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Has WW3 been pre-empted?

The evil elites are waging war against everybody else. The darkside society wages war against good people.  The ranks of the good have been decimated with the result that the fightback against evil, generally, has been lacking. Evil has proliferated. The elites and the darkside society control the wealth; positions of power; the institutions including the media and law enforcement;  political, social and economic influence; the ownership of land; Corporations of all kinds etc etc. The good have fought back by protests; taking principled stands; realignment of  their wants, needs and purchasing power; blog and social media activism; whistle-blowing; expanding research in key areas to wake people up and to counter mainstream lies; etc etc. Politically, in the USA, they have rallied behind third party candidates leading up to Republican Ron Paul. In 2016, Donald Trump defied the establishment, and the odds, and became President of the US. Everyone expected him to bow to the Deep STATE, or be assassinated. One year in office, Trump is still alive, still himself, and we are now getting feedback that he has brought the Deep State or Cabal to its knees! Everyone is trying to ascertain if this is a hoax or, reality. If it is real, it means that a war is taking place against the customary hidden Government, and they are losing. We know that WW3 has been planned by the powers-that-be. The US-based Cabal or Deep State is part and parcel of the New World Order or the Illuminati. They are the warmongers who have unleashed the war-on-terror on humanity. The logic is that if they are neutralised, then who will continue the war on terror? Who will lead the thrust towards WW3? Presently, North Korea and Iran seem to be targets for wars that could escalate into WW3. Is it the Deep State who has targeted these two countries but having received this recent setback, cannot do anything more to initiate war there? Or, is President Trump likely to pursue war thereby initiating WW3? You can believe only what you can verify as the truth up to this point in time. Keep preparing, until you know better! Here I give you some of the resources that I have gone through. I personally cannot verify a single thing I've read or seen in these links below. I trust that some of the researchers/presenters are telling the truth, and that we are not being set up. You have to go through the links and see what the researchers are trying to say! Wait and see, is what is needed. Yet, if the reports are true and the warmongers have been checkmated, WW3 has been pre-empted. Hopefully, the darkside society will be the next to be disassembled.

Henry Fulford has been posting for a long time on the efforts of the White Dragon Society and its allies to defeat the Khazarian Cabal and its network which have subjugated humanity.

''Happy New Year: Hundreds of top Khazarian mobsters, including the Bush family, renditioned to Gitmo
By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society, January 1, 2018
In a historic moment of poetic justice, most of the U.S.-based top perpetrators of the fake “war on terror” have now themselves been renditioned to the U.S. Navy camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Pentagon sources say. “The Rothschild assets George Soros, Peter Munk, Peter Sutherland, the Bushes, the Podestas, and many others may have been airlifted to Gitmo for military tribunals, as the Department of Defense spends $500M to upgrade the prison and send more military police and Marines,” the sources say.
In one of many signs of just how historic the new American revolution is, “30 congressmen will not be returning in the new year,” the Pentagon sources say. CIA sources also confirm that former U.S. President Bill Clinton, hoping for a plea bargain, is spilling the beans on people like former CIA head John Brennan, top U.S. Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and many others.

Furthemore, as U.S. President Donald Trump proclaims Janaury 2018 to be “Anti-Slavery Month,”
… human trafficking centers around the world are being raided and shut down. In Saudi Arabia, 3,000 child sex slaves have been freed, according to Russian FSB sources. In the U.S., “there was a power outage on December 27th at the “pedo heaven Disneyland,” as the place was raided by special forces fighting human slavers, the Pentagon sources say. In apparently connected events, Washington Post heir Bill Graham and Jordan Feldstein, the brother of the actor Jonah Hill, died last week, the sources point out.
Another move was that Julian Assange “was extracted from the Ecuadorian Embassy to take down the cabal, and he may be pardoned along with Mike Flynn,” the sources add.
Also, “On Christmas day, Delta Force raided a mansion owned by former President Barack Obama in…'' (For the rest of this article go HERE!)



You cannot jump for joy with the prospect of complete and final deliverance just yet.  The Deep State's 'New World Order' machinations exist as works-in-progress. Their system of policies, programs and plots are currently destroying our lives and keeping us down, while raising the specter of WW3. There are TWO sets of heroes in this fightback: 1) President Trump and his team who are fighting this fight, and 2) The Chinese White Dragon Society and their allies. We do not know if both of these groups are working together, though this is extremely probable . They have international reach, as does the Deep State and the New World Order. Trump is fighting the Deep State while the White Dragon Society is fighting the New World Order/Zionists/Cabal. We need more info on this present evolving situation to get a clear understanding of what's going on. We need to know who among the elites have been indicted, arrested or imprisoned!  Benjamin Fulford has given some names like Soros and the Bushes, as quoted above. The Rothschilds have been mentioned in tweets. The list of the NWO elites is very very long. The 'Deep State' numbers are surely bigger than the 10,000 sealed indictments revealed so far! This simply means that this fightback has just started. This is a long and risky fight. When we see the closure of the chemtrail program, the closure of Fema detention camps and the general cessation of things like vaccines, pharmaceutical poisons, GMO products, interferences in and invasions of foreign countries, spying on Americans etc, then we will know that this is definitely a fightback of good vs evil.  Without a doubt, the news about the take-down of the evil Deep State has been the best news of my life! I hope it is the truth!

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Has WW3 been pre-empted?


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