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Essential Oils For Making a Spiritual Connection

Essential oils being used as a means of spiritual Connection is in no way a new idea. The use of Essential Oils in ceremonies and religious tradition dates back all the way to ancient days. Oils have had many uses to humanity throughout the ages. The Egyptians in 2000 BCE were using oils for some of their extensive beauty rituals, but also as a sign of reverence to their deities and royalty. India, at around the same time, kept records of having used essential oils as part of their healing rituals and in medicine. Even earlier, around 2700 BCE, China was using essential oils for medicinal and meditation purposes. In fact, Shennong’s Herbal is a Chinese text dating back to that time period containing the usage of 365 plants and herbs used for many of the extracts and oils we use today. Essential oil have a rich and deep global history of spirituality and healing.

When you are struggling for spiritual connection, whether it be with yourself or another, it can be difficult to decide which essential oil or combination of oils would be most beneficial. The first thing you need to determine is what kind of spiritual connection you are hoping to create. Once you realize the specifics of the connection you are seeking, it will be easier to choose an oil or create an oil combination that will serve your specific goals.

Romantic Spiritual Connections

A spiritual connection of affection or love is a common connection to seek. Your goal may be to connect to someone in a romantic way or to further encourage an already established connection. Whatever the reason for your romantic connection quest, here are a few essential oils that will help your intimate spirituality.

Jasmine and ginger are both extremely fragrant essential oils that help to stimulate sexuality and vitality. These are the kinds of scents that are helpful if you hope for your spiritual connection to have a little bit of heat.

The scent of roses has had a strong connection to romance for ages. Rose essential oil is particularly useful when deepening your romantic spiritual connection. It’s soft scent brings to mind the softer sides of love.

Gardenia is a bright floral scent that is helpful for attraction purposes. This oil is best used by those who are hoping to create and establish a new romantic spiritual connection. While there are many, many uses for essential oils, those used for attraction are best used topically before meeting with the object of your desire.

Friendly Spiritual Connection

The value of friendship can often be underestimated. Deepening that bond can be a serious benefit to your spiritual health. Just make sure that those you are hoping to strengthen a connection to are a positive force in your life. These essential oils can also be used to enhance your spiritual connection to a family member. Just remember that when attempting to solidify a bond with essential oils, it is best that both ends participate when possible.

Sweet pea and patchouli are two of my favorite essentials to use for this purpose. Sweet pea has a sweet and welcoming scent while patchouli has deep notes that are rich and earthy. This allows me to choose the essential oil that I feel is appropriate for various friendship connections.

Healing Spiritual Connections

Our spirits endure a great amount of trama and obstacle. The connections we have developed to ourselves and others can be damaged during these times. Essential oils can be a crucial part of the spiritual healing process and can help us repair our spiritual connections.

Oils that are good for healing are eucalyptus and lotus. Others that are good to choose from also include violet and carnation. These essential options provide an uplifting effect and allow the spirit to rest.

Sometimes I also like to include an essential oil used for awakening. This helps to stimulate any parts of my spirituality that have become dormant or have shut down. Awakening the wounded parts of the spirit allow for the healing oils to truly be effective. My favorite oils for this purpose are citrus, though a lemongrass or verbena would work well, too.

Inner Spiritual Connections

Our relationship to ourselves is a spiritual connection that cannot be ignored. If it is out of balance or in disrepair, it is very unlikely that any of your other connections will be healthy of fulfilling. The use of certain essential oils can be a very powerful and meaningful way to maintain a successful and fruitful relationship with your innermost self.

The two facets of my self connection that I enhance through essential oils is purification and protection. I typically use a cinnamon or clove oil to purify my spirit before protecting it. Ancient oils like myrrh and frankincense are also said to have intense effects and a couple of different uses. Purification is one of them, so these powerful oils may be precisely what you need if you hope to add an ancient spiritual healing element to your essential oils mixture.

For protection, I like the pungency of wisteria. Rue is also a good option when wanting to protect a spiritual connection. I happen to use them to protect connections that are important to me, including the spiritual connection I have to myself.

There are a plethora of essential oils that can be used to enhance or cultivate a spiritual connection. These connections vary in their intensity and importance, but all are important. The use of oils in a spiritual capacity has a rich history. The important thing is that you find oils that you connect to and feel good about using. Using these guidelines can certainly help get you started. Just remember that you ultimately have to decide which oils are right for maintaining your connection to the earth, to those around you, and to yourself.

About the Author

Sally Wong has her own blog about Essential Oils. She studied under her mother’s tutelage in China before immigrating to Canada when she was 12 years old. Wong also has training in massage therapy that enhances her abilities as a manual therapist. She is now located in Vancouver.

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Essential Oils For Making a Spiritual Connection


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