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Numerology Speaks: What is Your April Personal Month Theme?

What does April Personal Month mean to you?

by Greer Jonas 

Numerology Speaks to Your April Energies

Are you wondering how the month of April will affect you personally? You can find out through numerology.

First, each month has a theme. April is the 4th month. According to numerology, the vibrational energy of 4 is the home, the builder, where everything has its place in the universe. This is a great time for spring-cleaning – getting out the cobwebs in your home and your life. It is a great month to focus on a new project or a new intention.

More on the April Personal Month Theme

Specifically, each person has a special “April personal month” theme based on their birthday. April is my favorite month, not just because of the wonderful spring weather, but because it is my birthday month:) So let’s use me as an example. To find your April Personal month theme, add your birth month + your birth day to the current year. Then add the 4 (for April).

So, to calculate April 1 2017, use this formula: 4+0+1+2+0+1+7 = 15. 15 + 4 = 19. 1+9 = 1. You are in a 1 personal month. In a 1 personal month in April, it will be a month of new beginnings, a time to have a fresh start with fresh ideas. With the numerology influence of 4 —the builder— you could start a new project and clear out old ideas and thought forms that are not working for you so you can lead the way to something new.

Now it is your turn. Want to find out what your personal month number is for the month of April? This number can tell you more about how to organize your life during this month.

April Personal Month Numerology Formula

Here is the formula: Add your birth month + birth day + current year + 4 (April is the 4th month).

1 – A time of rebirth and innovative ideas. Tap into new ways or stepping forward and building your new life.

2 — A focus on relationships. Connect with another, to find truth and balance. This is a time of relationships of all kinds, be it romantic, social, business, self. The four in April can help you be practical in this matter and more grounded.

3 — A time of creative expression, how will you communicate with others? April can help you really get focused on any creative project.

April Personal Month Insights Continue

4 — You are organized and strong. It is a great month to complete a project, work with your hands and mind to build. Connecting to home and design and spring cleaning.

5 —A time of energy and connecting with people, travel and entertainment. Lots of sexual energy! The four vibration will help you stay grounded.

6 — Your heart is open. You may find yourself sharing love and compassion with family, friends and community. With the fixed energy of the 4, try to stay open to your heart and not try to fix and control people and things in the way you want them to be.

More Insights for the April Personal Month

7 — It is a time of spiritual growth and finding the answers within. A period of reflection. It would be a good time to write and be alone with a creative project. The four wants grounding, so be gentle with yourself. The seven energy is not grounding, it is more like the wind. Time to focus on self through meditation or long walks in nature.

8 — Energy and abundance is yours to help you move forward in your life. It is a time of power and strength as a leader and manifester. In April, you will have the tools to accomplish much. April will bring about the challenge and desire to control the outcome. Step out of the box and enjoy the energy.

9 — Nine is all about transformation and transition. So, this is a pivotal month in the area of change. You have the tools to achieve this change with the grounding four energy. You need to be willing to change.

Try It for Any Month – Know the Vibration

You can do the same thing for any month. Just find your personal year (sum of birth month + birth day + current year) and then add the number of the month.

Once you find your personal month numerology focus, you can use the above descriptions to help you cope and thrive.

Quick note to what each month’s vibrational theme is:

January – (1) New beginnings

February – (2) Relationships

March – (3) Creativity

April – (4) Building

May – (5) fun and action

June – (6) compassion

July – (7) spirituality

August – (8) power and abundance

September – (9) transformation

October – (10/1) potential

November – (11) divine inspiration

December – (12/3) Creative expression

Want to know more about your personal month? Feel free to comment on what personal month you are in and any insight or questions you have. I would love to hear from you!

You can email me directly at [email protected] or comment below.

“Dragon Fly” is a painting by Greer Jonas.

About the Author

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerology and artist for over 25 years. She conducts readings through skype, phone or in person in New York City and Connecticut


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Numerology Speaks: What is Your April Personal Month Theme?


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