t by shy of telling it as it is, but we all know that sensible advice is always welcome. Feel free to share them with your friends, if you think they will help.

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The tarotscopes are listed below and may you have a very merry March!

Patricia x


Aries tarotscope March 2018

Love: Page of Wands  Money: Four of Wands Home/Work: Nine of Pentacles Key Card: The High Priestess

You may hear that someone is interested in you on a romantic level this month. The Page of Wands is bringing this message to you and, he might add, it would make a lot of sense for you to take your time with this one. To save yourself unnecessary heartache and worry, make sure that this person really does have your interests at heart before committing to them.

On the financial front, the Four of Wands is a very positive card for you. It would indicate that your passion and effort to earn an income is definitely beginning to pay off. This is down to your dedication and hard work, so keep your foot on the peddle and keep this moving – hopefully you are on the up and it is not a time to take a break.

The Nine of Pentacles is also reassuring you that, in terms of work or home, everything should be tickety-boo and all your needs are very likely to be met which is great news.

The High Priestess would suggest that there is a new destiny for you developing in the background. It could be a more spiritual way of living, or perhaps a change of direction in terms of your work which might suit your higher self more. There may be signs that your intuition is developing; it might be an idea to find some quiet time to see whether you can feel it and get ready to embrace this new destiny.


Taurus tarotscope for March 2018

Love: Ace of Pentacles Money: Knight of Cups Home/Work: Page of Pentacles Key Card: The Tower

The Ace of Pentacles suggests that you may be in a relationship which is showing signs of maturing into one which can provide security and stability for you. This Ace might indicate that you could be considering setting up home with someone.

In terms of money, the Knight of Cups could represent this person being able to provide for you on some level, however, if this is the case, do not put all your eggs into one basket and depend fully on them. Make sure you have access to some income in your own right, if you can, so that you always have some measure of independence. The Page of Pentacles following on in the Home/Work position could represent the need to keep an eye on your own abilities/skills and to keep progressing to ensure you don’t lose out in the future, in terms of your own earning capability.

The Tower seems to represent, in this reading, how transient situations can be and how things can change all of a sudden for any reason, and to be able to look after yourself is the key advice of this card. These cards are not saying the relationship won’t work out, but more about the sense it makes to have some independent provision for yourself, should the need arise.


Gemini tarotscope
Gemini tarotscope for March 2018

Love: Ten of Cups Money: Ace of Wands Home/Work: The Magician Key Card: The Sun

March will see great happiness in your relationships and everything going well for you and yours. The Ten of Cups is a truly wonderful card in terms of love and emotions and indicates success despite the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced with your loved one. If you do not have a partner, this card still would suggest great happiness within, and around, yourself.

In terms of money, the Ace of Wands is showing high energy around a really viable project or business. Whilst it is early days, this card would indicate March is a good time to get passionate and creative about this endeavour. Without the input though, it might not develop, so motivate yourself to get going on this.

The Magician in the Home/Work position could represent a time in your life where you will have to take stock of where you are heading and why. All you need to know is, whichever road you choose to take you have all the necessary skills to make it a success. The Magician does not tell you which road to take, he just lets you know it’s time to make a choice and to not be afraid. You can do anything you want.

The advice or key card for you is The Sun. This lovely card suggests that you revert to your usual sunny self. To be grateful for all that you have, and for all the wonderful people in your life who love you so. Let its light shine on you and fill you with warmth, security and gratitude.


Cancer tarotscope
Cancer tarotscope for March 2018

Love: The Lovers Money: Eight of Swords Home/Work: Eight of Cups Key Card: Two of Cups

There seems to be a little confusion for you this month in terms of your relationship, in that you might be questioning what it really is all about. Perhaps you’ve got itchy feet at the moment and just need to get out and about. Perhaps something, or someone, is tempting you from your current situation and you are feeling the pull. Sometimes these feelings are transient and come and go. It might just be that you need to get some communication going about your current relationship to get things moving again. Be kind, though, to all concerned, because it might simply down to your own feelings right now.

In terms of money, the Eight of Swords could represent a conflict at hand about money, which you are fearful about. You know someone will come out of this conflict very unhappy, and this is worrying you. Perhaps you are avoiding dealing with it altogether, and this is what is making you fret. It would really be better for you to get this all out in the open and dealt with, so that the situation can start to heal.

In the Home/Work position the Eight of Cups suggests you may be missing someone terribly. This feeling could be all-consuming. Really, the best solution is to accept that this person cannot be around and to find a way to get beyond this sadness. Life should be about you and how you make it happy yourself, other people are not necessarily the key to your happiness. The Two of Cups suggests you look to the ones closest to you to enjoy their company, and the exchange of love – because they do love you.


