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Inclusive Use of the Atonement Speeds Progress

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A Course in Miracles says, “The progress of the teacher of God may be slow or rapid, depending on whether he recognizes the Atonement’s inclusiveness, or for a time excludes some problem areas from it.”

To be a “teacher of God” is to be a demonstrator or embodiment of love. This is what is ultimately wanted; to know thyself as we’ve been created. Our progress toward that goal is dependent upon the undoing of any and all beliefs that obscure love; our true Identity. The ACIM quote is pointing out that the speed of our evolutionary awakening is quickened and proportionate to our comprehensive ability to forgive. Atonement is correction. We are correcting the misbelief in separation.

When we are lonely, we believe we’re separate from others. When we lack, we think we’re separate from abundance. When we’re ill, we believe to be separate from wholeness. All of these perceptions are misperceptions based on false ideas and belief in the separate self concept. The comprehensive acceptance of the Atonement undoes the attachment to these mistaken thoughts. A Course in Miracles offers the tool of forgiveness to dismantle the perception of error. When false ideas are dismantled, perception is clear and we can experientially see and become witness to our Wholeness; Love.

Strangely, however, we forget that we have access to the miracle, or correction. Our mental stories appear so real that we neglect the ONLY thing that will bring about long term and Real effects of peace and happiness; healing of the mind (atonement). This is what ACIM is referring to when it says the teacher of God “for a time excludes some problem areas from it.” It’s as if some problems are deemed more real and the atonement ineffectual.

Recently, my partner and I rushed into a conversation about money, and the urgency to look at how we “need to start generating it.” We began to think about how to fix the problem in form, we felt like we needed to come up with a “solution.” The conversation quickly become uncomfortable. It felt like we were forcing something and trying to author outcomes. Unconsciously believing in “lack” we forgot the truth.

ACIM LackThe problem isn’t lack of money, the problem is the unrest that comes from believing something is missing. Trying to fix the perceived problem in form, as if it were something outside, only serves to perpetuate the misperception of fear and time. This doesn’t negate what does or doesn’t have to be done with regards to money. However, it does recognize that all “doings” are done in accordance with the “flow”…or as things are inspired or guided, influenced by the collective power of what’s happening now…NOT forced by fear or in the spirit of compromise. The latter always causes suffering.

Using the tool of forgiveness, in the broadest sense, applicable to all misperceptions, accelerates spiritual recognition because it is a constant reminder of what’s true; that cause is at the mind level and that the problem is always in our thinking, never “out there.” Our willingness to be wrong about how we see our problems is key to recognizing another way of seeing and having our perception shifted and stabilized.

The cost of reserving the “atonement” for some problems and not others is an unconscious attempt to keep a little sense of ego real…which comes at the expense of peace.

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Inclusive Use of the Atonement Speeds Progress


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