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Sex As A Tool Of Control. 4

Females are led to believe that the ideal males are those who want them for sex, and who tiltillate them with reckless excursions, gifts and material things. They appreciate the execution of winning moves, player skills and ego-feeding conversations. As a group females have hijacked society, and configured it to these ends, and lifestyles. They support and promote those who give good sexual experiences, and those who share the good sexual times around, along with dramas, other pleasures, entertainments and distractions. If you choose to to follow religious anti-fornication doctrine or become a one-woman man because of love or infection concerns, chances are that they will try to kill you with snake-power, pauperise you, or ruin you. They cannot understand the DO NOT FORNICATE Christian dictum, or even the Hindu version minus the Kamasutras. They cannot see the effect of fornication in building the darkside/bacteria combo, or in chasing love away. There can never be too much of pleasure, or chocolates! Indeed, they only see sexual restriction as depriving them of their legitimate desires and pleasures. So they configure the world to suit their pleasure-seeking. Good guys must fit the mould of living to please them. Females (speaking only of the Darkside majority) are possessed by the aphrodisiac of madness that comes with power. They feel that they are co-creators with God because children's bodies come from them. They boast of the torment of 'pushing out a child', as if this is proof of their superiority, and superior merit as human beings. They wear this like a medal, ornament or decoration that puts them above others who can't do it. In the process, they compete with each other to see who is the better 'baby factory'. They have the collective power to back up this madness. Females are the ones who have the biggest darkside powers, which is why they are the energy-trophies or warriors sought after by the darkside tribes in the sexual games. When they ally as a team, you'd better please them or you're dead. Good guys do not want or need the wanton sexuality that the darksiders want and propagate. They seek a single love relationship, not a sharing-it-around lifestyle. In addition, they are careful about going into physical relationships because of intrinsic complications (eg diseases) , and because of the snares females set for them, as ordered to by their pimps. Being snared is manipulation, not really falling in love! Women's vanities and sex-school taught behavior presents too much complications for guys who simply want peace of mind. Mamma's boys ensure that they get intimate with young females, devoid of previous sexual experience, and, of course, devoid of sexual diseases. As darksiders, some of mamma's boys know how to input darkside possessions into female orifices! First taste is better than any later taste! The females are taught that their hymens are the obstacles to their beginning of real living, and the faster they get rid of this burden they can begin to live the ordained female script. They are taught that sexual training and experience will enhance their successful living, and not be a hindrance. Too late do they discover that this is just a lie created to sell the legitimacy of the sex school and allied darkside sexual lifestyles. Love goes on a vacation, when love-making takes over.

Subsequently, they discover that sex is part of the problem, not a solution. As it turns out, the hymen is not the problem. An intact hymen is the best bargaining chip they have in getting someone who is serious about a relationship. Females try to graduate as virgins from the sex-school. To succeed at this, they have to indulge the fantasies of mamma's boys, and give them sexual release in deviant ways. For the good stooges, deviant sex is as much a turn-off as the loss of virginity. But that is not all that is wrong about the sex school. It turns females into really wacky people: devoid of soul, worshiping the beautiful body as the most valued possession, knowing all the tricks for attracting attention and of marketing ones physical assets, losing concern for non-sex related issues (due to mind-control cleaning and cooking) and often obsessed with having a good time, however obtained. They become absorbed in staging dramas and engage in incessant talking of the 'talk and back-talk' variety. They look to TV, especially SOAPS, for inspirational guidance. They are quick to absorb, and inculcate into their lives, 'winning moves' for successful social interaction. They miss out on the balanced life and the feeling of completeness, which the sex school 'conversion' completely eliminates. Happiness for them means things, actions and becoming somebody. Being happy by 'sitting still and doing nothing' is a foreign language to them. When the novelty of sex wears out, lonliness sets in, until the next escapade. The darkside role given to them by the satanic FOUNDATIONS disappoints them eventually. They then look for 'causes' to ally with. This opens them out to FEMINISM and allied social engineering. Besides, it is a constant ego-building journey as one battles with other females to catch an eligible male, while improving ones status. Being pimped 'warriors' and 'boy-toys' does not fill the hollowness that keeps cropping up, to remind them that they are not happy. The problem, really, is that the darkside is in charge and it cannot be happy. Soul feels the hollowness, but caught in a darkside web of living, the happiness soul alone can savor, is not possible. For darkside females, relationships are first based on sex, later on companionship, and later on the kids. In these, there are pleasures but no happiness! Science is not seeing the darkside manipulating a female body as being the same mechanism as the darkside manipulating a male body. They are saying that male and female brains are wired differently. Does that make male and female different, totally? In actual fact, most females bodies are controlled by the dark side, and their behavior is not articulated by the brain. Same for males! Each color or tribe have the same darkside entity in them, regardless of gender! The darksiders do not use brains to adjudicate behavior. A darksider's body's behavior exudes from its nature, or derives from what is programmed in the consciousness resident in their substance (located in the Limbic System and the flesh), and from the stimuli generated by the colonies of bacteria, fungi and viruses that are 90% of the body's cells.