Leo tarotscope
Leo tarotscope for March 2018

Love: Two of Cups Money: The Chariot Home/Work: Strength Key Card: Six of Swords

You may currently be enjoying the start of a new relationship.  It is early days, and providing you ‘water’ and nourish this relationship there is no reason to suggest it won’t work out. The Two of Cups is a card which indicates the development of a bond or a partnership from the initial meet and represents moving on to the next stage.

In terms of Money, The Chariot would represent the need to ‘grab onto the reins’ of a financial situation before it runs away with itself. It will be necessary to make a decision as to which way to handle it this month, or you might find you have no control over where this is heading.

In terms of Home/Work, a card like this one (Strength) could indicate a little arrogance in how you are dealing with something. Or maybe pride is taking over your common sense button. This card represents the need to eat some humble pie – look at situations the way they truly are, other than how you perceive them. This takes a special kind of strength – one that means you can see an issue beyond your own perception and can understand it from other angles; there are always several ways to deal with difficult situations. Choose wisely.

The advice card, the Six of Swords, could be suggesting that you don’t allow anger and frustration to overrule a situation, be a little laid back, a little more tolerant and you’ll feel all the better for it even if it doesn’t solve the problem at hand.


Virgo tarotscope
Virgo tarotscope for March 2018

Love: Eight of Wands Money: Five of Pentacles Home/Work: Strength Key Card: Five of Cups

The Eight of Wands in the Love position represents great success in the building of your relationships. You have come far and know that it is not just emotions that create a successful relationships but working together, being creative and passionate about your life with your loved one and working hard to make each other happy. Well done!

In the Money situation, however, it seems you might be struggling on a financial level and that this might have made you lose confidence in yourself. In terms of finances you should remember that there may be ways to make it better, but you might have to build up your confidence before you are ready to tackle this situation. Perhaps the place to start is acknowledging how much you have learnt along the way, how you can now identify mistakes made in the past and how this time you can avoid doing the same thing. The only way is up!

In terms of Home/Work it might be time to channel frustrations or anger into energies that will help, not hinder, your situation. Perhaps trying a firm but gentle approach to a situation will provide the grease to make the engine run smoothly. Forget about your pride, just get the show on the road again and get the cash flow moving again.

The Key card for you this month is the Five of Cups. I feel this card is advising you to consider changing your mindset to a more positive one. It is easy to get into a rut of feeling that everything is useless and negative. You can make the change, and it might affect all aspects of your life, for the better, if you look for the good in things more often.


Libra tarotscope
Libra tarotscope for March 2018

Love: The High Priestess Money: Seven of Cups Home/Work: Ten of Wands Key Card: Four of Swords

For March, in the Love position, The High Priestess makes an appearance. This means there is something unfolding in the background that could shape your destiny. It will be unclear as yet as to what is developing for you. It could be a change in attitude in the way you approach relationships or maybe that your relationships might be evolving in some other way. You might find you are simply developing in a spiritual way and you might find yourself wanting to know about your own and your partner’s higher self.

This might be echoed in the Seven of Cups representing the Money position. March could well bring a need to reach a decision on how your relationships affect your income. You may be considering making a change in terms of a work/life balance where you have to decide what is a good compromise regarding the money coming in and the success of the relationships around you.

Work/Home seems to be somewhat of a burden to you this month, there is so much to do and so little time to do it. Perhaps it is time to recognise that you should delegate some tasks to others, who are more than capable of taking them on.

The Four of Swords is categorically advising you to rest up when you can, it is crucial that you take some time for yourself and to tend to your own needs in terms of relaxation, quiet, calm and comfort.


Scorpio tarotscope
Scorpio tarotscope for March 2018

Love: King of Cups Money: Nine of Swords Home/Work: The Magician Key Card: Four of Pentacles

The King of Cups in the Love position might simply indicate you are about to meet the Love of your life. It could be indicating, though, that there is the chance of love waiting but you’re afraid to take the plunge because you are scared of being hurt again. The King in this position suggests that, really, not only should you consider plunging in once again to embrace the magic of love just because it is beautiful, but also because you know very well that you are strong enough to do this now.

On the Money front, the Nine of Swords suggests that you are your own worst enemy in terms of finance. You punish yourself for past mistakes and you are afraid to take steps into the future in terms of money because you fear you’ll do it again. Remember that time has passed, know that you have weathered the storm, recognise you have learned from your mistakes and realise that you are much wiser now. If you don’t take chances you probably won’t gain anything at all. Don’t keep yourself in financial rut when you can go out and get what you like.

