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Going to extremes

This is a picture of the tools I used during a meditation today. I wonder if you can guess, at this stage, what I was hoping to achieve?

Cards from The Tarot House Deck
Meditation tools

The key, really is in the tarot cards which are Temperance and the Ace of Cups.

Like many people, I have been, and am affected, not only by the UK and worldwide politics of today which seems to be teetering on the brink of either major success or a massive failure, but also by the toxicity and fear generated by the callous, thoughtless individuals which range from the trolls on social media, through our political representatives, right up to the very dangerous terrorists of the world, who (all of them)…….thanks to the wonderful WorldWideWeb…….are able to voice opinions and poison our minds and souls with lies,  terrorise us with horrendous threats and do so visually, as well as vocally. Well done, mankind, we are now able to see how awful the people in our backyards are, never mind the World.

I have been in some despair. But who am I to decide who, or what, is right for the World and all the people in it…..I don’t know enough about it. But in my desperation I needed to do something, so I decided I would meditate and Send Love to the World and every animal and human being in it. It occurred to me, then, that I was being judgemental. Again, who am I to send love to someone who doesn’t want or need it?

What will be, in this World, if we believe in the Creator, will be for a greater good, or so we are to believe. If there is no Creator, what is the point of hoping, never mind loving? It is just a case of every person for themself, a survival of the fittest, the noisiest, the cruellest.

Again I say it is not for me to say who is right and who is wrong. But I can say that as a result of the political to-ing and fro-ing that I have been following, that there is a huge increase in hate and intolerance in both the ‘good’ as well as the ‘bad’ people.

Seeing posts and tweets stating people should be raped, shot, hanged or killed, in any way, is as Extreme as an opinion can get (death is extreme, Jo Cox MP was shot – there is no making that right). The difference between a terrorist (who they are all defiant and angry towards) and these people, is a gun, a rope and the circumstances around them to do it.

Maybe, my last comment is extreme too. But I don’t want to just hone in on the ‘baddies’……….on the other hand of the debate we have so-called intelligencia who are now calling people idiots, low-lives, cretins and morons because they feel that people may not understand the subject they are having an opinion on. This, too, is extreme – we have no idea how and why they have come to the position they are or feel as they do, and if we believe in equality we can’t have them gagged.

I am as confused about peoples’ acceptance of what seems to me to be straightforward lies, caught on film and plastered all over bigoted and partisan newspapers (I am sure you know my feeling toward the media regarding this by now) and yet it is the trumpet call for many to gather under the flag of patriotism. We are whipping up a frenzy of hate, for practically every other human being in the World – yes, I am being extreme.

I was unfriended on Facebook (been there – got the Tshirt) because I got arsey about my friend’s attitude to one of my posts on the Referendum, a sad casualty of an unnecessary war, but I reaped the reward of standing up for myself – a bit extreme on both sides I would say.

My meditation aim was to send out loving energy to all (the good, the bad and the extreme) in the World , the earth itself and its animals, to bring balance to these situations (Temperance), a hope that people will just give a little leaway (myself included), to compromise a little, perhaps to listen or learn a bit more from those who have knowledge. To be open to the love (the Ace of Cups) of all people, to see each person as an individual to care for, regardless of the colour of their skin, or where they come from, and to some extent their opinions – everyone has their reasons.  I want us all to ditch this horrendous hysteria, hype and hyperbole.

I used crystals to amplify the loving energy, an Archangel Michael Lapis Lazuli crystal wand for the strength to do right, as and when we can, and Frankincense essential oil for healing.

It was all I could offer, to soften this harsh world, and it was done with the best of intentions. So, if you felt a little warm, or loved, today (or felt a twang of energy) it was me, and I do apologise if I stepped over the mark.

With love

Patricia x

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Going to extremes


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