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Are Your Bottled Emotions Causing You Pain?

Bottled Emotions Can Disturb Us

Bottled emotions are the breeding grounds for all kinds of mental issues. This is true not only for adults and seniors, but children, too. How do we learn to feel fully and then transcend our Bottled Emotions to insure a better quality of life? The first question we need to ask ourselves is, does the emotion come before the thoughts or do the thoughts pop up first?

Actually, they happen quite close to each other. Usually fear comes spontaneously as a response to a perceived threat or some sudden outside stimuli. On the other hand, anxiety comes from our ruminating, repetitive thoughts.

In either case, we need to zero in on our subconscious mind. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we cleanse the subconscious that drives our thoughts and causes bottled emotions. Childhood traumas or haunting memories create emotions that are not very easy to manage. These can take place either in the external or the internal environment.

Karma, the Compassionate Teacher

There are situations where a person finds herself or himself in an atmosphere where it is so deeply negative and oppressing that no matter how much one tries to be positive, one cannot make much difference in her or his emotional state. The abusive and negative energies continuously stream from the external environment, and we succumb to this oppressive climate.

Each of the situations that arises or happens to an individual has some relevance to the ultimate cleansing of the karma, as it is so very important for a soul to purge the past and move through to the next phase of evolution in the ladder of consciousness. We must go through physical and mental agonies to pay off the past debts of karma, that is only way to cleanse the mistakes of the past. This is a result of the natural law, “as you sow, so you reap.”

Meditation, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Release

Yes, we must clean up the smudges on the mirror of our subconscious mind. Then only the reflection of the Self can shine forth. If modern science is to be believed, and the ancient cultures of the East are to be accepted with trust, then meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, and prayers and rituals all have their role to play. They help create the mind and heart that can take the pain when it comes, watch the pain as it arises, and allow it to dissolve as the time becomes ripe for it.

One very effective method of healing and growth is to focus the mind whenever one grips the rise of an emotional trauma of any kind of fear or anxiety. We should watch the flame or the energy rise, and then when it is at its peak, we lovingly offer it to the divine, or universal consciousness, and relief is usually felt instantly. It just leaves; the whole burden leaves as if something has evaporated.

Everyone has to go through his or her life dramas, the pre-scripted stuff of life. It is the one certainty. No one escapes. So if, with acceptance, we acknowledge our deepest, bottled emotions, watch them rise in intensity and then unburden ourselves to the benevolent, precision run universe, a great heaviness is lifted.

About the Author

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Kolkata, India): Globally acclaimed motivational teacher (mindfulness meditation, stress reduction) author, peacemaker (Man of Peace Award 2012) Visionary social advocate; founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission, 1985. Serves thousands of poverty-stricken individuals in India. (Lifetime Achievement Award, House of Lords, UK, 2015)

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Are Your Bottled Emotions Causing You Pain?


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