After the sex school, and being bought and sold very cheaply, the females join the ranks of darksiders as energy warriors, attacking or helping as pimped to, by the color that signed them. They get to take part in assuring that the guys and non-graduate girls perform appropriate roles in the sex games, while looking out for color number one. Because of what they went through, it's revenge time as they get to put other females through the same grind. They get to be co-owners of the other females in the darkside tribe. Males have to get their permission to date one of theirs. This is standard darkside operating procedure. As 'warriors', they are pimped to attack the stooges and other good guys. Good guys are easy to spot because they do not have the beast in charge. Females fall in line and do not question the script because they are fully darkside, and this is their thing. Mamma's boys will always come first in their lives because of their sex school training and their loyalty to first intimacy. They will be 'boy-toys' because this is all they know. Mind-control has sealed away other concerns of the past. Now, as sex school graduates, they are finally women: women of the darkside. They will not refuse overtures made on them because mamma's boys taught them not to discriminate. They will not set up or play the field because mamma's boys taught them their lesson about being a 'greedy bitch'. They have surrendered to the will of the darkside society, and experience tells them to obey that will, of which they are inseparable parts. The darkside society takes care of its own. Its graduates live within its paradigm or script for living. They are connected to the darkside substance and to the Occult Hierarchy by the practice of eyeball reading. They are now perfect instruments of satan. Their natural enemy is the good guys...those with souls ruling bodies. Darksiders insist that everybody has to be like them. And, if they're not, it must be stupidity, being 'own way' or headstrong, disobedience or bad behavior. They embark on corrective programs against the good guys. Darkside males want to defeat good guys but not at things soul people are interested in. So they make life a contest for getting sex from women, knowing full well that the darkside women will cooperate with them. Sex is the predators' hobby, and their zone of competence. Your approach to females is the fault that they always find. You have to seek sex first from females, and be positive at it, or else you need to be cleaned, cooked and made to suffer. The offended female posse is just waiting for the order to attack. They have no idea of the existence of free will, or of the soul's way of things. They do not know that soul has its own behavioral paradigm. So, not getting active solicitation for sex from certain good guys means they should be wounded or killed with snake-power. The women send the females that their colors do not care for to the good guy, and reserve the best for their own colors. But, good guys do not play ball with any of them because they know what's up. Besides they are looking not for sex first, but for courtship and possibly marriage in that order, with someone different from mainstream women. They want good girls who would make good companions for life. The darkside women want males who play, and share the orgasms around. The darkside females keep the good girls for males of their color, and arrange it so that good girls will never cross paths with good guys. Their claim is 'opposites attract' and they send powerful darkside women for the good guys, to set up and destroy them first, and to catch them later if they remain alive.

These sex school graduates think that they will spice up the life of a male when they are cooked. The darkside society will be relied on to construct their life-courses. They believe that the star of the right hand (index finger) must be partnered with the star of the left hand (index finger of the left hand). They confuse their symbolism with reality. There is no Left/Right typology of behavior in reality. This was a fabrication of the Political Science think-tanks. There are no left-brained or right-brained people. Both brain-hemispheres are linked by the Corpus Collosum. Hemispheric separation and detection of different functions, qualities and natures took place in experiments. In real life, no such separation exists! So, they are already in sync. There is no need to put them in sync by special music or meditation. What exists is soul and darkside/bacteria behaviors, or good and evil respectively. The Elites deliberately eradicated the good/evil paradigm and in its place erected the right/left deception. By so doing, they hid satan from intellectual scrutiny. They created the perfect philosophy for the created strawman identity, which the darkside/bacteria combo adopts, to add to its own repertoire. Homo Sapiens was no longer a physical body animated by invisible forces or spirits. They eliminated the invisible spirits, declaring that they didn't exist, and invented a kind of Science which propagated that declaration. They explained behavior by this kind of Split-Brain hypothesis. Though the brain's hemispheres are joined, they suggest that a kind of domination of one hemisphere by the other takes place, to account for the vagaries in human behavior. No invisible things pilot the human body, they insist. Today, they compound their past lies by inventing GENES for this or that trait or behavior. Science is in the service of the Elites. We are just bodies, they claim. We are all the same (one being which is the body), they claim. They claim to be experts on this 'one being', and so do research to make real the existence of that 'strawman' they created. Teachings for this strawman are available everywhere, especially in those trendy magazines located near checkout counters in stores! Only the seizure of its behavioral prerogatives from the darkside/bacterial combo by the soul, will reveal the truth. Then, one sees this basic deception of the left/right philosophy and the back-up scientific lies, used to give an aura of ongoing legitimacy to the darkside plot for total control. The Right/Left paradigm believers are doing evil but not calling it that, because crooked science is saying that your brain hemisphere-in-charge is doing it. And, evil actions now can be slipped under the radar. satan just disappeared from the search for the causes of human behavior.  

