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Buy Effective Gemstones- Learn about the 4 C’s of Gemstones

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Gemstones are valuable and so it is essential to understand all about Gemstones before you go out to buy them. You should be clear in your mind about the shade and color of the gemstone and the weight of the gemstone in Rattis or Carats. For example, you may plan to buy a Yellow Sapphire of 5 to 8 Rattis and Cream, Whitish or dark yellow in color.

You should also mention your Budget. Before you decide your budget, it is essential to understand and know the four C’s of gemstones. The pricing of the Gemstones considerably and significantly depend on these Criteria.

The Four C’s of Gemstones

Before ordering, you must understand that the Price of the gemstones varies on the basis of Cut, Color and Clarity, Carat. These 4C’s are important to judge while selecting and ordering the gemstones.

The Cuts

  • The Cuts impart reflective index and also ornamental value to the gemstones and raise the pricing of the gemstones.
  • Therefore, if you require a gemstone for non aesthetic reasons, you may cut upon your cost by selecting gemstones which are uncut or slightly cut.
  • You must be prepared to pay more if you want Gemstones with ornamental Cuts.
  • The cuts allow the light rays to reach deep down in the body and enhance the therapeutic properties of the gemstone.
  • So, go ahead and select a well cut gemstone piece, despite of its higher pricing than the uncut gemstone, if you are planning to wear it for healing purpose as prescribed by an Expert Astrologer or Healer.

The Color and the Clarity

  • The Color and Clarity of the stone also contributes to the pricing of the Gemstones.
  • Dull or light shade stones may be of lesser price as compared to dark colored stones.
  • However, a clear but light shade stone may be priced high as compared to dark but less clear gemstones.

Now, what does one mean by Clarity of gemstones?

All Gemstones have traces of impurities which reflect through the gemstones in the form of black or white threads, inclusions and embodiments.

These inclusions and impurities are the Organic substances which get confined in the gemstones because all gemstones are chemical combination of matter which is found in its natural form in the mines, under the Earth.

 The chemicals impart colors to the gemstones, for example,

  • mineral Chrome imparts Red color to the Ruby:
  • Coral is Calcium Carbonate with Magnesium Carbonate and traces of Organic substances.
  • Emerald is from BERYLL family and its green color is due to aluminum silicate.

The traces are the inclusions reflected in the gemstones which are none other than organic matter.

  • These inclusions, when densely scattered in the Gemstones Bars the Clarity of the stones and so the price of the gemstones reduces to quite some extent.
  • However, these intrusions guarantee that the gemstones are natural and not the imitations!!!
  • It is most likely that highly priced gemstones also have these intrusions but may be with a thin scatter.

It is difficult to find a gemstone totally void of any intrusions and if found and available it will surely be of higher value and priced more.

It is advisable to choose a clearer gemstone with less scatter of intrusions for healing and therapeutic purposes apart from aesthetic glance of the gemstone.

The CARATS –weight of the gemstone

Next you must understand about the importance of Carat of the gemstone.

  • Carat is the weighing unit of gemstone and all gemstones are measured in Carats universally.
  • Carat is the international unit for weight of gemstones,
  • In India, the weighing unit Ratti is more widely used. Ratti is less than Carat.
  • One Ratti is 0.9 Carat OR 10 rattis is 9 Carats or 9/10th of a carat is ratti.

The Expert Astrologers and Healers prescribe the Carat of the gemstones as required by you for therapeutic use.

The precious gemstones like Sapphires and Emeralds are priced and quoted per Carat whereas a few semi precious gemstones are often priced as per piece.

Therefore, the price for gemstones has a vast range. Each piece is rated individually on the 4C’s criteria and priced accordingly.

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Buy Effective Gemstones- Learn about the 4 C’s of Gemstones


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