The Magician in the Home/Work life position echoes this – are you ready to get going again, are you ready for your new adventure? He lets you know that you have all the skills you need. Just keep your wits about you, work hard and it will come together. The Four of Pentacles in the Key card position suggests you will be pretty successful in your endeavour if you come out of the rut and start wanting a better income.


sagittarius tarotscope
Sagittarius tarotscope for March 2018

Love: The Fool Money: Eight of Pentacles Home/Work: The World Key Card: Two of Wands

March looks set to be a lovely month for you! Starting with The Fool in the Love position – a new start in Love. Why The Fool and not the Ace of Cups you ask? This might be because the inherent message in The Fool is to be wary of pitfalls and making the same mistakes. This time, just be a little bit wiser, a little less excitable and distracted and make sure you read the signs that this time you really are the priority in this person’s life.

In terms of Money, the Eight of Pentacles suggests that you are pretty comfortable in terms of money and there is little more that you need (though there’s always room for a little more!).

Home/Work life will be working like a dream! Everything will have fallen into place after all your hard work and effort in recent times. You can’t get a better tarot card than The World, so it seems you’ll be in for a lovely time at work, in love, and with the family this month of March.

The Key card for you is the Two of Wands which really reiterates that the hard work, passion, enthusiasm – in fact blood, sweat and tears – really can pay off, so make sure you keep your foot slightly on the peddle to make sure you don’t come to a halt and have to start again. Enjoy!


Capricorn tarotscopes
Capricorn tarotscope for March 2018

Love: The Hermit Money: Justice Home/Work: Three of Swords Key Card: Nine of Pentacles

The Hermit could be telling you, in terms of Love, to just take a little break, a little time out, either for yourself, or for you as a couple. Take some time to find, and fuel up, the love-light so you don’t find yourself wandering in a ditch in the dark.  Eye to eye contact, deep conversations and contemplation between yourself and/or your partner will yield rich rewards. But it’s up to you to make it happen.

Justice appears to tell you that your just rewards are coming in terms of money. Or you might win a settlement, or some sort of legal challenge. Providing your output has been fair, so shall you reap. You may have waited a long time for this and hopefully you will be recompensed accordingly.

At Home/Work the Three of Swords suggests a very sad outcome about something. Perhaps it will be someone at work you thought was loyal, who turns out not to be, or maybe that precious deal you thought you had nailed won’t come through. You may feel thoroughly disappointed, indeed heartbroken, but the Key card holds out some hope. The Nine of Pentacles is a powerful card which I think is saying ‘If you thought this was what you really wanted, it actually isn’t – you are worth so much more , so hang on in there and don’t be sad, because the best is yet to come! It’s only what you deserve!’


Aquarius tarotscope
Aquarius tarotoscope for March 2018

Love: Knight of Cups Money: The High Priestess Home/Work: Eight of Pentacles Key Card: Ace of Cups

The Knight of Cups in the Love position could indicate that there is a new love in the offing. This may be someone who is not necessarily reliable as they might just be interested in a fling rather than a lasting relationship – however the Ace of Cups in the Key card position might just be advising that this could certainly be a new relationship worth pursuing. You know enough about love to make wiser decisions this time, so hopefully all will be well.

In the Money position The High Priestess might be suggesting that you may have a completely new destiny developing in terms of the work you are doing and that your income may well come from a much more spiritual endeavour than you would ever have imagined before. Not all is clear yet but watch out for ‘signs’ and allow your intuition to guide you more than you did before.

The Eight of Pentacles in the Home/Work situation indicates that this month should show signs that you are attracting the home/work lifestyle that you require and that it is pretty lucrative for you. This card suggests you will be more than comfortable and happy in your situation.

The Ace of Cups  ‘Key card’ I mentioned earlier, represents new partnerships/relationships or high energy around emotions. It could be asking you to love and trust those around you, that care about you, as you may well be on a new, and loving, adventure. It is certainly telling you that you are not alone.


Pisces tarotscope
Pisces tarotscope for March 2018

Love: Four of Swords Money: Three of Cups Home/Work: Nine of Pentacles Key Card: Strength

Your love life might be proving quite difficult in March, Dear Pisces, and it is important that you take some time to look after yourself. Relationships that are demanding too much of you can leave you weakened and unsure of yourself. Remember you are worthy of true love, and make sure you treat yourself that way first and foremost. Heal your heart by knowing that you’ve done your best and you cannot do more than that. Believe in yourself and treat yourself well.

In terms of Money, there may well be some sort of celebration, as represented by the Three of Cups. You may benefit from somebody else’s good fortune and it’s lovely that they care enough about you to share with you. Make the most of it and enjoy it to the full.

At Home/Work you will have a wonderful month in terms of success – the Nine of Pentacles is a wonderful card which suggests you will pretty much have/get everything you need to make you happy.

Your Key card is Strength. You might find taking a gentler approach to the people around you will reap richer rewards. It will get you much further if you are assertive but not aggressive, doing this will test your ability to swallow your pride, but will help you to get the results that you want.

End of Tarotscopes.

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Tarotscopes for March 2018


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