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25 Bible proverbs explained on the moral benefits of wisdom

Bible Proverbs Practical Applications

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The Value of Wisdom Proverbs 2:1-22 Verses 1 to 11 Deals with the production of Godly character; to know God and thus the fear of God.

We have to accept the proverbs for what they are, Godly wisdom. The things of God appear foolish, but are discerned through the spirit. You must experience God in living a life of faith (a prayer to have your expectations fulfilled, as best decided by the Lord).

In my personal experience, I have found that exposing oneself to Gods word daily makes a significant difference. Am catholic, so I generally use the daily mass readings and ponder on them throughout the day. They just take 5 min to read. You need not be Catholic; Gods word is God’s word, regardless of denomination. Try them here DAILY MASS READINGS

Christ cleanses the temple

Ivanov- Christ cleanses the temple, John 2:13-22


Verses 12 to 22 The purpose of a Godly character, namely to identify and thus safeguard one against wicked people. The more you expose yourself to what is holy, through reading, the more discerning you are with what is wrong and evil.

I’ll give you an example. I used to admire the violence in organized crime movies, only to become disgusted at their love and lust for money and violence. I thought that movies like “Wall street” were the ultimate in what makes a fulfilling life, only to hate them for their selfishness and deifying money. My thinking changed and am the better for it. Life is not about what is terrestrial but what is spiritual.


Tissot- He wept , John 11:25-45

Verses 1-4 Conditions: Namely one’s personal inclination towards listening to Gods word One must store up knowledge. This is by constant study and exposition. It is one thing to be knowledgeable, it is entirely another to live by the same. The magi and the scribes were both knowledgeable, however it is the magi that sought the birthplace of the Christ. They lived for the spirit of the teachings of wisdom, while the scribes were simply paying homage to the words. The study of Christ is one thing, to know him is entirely another.

There has to be an element of trust in what we learn. Indeed, even I have issues with some aspects of the bible, especially the old testament, however, in my limited experience we must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The bible aims at making men noble; am all supportive of anything that makes us better. The teachings of Christ, in my lay view, are beyond any teachings I have come across in wisdom and practical application. I have learnt to trust them and by extension the whole bible.

Verses 5 Consequences: The positive consequences of listening to Gods word

Christianity is an experiential religion. You don’t gain without practice. The little practice I have tried, always brings me back for more because it works. If you doubt me, read Mathew 25:35-46. Many disciples and organizations, the church being at the forefront, have fashioned themselves on these readings; why not you, either directly or supporting the church and other such like organizations?

Verses 6-9 Theological education One becomes grounded in a theological education which includes a fear of God, a Knowledge of God and thus the wisdom to protect you. This is a reference to the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Read up on them here THEOLOGICAL VIRTUES

Verses 9-11 Ethical Education The gaining of an ethical education, namely what is just, right and fair. These are called the cardinal virtues, which include Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance. Read up on them here  CARDNAL VIRTUES   

Verses 12-14 Describes the wicked and their ways. Once you know what is wicked, then you will understand what and who is evil

Verses 13-15 Apostates and their dark ways. These are those that followed what was right, but have chosen to go a different way.

Verses 16-22 Safeguards against the wicked woman


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25 Bible proverbs explained on the moral benefits of wisdom


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