So, the plot is achieved when good girls are paired with bad guys, and become evil themselves, in the sex school. The good guys are caught by the darkside society, and darkside females, and are forced to suffer an internal shift to darkside hegemony, or be destroyed. The darkside majority ensures that satan wins in all ways. The systems of the Elites and the darkside masses are recruiting mechanisms for satan. If you don't join them, you must beat them or die! They will attack you in various ways and tell you that you have to solve your problems, and that you have to stop them. Very few have ever succeeded at this, and lived to tell the tale. Even Christ was executed. Born to die to save the world, is very clever disinformation! The female graduates are promoted to supervise the successful recruitment, and complete conversion, of females to the darkside via the sex school and sex games. It is a great feeling when all become just like you! It is justice that others have to go through what you've been through. It's one of life's rewards when you get to do it to others! None shall be spared! It gives more legitimacy to the sex school, when all other females become graduates. You don't feel that you have been advantaged or hurt so much. Even if conscience hits, they know that the system is watching, and must engage in deception and subterfuge to help somebody out. The darkside is Big Brother's original device or infrastructure for spying. The all-seeing eye of the Illuminati is just the collective seeing of the darkside entity from the billions of bodies it has successfully possessed. It takes subterfuge to deceive this eye. Yet, it is a great darkside ploy to deceive those needing help, by pretending to be on their side.  So, you will see those players out there pretending to be your helper by winking, blinking, nodding etc; giving you symbolic gestures revealing the games' updates; giving you info or pointers; pointing out the direction that mamma's boys have taken their schools to; or telling you how many of the 'fingers' (each designating a different powerful female 'gold' or 'food') are controlled by the right, or the left. Sometimes the Right hand team has the ring finger, or controls the gold chain. Sometimes it is the Left. The various darkside tribes or colors all ensure that their color or race gets the 'best' females. They pretend that the powerful girls belong to the good guy stooges. If the stooge does not 'sign' the female in a few days, they take her for cooking and other 'operations' performed by 'professionals'. They always had her but it belongs to the stooge. It's double-speak at it's best! And, each color has joined to form long lines to get their 'share' or to score! The good guy/stooges end up getting caught in that crossfire, with no backing of their own to help them. Often, these colors are identified with ethnic tribes and the games are played for racial preservation. The darksiders are at the helm of the struggle for racial purity/preservation, and feel it is fair that they get the race's best women and the best of the race's offerings. They become the stars in their respective races. They want to control the 'trumps' available, and will seize powerful darkside females from other races when they can. Races are held together by the sex games, diets, religion, traditions, culture, language or homeland. When the darkside is in the majority, patriotism, force, lies, propaganda and deception are used to hold races together. Truth has no say. Other races are seen as inferior. The reality in the matrix reveals that it is all about evil vs good. If you are good, it is your own race which will hound you out of existence! That's the hypocrisy involved in propagating the darkside majority in each race as its flagbearers!

