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Sex, The Magical Fruit...

When I was a pubescent teenager, sex was portrayed as something magical and sweet. To say that I believed it was an understatement because with all the hormones raging through my bloodstream I was hornier that a Texan longhorn. Summer was always my favourite time of year because I could play water fights with the local girls in the driveway in swimming costumes. The sight of perky breasts and lovely skin would give me wet dreams at night. Now I don't know if it was the propensity to mate or the early stages of schizophrenia, I can't remember exactly how horny I got but I know that I could delay my gratification till later that evening at bath time. I can safely say that Orgasm at a young age was fantastic however the allure to orgasm dropped right off after I was treated for paranoid delusions of persecution, and erotomania. The medication I was on totally shut down my sex drive, and let me tell you something, you don't really know how addicted you are to sex until the waterworks stop. For me, it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that I was unable to feel sexual, however, after a period of time it became a liberation that I thoroughly enjoy. Think of it like being five years old again. I will tell you this, sex is so ingrained in our lives that giving it up is really hard, but, if you succeed the perspectives that await you can be very rewarding inasmuch as your thoughts about sex are out of the proverbial box.

The Tickle Stick

Every guy has one, and every guy be they straight or gay has played tennis at least once in their lives. The tickle stick or Penis in other words is a staple of men's sexuality since the dawn of time. Because the penis is an external organ and is handled from a young age every man has a certain confidence on how to handle their own tickle stick. Now I am obviously writing this from a male heterosexual point of view, one that questions the very nature of sex. Phallic symbols are the foundations of city living, just about every sky scrapper is in fact an extension of some insecure developers penis. It can be argued that behind everything that has been built, there has been a man trying to impress a Woman. But getting back onto the topic at hand, men are competitive beasts and the penis is a symbol to other men on how well a man can pleasure a woman, this is the primary indicator of masculinity amongst other men. Then comes all the muscle and strength. It does seem primeval and that until now we are well dressed cavemen. However there has been a quiet revolution or should I say evolution some men like myself are average in both penis girth and length, but that is not the important bit, we are thinkers we strive in thought and not in muscle, we build with words and not with stones. I am quite an unusual case because I have a chemically suppressed sex drive. I do not find woman totally sexual any more. This changes everything because I no longer am trying to impress any one. I still want female company but it doesn't need to be sexual, for me it is more emotional. My life doesn't revolve around my penis anymore.

The Glorious Gash

Well what can I say other than it's a really fascinating organ. The sight of a Vagina opening stops me in my tracks just like every other warm blooded male. The thing that fascinates me the most, is not the vagina itself, but the fact that it is a perfect self-contained, self-cleaning, wonderful piece of biological engineering (because I am an engineer by trade) but nothing captivates a man more than a healthy vagina. If all women realised the absolute power that their vagina grants them, I see the decline of the male dominated society. I am sorry girls but the truth is that all straight men bow down to their god, the Vagina. All guys want to do is pleasure a woman to orgasm, I am of course talking about normal guys, not narcissistic douche's that seem to attract the majority of you. All that a regular guy like me wants to do is pleasure a woman, as a testament of love that I have for her. I stress that love must come first. So I have found that a man’s attraction to that little gap between a woman's legs is to me a biological phenomenon that can't easily be described and it is certainly evolutionary. Arousal is interesting to me as well because unlike men who develop a visual erection which indicates his arousal, a vagina self-lubricates it is inconspicuous and not visible to other women, which isn't always a bad thing. Just like a man, blood rushes in to flood the nerves with oxygen, and there are also physical symptoms like adrenaline and endorphin's released in anticipation of sex.

Banging Ugly

Let’s face it sex without a love connection is well just sex and it is a boring enterprise in my honest opinion, especially when you don't know your sexual partner well. Sex in the right context can be fun for both parties, however used wrongly it can destroy lives. I believe that a love connection and a spiritual one at that is of paramount importance, now when I say spiritual I don't mean religious symbolism I mean bearing the pure self, untainted from guilt, sin, judgement, or fear. In my mind spirituality is a personal connection with anything that brings the soul to the forefront of being. Spirituality is acknowledging the soul as the giver of life, and denying the importance of the body. I think that the ultimate aim of the mainstream is orgasm, and I agree that orgasm is important but more importantly the connection that you both share should be the primary goal. Sex on its own can leave you with a dirty feeling one that you want to wash off in the shower and also one that doesn't seem leave you after the shower. The act of sex is simple enough and the fruit of sex is obvious as well, but what I am saying here is keep it pure, don't taint your wonderful connection by turning your partner into a human toilet, where all you do is excrete and leave. Spiritual sex will leave you feeling loved and connected. Sex is not supposed to be something dirty, it is a holy communion between two people. Yes I know that this post isn't loaded with romance, but I have presented my thoughts like this for a reason, and that is because romance is a form of self-delusion, that may or may not be the case for you, but, I think of romance as a search for some kind of meaning.

The Power of the Passion

When one truly bears all to the other, romance is totally unnecessary and not needed for arousal, passion is born of honesty and not appearances. There is no search for meaning when one experiences wholehearted surrender. That to me is what passion can do, spiritually speaking, sex can ignite many emotions and what I am looking for is oneness and unity. A joining of souls can be the most spiritual experience that we can share through the flesh of the body the minds connect as one, where do we need the delusions of romance, the truth of the moment is all we really need. The foundations need to be strong in order for a relationship to connect two people together in such a way that true passion can burn. Side effects of such an interaction can lay a lifetime of love between two people.

An Overrated Thing

Sex and sexuality are two different things, sexuality is what arouses us however sex really can be summed up quite simply it is basically a man and woman stimulating each other to orgasm. I like to think that sex can be more about sexuality than a mechanical thrusting of a penis in a vagina. We as a species are attracted by a woman’s sexuality her discreet signalling that she is ripe for fertilisation. More than that sexuality is a mental imagining within the consciousness of the mind, we tend to say things like he/she turns me on, but attraction is purely a superficial enterprise. Importance should be placed on compatibility of the individual’s personalities. How we dress speaks about where we are in our psychology however that is assuming that others can read the signs. Attraction isn’t always physical it can be psychological and that is where the magic happens. Being in love with someone’s mind is much more important than any physical attraction. Sometimes though you just have to get it out of you. As a man sometimes we feel an overwhelming need to spill our seed and well masturbation is the only way to get our head on straight when we are alone. Don’t forget we males are very visual so it doesn’t take much imagination to unload. Thank goodness I am past all of that. I don’t know if woman need to do a similar thing but given the similarities between men and women biologically speaking I am guessing yes.

God the Ultimate Orgasm

I dislike religion for many reasons and one of them just happens to be the fact that religion associates sex with sin. There is no such thing in my mind, sex is totally natural and it is a godly gift given to us to use for our pleasure. What sycophant created this whole sex is a sin crap. Sex is totally acceptable between two consenting adults there is no need to make it dirty and sinful. Make it fun and caring, because, we all need sex, even me with the chemically supressed sex drive. The truth is that orgasm is about as close to euphoria one would experience in revelation of the mind and soul. You could say that God is a perpetual state of orgasm…for all eternity, total bliss, and total joy. See I think that achieving unity is the driving force behind our attractions, we are all searching for God we just don’t know it.

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Sex, The Magical Fruit...


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