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Wazaif For Hajat

Wazaif For Hajat

Wazifa 1: According to Hadis solution to all problems lie in Surah fatiha. This is how you read it. In between sunnet and fard of fajr Salah (Namaz) Read 

Darood/Salavat 11 times
Surah Fatiha 41 times
Darood/Salavat 11 times

But each time you read surah fatiha, you will join bismillah with Surah Fatiha like this
Bismillah hir rahman nir rehi mil hamdo lilah hay rabbil aalimeen

Here I have joined the the end of  “bismillah with the alhamdolillah. So it becomes MIL.
then you will repeat "ar rehman nir rehim" …..3 times (each time you read surah fatiha)
and "Iyya Ka nabudu wa iyya ka nastaeen".....3 times  (each time you read surah fatiha)
and amin 3 times. (each time you read surah fatiha)

For every problem every hajat it works like fire. What ever you want will happen with 7 days or longer. There is no way that your hajat will not happen. Its Guaranteed.

Wazifa 2: If you have a hajat/problem which you think is very difficult and is impossible please read Surah fatiha as follows. What ever you wish it will happen in 21 days. Even if you want the government to change it will happen. Yes it will change. That is how strong this Wazife is. Have no doubts in your mind that it wont work.

PERMISSION IS NEEDED FOR THIS Wazifa (please tell us your problem in detail if you want permission for it)

Time and place must be same every day.
Your clothes must be same every day. Keep one set of clothes just for the wazifa. Do not wash them during the wazifa. Keep them separate in a safe place.

If you think you made a mistake in counting during the wazifa , Restart the vazifa again from zero on the following Friday.

You must be alone in the room, cannot talk to anyone even by making a sign. Lock the door before so no one can disturb you. Keep mobile telephones off during the wazifa.

If You did any thing else during the wazifa you will have to start it again.
After finishing the wazifa get up and leave the room. you may come back to the same room after 5 minutes. Do not start reading other ayets or wazifas just after.

The total duration is 21 days non stop.
Women can not do this wazifa if they cant complete 21 days.
Wazifa must be read after esha salah and at no other time.

What ever you want will happen in 21 days. Even if your hajat/wish is granted please continue 21 days. Your niyet/intention is shukkur/thanks after that. You must complete 21 days.

Salah 5 times a day in extremely important during this wazifa. Do not expect Allah to give you what you want while you totally disobey his orders.

Do the following every night After Esha salah/namaz on Friday night..(the night before Friday). Read Darood/Salavat 14 times then Do 2 rakat nafal salah/namaz for hajat. Read any surah in the namaz/salah. After salam read Surah Fatiha with bismillah following times. Every time you read Surah Fatiha it must be with full bismillah.
At the end of the wazifa, read 14 times Darood/Salavat again.
(the above procedure has to be repeated every night)

Friday                   1
Saturday             30
Sunday                 8
Monday                40
Tuesday               4
Wednesday         5
Thursday             200
Friday                   2
Saturday              70
Sunday                  10
Monday                 50
Tuesday                20
Wednesday           6
Thursday              60
Friday                    400
Saturday               90
Sunday                   9
Monday                  100
Tuesday                 700
Wednesday           1000
Thursday             800

Please note that the whole procedure of reading 2 rakat nafal has to be repeated every night.

if you were not able to finish the wazifa or you made a mistake during the wazifa or were disturbed by anything, it only means that what you ask is not Allahs wish to give you. IN THAT CASE CHOOSE ANOTHER WAZIFA FOR HAJAT.

This wazifa cannot be used to marry anyone.

Savab of the wazifa must be sent to Sayyedina Maulana Jalal ud Din Rumi (RA) every night.
Your hajat must be a very difficult one. Do not do this wazifa for petty or small problems. please use other wazifas if your hajat is a small one.

This wazifa is elixir for askig Allah for his maarifet or if you want the love of the Holy Prophet.

Wazifa 3: If you have a Hajat or a problem or a wish you can do this wazifa as this is the only flexible wazifa I have found. All other wazifas must be read at certain times every day.
This wazifa can be done at any time during day or night or several times during a day. Or just once a day.For quick solution I advise after every Salah.

Though the best time is tahajud. If your Hajat is not solved in one day continue for 3 days. If it doesn’t happen in 3 days continue until it happens. It all depends upon the person and how many times a day you do the wazifa. For Salih and dindar people the wazifas work very quickly. For us normal people it takes times. This is mainly due to our own sins (Gunah). 

Do 2 Rakat Salatul Hajat (Hajat salah). Afterwards without talking to anyone and sitting at the same place
3 times Darood/Salavat, the one you read in salah.
3 times Surah Yasin.
3 times Darood/Salavat again. The same Darood/salavat you read in Salah.
Then do a dua for your Hajat.

Wazifa 4: In a mosque for men and at home for women. After every salah/namaz do a sajda and in the sajda read Surah fatiha once only. If you cant go to the mosque then do it at home.
In the sajda when you come to “iiya ka na budu va iiya ka nasta een”. Repeat it 21 times. then complete the Surah and raise your head from the sajda. Then do a dua for your Hajat. You must do this after every salah/namaz.

