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the velvety olive green peridot

peridot gemstone

Peridot is a stunning green transparent gemstone emitting dazzling olive green color and so is often termed as Olivine. The velvety appearance due to classy light rays reflection from the gemstone imparts a richness, affluence and magical luster to this gemstone. As Legends mention, it was the most favorite gemstone of Cleopatra. Peridot gemstone reflects chastity and entity and so is royally admired as a jewel.


  • PERIDOT is often confused with Emerald but its olive green shade is totally different from dark green color of Emerald. Moreover, Peridot has different and distinct physical properties than Emerald.
  • Peridot constitutes of the mineral Chrysolite or Olivine and the transparent yellowish green color is derived from Magnesium, iron and silicates. Its chemical composition is depicted by the formula (MgFe)2SiO4.
  • The hardness of the gemstones ranges 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • The best color Peridot has less than 15% of Iron and includes nickel and chromium as trace minerals.
  • It is the dark green Peridot which is mistaken with Emerald at times.
  • A pure green Peridot gemstone is of High Value; the greener it is the more is the value. However, the dull color and the inherent brown and black impurities or traces diminish the value and pricing of the stone.


Peridot has ancient origins and has been mined as a gemstone for many thousands of years. It is mentioned in Bible with the name of Chrysolite. It’s been said to be found in meteorites. Peridot mines are mainly in Burma, Arizona, Hawaii, Norway and islands in the Red sea.

Miners in early days use to search for Peridot mines at night as they believed that the velvety rays of Peridot crystals were easy to locate in moonlight. They marked the locations in night and returned to dig and procure the crystals in the daylight.


  • Peridot gemstone has mystical properties. It saves the wearer from black magic and evil eyes. It empowers the person with safety & protection; health & happiness.
  • It works magically on the Nervous System and helps to calm the anger, remove negative emotions soothing the nerves and bring sleep. Thus it is a Nerve tonic, a strong Stress Buster and relaxing agent. Sciatica, slip disc etc are duly cured by the magical Peridot gemstones.
  • It attracts love and the person feels contentment, joy and serenity.
  • Egyptians used Peridot to clean and heal the heart as the Green color of Peridot synchronizes with Heart Chakra and heals jealousy, hatred or other negative emotions which are felt and experienced by an individual deep down in the heart.
  • Researches further indicate that ancient Indo Iranians, Vedic and Persian Cultures probably used cups and goblets carved out of Peridot crystals to drink Soma, a ritual drink; and also to drink medicines as it increased the potency of the medicines.


 Peridot is the official August month Birthstone (adopted by American National Association of Jewelers in 1912) and is 16th Wedding Anniversary gift stone. It is the Birthstone of Zodiac Sign Libra.


It was in 18th century that the French firstly used the name Peridot for this yellowish green gemstone deriving it from the name peritot which means unclear. However, it is believed that the name Peridot came from the Arabic word fardat which meant gem or Hebrew name pitdah as mentioned in Bible. It is an ancient stone and Egyptians believed it to be the gem of Sun as early as 1500 BC.

 Thus, Peridot gemstone being an ancient gemstone remains traditional and contemporary till date. It is a semiprecious gemstone used for jewelry because of its richness in color and is till date much in need for its mystical qualities of healing.

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