In the procession of the game, the shapeshifter comes and goes at her will, or as dictated by the FOUNDATIONS games' requirements and the Occult Hierarchy. All darksiders constantly read their eyeballs to get cues for their behavior. The Occult Hierarchy uses this to control darkside behavior. Good guys get only destructive influences (efforts to overwhelm his consciousness, hallucinations, negativity, evil suggestions etc) from the periphery of the eyeballs. They do not have the same kind of doorway to the Occult Hierarchy, as the darksiders do. They do have a third eye connection with God or the Divine Hierarchy, but the subject matter that flows has no darkside content. The good guy stooge/opponent is clueless about the rules or format of the sex school games. (The darksiders do make it up as they go along). Darksiders take this to mean that the good guy is a retard, and proceed to guide and misguide him about everything. The good guy is supposed to make moves depending on what is happening in the sex school games. When the females come on his side or go, are such happenings. The good guy will not make any moves in those games because he knows that any move made will be a wrong move. Besides, his own conviction is that the goings and comings are a betrayal, and once it is done, the relationship is over. Time to move on! The games' subsequent developments become irrelevant. When the promise of love is betrayed by infidelity, it is all over. Trust is gone. No amount of cooking or other sexual intimacy done by others or the darkside society, for him, can replace the value of loyalty and fidelity. No amount of pulling and tying of his dark side's attention, and no amount of 'cooking' and 'cleaning' he is subjected to, can force him to change that stance. That mamma's boys 'cooked' it for him is no deal he signed up for. He can do his own woman-preparation, as God intended. The loyalty he was looking for in the beginning, evaporated with the first leaving. No amount of propaganda like "If you love something, let it go, if it returns it is yours, if it doesn't it never was" can replace the basic foundations of a loving relationship: trust, loyalty, understanding. A perfectly killed (tamed or mentally disabled), cleaned (mind-controlled) and cooked (hyper-sexualised) bitchy darkside shapeshifter is not a recipe for happiness. The evil shenanigans of the darkside masses/society subjected the good guy to a life of accidents, set-ups, poverty and suffering, while trying to replace soul as the presiding entity by all kinds of devious attacks. And, besides picking up the pieces and licking his wounds, he must derail his attention into finding out who/what is causing his problems, and devise methods of how to stop them. The problems experienced demand that the attacks, and attackers, be stopped before one's personal life can take off. They ignore your stance when they expect you to cooperate with them. They just want to have their way, and stooge must agree! They cannot be trusted or believed. They stole his life away by denying him the fruits of his labors. Life became a struggle for basic needs, and to get some rest. Eventually, life became a struggle for justice and freedom. It was these same darksiders who want cooperation or seek to govern him, who kicked him down......and keep him down. The expectation of the declaration of martial law, the onset of widespread surveillance and the prospect of detention centers draws the ire of many internet bloggers. Why is there no mention of the huge outdoor prison that is administered by the darkside society/masses? Should the coming of prisons courtesy of the Elites be opposed, and fought against, while the existing prison within the  darkside-ruled society be ignored? You cannot support or ignore the prison that is real, while vehemently opposing the prison which is only a possibility!

The basic fightback method is to keep the darkside traitor within, from being hooked up to by the darkside society, so it cannot be communicated to, and empowered, to suppress the soul. You have to defeat and control your own darkside. If not, the darksiders outside will elicit it, and use it against you. You cannot do this by mystical or shamanic means. That kind of magic works through the darkside/ bacteria combo, and can reduce it, but cannot conquer it for you. Energy builds or reduces the darkside within but one cannot use energy to cut it down completely, or for any great length of time. What really gives life to the darkside must be eliminated, in order to defeat it and render it powerless. This means food input and bacterial numbers (and kind) in the body. The darkside/bacteria combo want to grow and empower themselves. They agitate for, and make all the moves, to get food which gives them taste- pleasure, while nourishing those bacteria to the point where they subdivide rapidly, and proliferate the body. Bacteria wait until their colonies of clones give them the leverage to strike out for what they want :to overwhelm the host. Bacteria do not belong in the body, so talk of symbiosis is misplaced. Even good bacteria exercises mind control to get what they want. The combo prefers food which keeps the acidity at a high level..their preferred home environment. They like food which is at the same time nutritionally deficient, and which keeps the cells longing for nutrition. This hunger they capitalise on, to get you to eat their suggested menus. The bacteria love food that can boost their numbers by additions from the outside. Meat-eating provides large numbers of bacteria, while providing the most suitable substrate for bacterial multiplication via the decay process. Vegetarian food does not have this accelerated decay aspect which supplies unlimited bacteria to the body. This is the real problem with meat-eating. When the bacterial colonies are large enough, they behave like a pack of predators en route to totally taking over the body. They exert mind-control on the hosts and exhibit 'supernatural' powers in combination with the darkside. The darkside/bacteria combo re-routes the body to their own kind of nutrition and requirements for existence. They are powerful enough to usurp the government of the body from the soul. Bacteria, viruses and fungi basically have the same invisible body because they are clones born by cell division. Communication is an easy matter because they are all one, in each specie. They guide the body away from what gives health to that body-matrix, derails the body's mechanisms and institute their own, as serves their purposes. The body's own energy system is derailed through the use of foods they love. Their preferred energy eventually comes from anerobic respiration (fermentation). Acidity creates congestion in the cells, and low oxygen concentrations. Calcium is brought in to stem the acidity but ends up being deposited everywhere, clogging the cells and diminishing normal cellular processes. If diets were magnesium-rich, this process would not be as destructive. Magnesium controls the movement of calcium( see the website of Dr Mark Sircus for more). This switch to anerobic respiration gives life to the darkside/bacteria combo, but kills the body whose original energy system barely functions. Cancer, arthritis and other acidic diseases mark the onset of the end. The darkside society's system is built around the powerful darkside/bacteria combo in its empowering acidic medium. The male darksiders become dependent on females for good energy to harmonise the body. Thus, the sex school becomes the market for female energy givers. It is for them alone that the sex games exist, not for soul people who work with the natural energy system of the body. Salvation for souls becomes nothing but an expedition in taking back their bodies by reinstating its health! The quest for freedom from the darksiders, begins with this first step!