This vazifa is small takes 2-3 minutes and is very powerful. Continue until your Hajat is given. Inshallah it will happen within a week. 

Wazifa 5: This is also iksiir (elixir) for hajat. You can do it anytime, day or night. Whenever you have a problem or a hajat.

Do 2 Rakat Nafal Salah and in each sajda read Ayetul Kursi 40 times. In total you will read Ayetul Kursi 160 times. Do not read tasbeeh (subhana rabbi yal ala la) in sajda. only read Ayetul Kursi. You can hold a tasbeeh in your hand to count.

After salam read Darood/Salavat 11 times and the do a dua for minimum 10 minutes. This is the condition. You must do a dua for minimum 10 minutes.
Put a clock infront of you so you know that it was more than 10 minutes.
At the end of dua read Darood/Salavat 11 times.
Your hajat will happen immediately. Provided your income is halal and you do 5 times Salah.

Wazifa 6: If you have a Hajat you want very quick please read Surah Yasin as follows for 3 days only.

Darood/Salavat 3 times
The first word "Yasin" 10 times
After reading the first Mubeen of Surah Yasin please read this Ayet of Surah Fatiha 10 times
”iiya ka na budu va iiya ka nasta een”
After that, after reading each Mubeen you will read the above Ayet 10 times. 
when you come to this Ayet 
”salam mun kolum min rabi rahim” read it 1000 times.
Then read the surah till the end.
Finally Darood/Salavat 3 times.
Then do a dua for your hajat/wish.

Repeat the whole process 7 times everyday. Yes 7 times each day in one sitting. what ever you wish will happen within 3 days.

Please write your dua on a piece of paper and use the same words each time you do your dua. If you made a mistake in counting you will have to start the whole wazifa from zero again.

Wazifa 7: If you want a quick solution to your problem then on a sunday morning 10-20 minutes before sunrise

Read  Darood/Salavat 11 times
Surah Kafiroon 10 times
Darood/Salavat 11 times
then do a dua. It will happen immediately. If not do it again the next Sunday morning.
Inshallah it will happen on the first Sunday.

Wazifa 8: If you have a hajat/wish/problem and it is not being solved by anything. Do the following
Take a thin paper and write “Ya Allah” in Arabic on the paper in ink. You will write it 3125 times. Take wheat flour. Make a dough and then wrap the dough around the paper. Fold the paper before and then wrap the dough around it so it is inside the dough. Make a round ball. Now take it to a river or sea and do a dua for your hajat. As usual Darood /Salavat 11 times before the dua 11 times after the dua. Then throw the ball of dough in the sea or a river.
You must do all that in wudu. Please use non alcoholic ink.

Inshallah within 40 days you will get the result.
You will do that once only and not again and again.

Wazifa 9:  After Juma Salah stay on the same place in the mesjid (for men only) women can do it at home. The place where you did your fard. Do not move from the spot. After finishing the Salah read Surah Yasin 3 times like this 

On 1st mubeen            read Suah Ihklas 3 times
2nd mubeen                 read Surah kausar 3 times
3rd mubeen                  read Surah Alem Nashrah 3 times
4th mubeen                  read Surah fatiha 3 times
5th mubeen                  read Ayetal Kursi 3 times
6th mubeen                  read this dua 3 times
"Allaho latifun le ibadehee yarzako mun yasha-o be ghere hisab"

اَللهُ اللَطِيْفٌ الِعِبَادِهِ يَرْزَقُ مَنْ يَّشَاءُ بِغَيْرِحِسَابْ
7th mubeen                  read any Darood/Salavat 3 times and this dua 7 times
"Allah humma vasse rizki vus a tan la ahtajo ala ahadin min khal keka"

اَلَّلهُمَّ وَسِّعْ الرِزْقِىْ وُسْعَتًه لَا اَحْتَاجُ عَلَا اَحَدٍ مِنْ خَلْقِكَ

Please do this only for only 3 Jumas. Insallah what your hajat is will happen within 3 Jumas.

Wazifa 10:  On a Friday after Asr Salah azan do your Salah and then close your eyes and read 
“Ya Allaho Ya Rehmano Ya Raheemo"

Nonstop until Magrib azan. When you hear the azan do a sajda and do dua for your hajat/wish. Do not open your eyes until the Magrib azan. This wazifa is ikseer (Elixir) for all hajats. Whatever you want will happen within 3 Fridays. If it doesn’t, continue it.You only do this on a Friday and no other day. While reading the wazifa please think of your hajat. This wazifa is also tried and tested by a lot of people. It works each time.

According to hadis there is a moment every friday where what ever you ask Allah, he will give it you. According to all Aulia Allah this moment is in between the Asr and Magrib azan.

Wazifa 11: Whatever you wish will happen with in a week. You must read this wazifa same time and same place everyday. That is the condition. it takes 5 minutes to read this wazifa.
After every Fajr Salah read the following names of Allah 100 times. Insallah within one week the effects will be obvious. Darood/ Salawat 11 times before and after the wazifa.

