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Do Good Dreams Go Bad?

We want to know – Do good dreams go bad?

by Janice Chrysler

When things go our way, it can be easy to believe and see where our thoughts create our reality. Our willingness to see opportunities through people and events in our lives reinforces our understanding that the Universe provides these daily synchronicities. But what about those times when we set out to manifest, but somehow it never seems to happen?

When the Good Dreams Become a Nightmare

How often have we felt like that lonely hamster running around and around in the wheel going nowhere? That is when we start doubting our ability to be the creator of our reality. During these moments, ego may step up to the plate and proudly announce we are not worthy. Ego could say we are not smart enough, not capable or strong enough. It might throw in a good dose of fear-based thoughts and anxieties around our dreams.

Other times, these dreams that have been around for so long may even spark an inner competition. It compels us to feel we must achieve it, no matter the costs of time, money, or energy. Even if we lose the passion, it becomes a matter of winning!

Something that was excitingly enticing and seemingly accessible now appears morphed into something beyond belief. It might look unrealistic and downright scary! Instead of being our inspiration, these good dreams may now be more like something we dread. We feel as if it seems to hide in the shadows waiting for us to mess up. Our good dreams become our nightmares!

Shifting Our Thoughts

The most important lesson we can learn in manifesting is to be willing to bend, to shift our plan of action. Releasing ego puts our trust back in the universe and the divine to provide. Making our path too straight and detailed we often will lose sight of all the shortcuts, interesting detours, and those things more wonderful than we could have planned.

We start out with an idea how to reach our goal and an intention is set based on our passion. The universe may know of a better path for us to take; a more fulfilling way for us to experience and obtain what it is we desire. This is where things get interesting. We will have choices, as always, to make and sometimes those choices may involve letting go of what we thought for so long was our dream.

Letting Go of the Dream

Circumstances or our needs could have changed. What was needed in the past is not what we need in our lives now, or at least not in the same way. Our own insights and spiritual growth have evolved to a higher level and with that our needs also change. Things that seemed important to us either do not mean as much or we have uncovered a deeper passion and meaning to our quest. When this happens, we become more open to look for answers in different ways, expressions and experiences.

Our original dream may not “feel” right anymore. To pursue it would go against our willingness to achieve the higher good for all. In forcing ourselves to place energy in a project that no longer will serve us or others, we could very well miss a wonderful opportunity. What if this was the time we were to learn from our journey so far and be willing to cut the cords? Could we be destined to do something different now? What if we are holding ourselves back from achieving our true potential?

We Can Re-Create the Dream

We can re-create the dream to something that better serves our needs today. Or, we can allow it to turn into a nightmare and control us. If the latter happens, ego wins, fear takes over, and we lose sight of all the amazing things the universe holds for us. It is right to let a dream go…not because you failed, are unworthy, or too old or too scared to try, but because you know it is not for the higher good at this moment in time. Be open to search, to travel different paths, and above all trust we are loved and taken care of…because we are.

About the Author

Rev. Janice Chrysler is an ordained Metaphysical Minister; author of the book, Make It Happen. She combines her training and experience as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Facilitator to provide meaningful private and group sessions. Visit to find out more about her services and products.

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Do Good Dreams Go Bad?


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