The return path for the soul is to re-establish the proper nutrition of the body. This restores the original energy system of the body, while destroying the darkside energy system within. Supplements will be needed to change things. Magnesium bicarbonate restores cellular operations, kick-starts the mitochondria, cleans up the cells of calcium and gives back harmony to the body. With a pH of 8.1, alkalinity is restored to the body. Acid diseases slowly go away. The body becomes more oxygenated and holds on to its nutrients like  anti-oxidants. Free radicals are not generated as much in alkaline bodies. With magnesium and potassium usage, calcium is not deposited where it doesn't belong. Magnesium has been described as a decalcifier, by Dr Mark Sircus. One is not curing any disease. All that is being done is changing one's nutritional paradigm to an alkaline one, in which acidic diseases do not occur. When all the internally generated stimuli that are experienced as urges and thirsts within go away, you know that your dietary solution works. Alkalinity takes care of the power of the darkside/bacteria combo. The latter produces emotions which tie it to the darkside shapeshifter. If you don't cut the inner dark side down, it will generate its emotions for the shapeshifter, and make moves to get together, and cause you to be caught by the darkside society. The darkside society can create the dramas that tie your darkside to the shapeshifter. The soul has no such weakness which can be exploited. No set-up executed by the darksiders will work! To become more of soul, you have to become less of darkside. Nutritional change is the only way that works.

You have to upgrade your notions of what people are, and of how to assess them. A body is just a living robot which is animated by invisible entities that live within it. It cannot be described by the word 'person' or human being' because there is no single kind of animator within. The body is a living object inhabited by two kinds of invisible forces: soul and dark side. Also invisible to the human eye, are bacteria, fungi and viruses. There is no single being in there, and all such claims are disinformation. There is no I, Me, He, She etc when you look at a human body. These are names that differentiate the strawman identity from other straw-people. To assess whether one is soul or darkside, you have to look for what is animating the body, and respond appropriately. The darkside in females live like any other dark side, with behavioral adjustments for gender. The darkside nature is the same in males or females: predatory. The different genders of bodies prompt different predatory styles. Darksiders live out the darkside nature, but they are also programmed/pushed into their roles by the darkside society (eg sex school cleaning and cooking or mind control), by culture and traditions, by the requirements for accessing banker-printed money, and they are steered by the contents obtained via mind-reading and eye-ball reading. They are generally not 'individuals' (being invisibly conjoined to the rest of the bodies in their darkside color or tribe), and portray individuality by their unique physical attributes and other physical accoutrements. They propagate the propaganda that it's what's outside that counts. Its all about how you look, what you have and the actions you undertake. The external world is the only world that the darkside/bacteria possessors are interested in. They do not have access to the brain, and cannot use one. There is no internal life, unless one can call ego-building, plotting and eyeball-reading internal living. There is no 'deep' to meditate and access. There is no Sat-Chit-Anand combination ( Awareness/Knowledge/Bliss). Though they have awareness, it is not the same as that of Souls. Their awareness pauses for cues from eyeball-reading, then heads back for the external world to which it is inextricably welded. Soul awareness has 'pause' as a natural state of being. From this state of poise, the awareness can go within for long periods (as in study/meditation but not memorising) for a variety of soul/brain operations, or it can be put into the things of the external world. The soul has the ability to control where its awareness goes, unlike the darkside which awareness is externally oriented. That the dark side has a different kind of awareness is seen from the fact that they can know the actual location of other darkside bodies by a kind of radar, and without looking. This is used to detect soul people easily. If one purifies one's body of the bacteria, and reduces the darkside entity, one can become 'invisible' to them. One goes beyond their mind-reading capability and their power to influence e.g. by snake-power or by input of 'fear' energy. This is where one must locate in order to be free of them, though one is still subject to their control of the physical world.


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Sex As A Tool Of Control. 4


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