Friday               Ya Zuljilale Wal Ikram
Saturday          Ya Hoo Ya Allah 
Sunday             Ya Rehmano Ya rehimo                
Monday            Ya Vahido Ya ahado 
Tuesday           Ya Samado ya fardo 
Wednesday      Ya Hayyo Ya Qayyumo
Thursday          Ya Hannano Ya Mannano

This is a wazifa for only one week. Whatever you wish will happen within a week. If it does not please blame yourself because it means you did not follow the rules of this wazifa.
This wazifa was told by Mehboob-e-Ilahi Sayyidina Sheikh Nizam ud Din Auliya (Rehmatullah Alaih). Who was the 4th biggest Wali Allah in Chisti Tarikat. Also he is the second Mehbood (beloved) of Allah after Sayyidina Sheikh Abdul Kadir Jilani (Rehmatullah Alaih) whose title was Mehboob-e- Subhani.

Mehboob-e-Ilahi Sayyidina Sheikh Nizam ud Din Auliya (Rehmatullah Alaih) said if what ever you want does not happen within a week then your hands and my shirt in Kiyamat.

Wazifa 12: Start this on the night between Saturday and Sunday. After midnight take a bath and wear fresh clothes. 

Stand on the Musalla/ Sajjade/ Prayer Mat and
Read any Surah which you can remember by heart, correctly 3 times.
Then read any Darood/Salawat which you remember 21 times.
Then read “Ya Allah” 4000 times.
Then do a dua for yourself asking for your hajat.
Then read Darood/Salawat 21 times after the dua with your hands spread like in a dua. Then do a dam (blow) on your hands and rub your hands on all your body where ever you can reach with your hands.
Do all this while standing.

If due to any reason you have to sit or you get tired, sit down to rest a little bit but keep on reading “Ya Allah”. Once you have rested then get up.
Do this for 3 days every day.

After 3 days do all the above everyday but read “Ya Allah” only 66 times each day. 
When the night arrives when you stared the wazifa, on that night get up for Fajr Salah. Take a bath. Then do the all the above procedure but read “Ya Allah” only 400 times. Do these for further 3 days only.

Please make sure that you have enough time to do the Fajr Salah each day after the wazifa. Your wazifa should finish before fajr azan. 

After 3 days, after every Esha Salah and Fajr Salah read “Ya Allah” 66 times always. but without the whole procedure. This is to keep the effects of the wazifa working. 

Whatever hajat you have it will happen. Whatever money you need Allah will arrange it.  You will not need anything else in life. This is a forever wazifa. You will not need to ask anyone for anything. All your needs will be the responsibility of Allah himself.

Needless to say that this is for a very dindar/pious person who can follow the laws and not commit any sins.

Wazifa 13: Read Surah fatiha the following times after Esha Salah and in between sunnet and fard of Fajr Salah. Darood/Salawat 10 times before and after the wazifa.

Note: In islam after the sunset next day starts
Saturday night ( Night between Friday and Saturday) Esha Salah 30 times

Saturday Fajr Salah 10
Sunday Esha            40               Fajr Salah      20
Monday Esha           50               Fajr Salah       30
Tuesday Esha           60              Fajr Salah      40
Wednesday Esha    70               Fajr Salah      50
Thursday Esha        80               Fajr Salah       60
Friday Esha              90               Fajr Salah        70

After one week start  reducing the quatity of Sura fatiha by 10 each day.  So on following Saturday you will read Surah Fatiha 80 times in Esha and 60 times in fajr, and so on.
Insallah within 2 weeks you will get what you want.

Wazifa 14: For 7 days after Esha Salah do 2 Rakat nafal. In every sajde read 40 times ayet karima (la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kunto minaz zalimeen.). Do not read anything else in the sajde. After you finish the nafal do a dua and ask for your hajat. As usual Darood/Salwat 11 times before and after the dua.

What ever you wish will happen within 7 days. This is guaranteed by the Prophet (sallal laho alihey wa alehi wa sallaim) himself. This wazifa was told to a Wali Allah by the Prophet (sallal laho alihey wa alehi wa sallaim).

It has never ever failed to get the reader what he wants. You can hold a tasbeeh in your hand during a sajde to count.

wazifa 15: This wazifa works like fire for any Hajat. No matter what your Hajat is, it will happen.
Darood/Salavat 11 times

Everyday “Allahus Samad” 1000 times……it is the second Ayet of Surah Ikhlas.
Darood/Salavat 11 times 

Send the savab/hasana to the Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wa aale hi wasallam) and do a dua for your Hajat.

Condition is that your clothes and time must be same everyday.

As always remember 5 times salah/namaz is compulsory for this wazifa and all wazifas.
Do not wash the clothes or use them for anything else. Every day after the wazifa keep them safe to use the next day.
Do it until your Hajat is given. The whole wazifa takes less than 10 minutes. Inshallah it will happen within a week.

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Wazaif For Hajat


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