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Embody Your Divinity with the Golden Ray

There is so much hype around embodying our higher selves. Bringing spirit into matter is the crux of the great work here on earth. But how do we do that?

How Does It Feel to Embody Divinity?

No person or book can tell us how it feels to be whole. It is something we must experience for ourselves. But we can receive support, guidance and useful tools to help us on our path.

The embodiment of our higher selves is no small undertaking. It is the blending of spirit and matter as expressed through our consciousness. It is the embodiment of Christ. When our multidimensional bodies are filled with Golden light absolutely everything that is blocking the flow of light is brought to the surface with the opportunity to be transmuted. But it takes strength and courage to look at these aspects of ourselves in the light and let them go.

The Golden Ray is the energy of source that carries the Christ consciousness. The qualities of the golden ray include strength, courage, peace, balance, harmony, love, beauty, joy and creativity. These are all qualities that are perfectly represented in the Christ mythology. Strength and courage are particularly important aspects of the golden ray now because they help us face our deepest fears and peacefully transmute them. Removal of all that does not serve us is a prerequisite to embodying our holy higher selves. And although the process can seem painful, it is absolutely necessary.

When we are called to the golden ray, it is because we are ready for transformation; truly ready.

The Dynamic Force of the Golden Ray

The golden ray is such a dynamic force, and it is here to effect real change. It goes directly to the root cause of every imbalance drawing out blocked energies that are keeping us from allowing the life force to flow through us unencumbered. The golden ray heals the wound of separation, returning us to the Heart of Creation. It unites us with All That Is.

As we delve into the mysteries of both religion and science (in their pure forms), they will all lead us back to one place, the heart. Each of our heart centers connects us to All That Is. Our heart centers are interdimensional portals, inner central suns, that can pull through infinite golden light from the source of the universe into our fields. The portals in our heart centers all lead to the same place, the source of creation.

Heart Energy and the Changing Shift

Through our hearts, energy is transformed into matter, directed by our consciousness. Our hearts hold the wisdom of all possible lifetimes. It is our consciousness (of which our thoughts are just a part) that chooses what will be manifest into form through our hearts. We have been closed off to this power for what seems like far too long, but this is now changing with the shift in the cycles.

So, how can we truly connect with our hearts? Firstly, we must have faith in Divinity. We must have faith that we are united with All That Is. Without faith, it is difficult to move from the head to the heart, the seat of our true power.

Healthy Skepticism and the Doubting Difference

Skepticism is healthy. We must question everything. But rather than question first and then experience, we must experience first and then question. If we question first, we are putting up barriers to receiving the miracles that only come from an unencumbered experience of Divinity. Doubt begets more doubt, so we find ourselves struggling to move out of doubt at all. It is a vicious cycle. We are affirming we have no power, but this is not true, because we each have ALL the power.

There is no need to doubt. Trust in the higher power within. Faith begets knowing. With time those flashes of knowing we receive become our whole life’s experience. We truly know and never doubt again. Only then do we expand into the fullness of our Holy Higher Selves.

If we approach everything we do with the spirit of faith and hope, we will be well on our way to embodying Christ consciousness.

About the Author

Ahtayaa Leigh is Founder of Gold Ray Healing, a highly rated healing technique that works with the golden ray of Christ consciousness to release and transmute our deepest fears, and thus reveal our true divine selves. Learn more by downloading your FREE copy of the eBook ‘Healing with the Golden Ray‘ at

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Embody Your Divinity with the Golden Ray


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