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32 Bible Proverbs on Wise speech

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Bible Proverbs Explained

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“Gold there is and rubies in abundance but lips that speak knowledge are a rare vessel”. There will always be many richer people, than Wise people

Son of the vineyard

Tissot- Son of the vineyard, Matthew 25:33-46


Power of words Proverbs 10:6-14 Proverbs about knowledge. Our Speech has the power to reward and change ourselves and others. All blessings come from God, but they are mediated through a human agent and this entails people praying Gods blessings on the righteous. They are praying for those who go through life with an open hand.

Violence overcomes the mouth of the wicked. The bad words of the wicked invites violence to stop them. It comes back on them thus destroying them. Love draws a veil over everything (meaning that tenderness and forgiveness is always on the minds and lips of those who love). Where there is dissension, hatred (harshness and a lack of love) is normally in the background causing it. Whatever you say is intentionally misunderstood and it stirs up strife.

Whenever there is love, a veil is drawn over your faults and whatever is wrongly done is only an incident and not deemed intrinsic to character.  If you want to know whether you are hated or at least where there is no love, then your every action will be considered a character trait; there is no veil of love.

It is a way of speaking that will help the other person and give them life or damage the other person for life, which is actually violence against them.

Proverbs 11:30 , Proverbs 18:20-21 The power of life and death

“You eat what you speak”. A reckless person’s words pierce like knives/swords. God calls us to love and not to be right. Choose love and not to be right; not to win or to domineer.

Limitations of words. Words should be accompanied by deeds. Faltering in deeds is to show yourself being lax and entails cowardice, fear, indolence, carelessness and a lack of resolute strength 

Characteristics of wise speech: We use the mnemonic BREATH. Its stands for:

B- Boast not. Never boast about tomorrow, for we know not what it will bring. Self praise exalts the self and thus destroys relationships

R- Restrained. Restrain yourself in starting a quarrel, for it is like breaching a dam

E- No Gossiping. Be prudent and keep knowledge to yourself

A-  Apt

T- Thoughtful

H- Honest

So if you have the Gentle BREATH in speaking, you know to speak softly, gently, kindly and sensitively to the other person.

Guardian angel

Strozzi- Guardian angel, Matthew 18:10-14

Love covers all wrongs. An understanding person heals a broken relationship by maintaining an appropriate silence, even when wronged. Do not speak or gossip to other people on the matter.

When you weigh up what to say, it implies self-control and being considerate. Wickedness is not concerned with the others well-being. The wicked are rash; the loving are gentle and self controlled.

Sources of good speech

·      These come from the heart

·      Useful to judge the character of the person

·      Spend time with the wise and in time become wise

As you come to weigh your words, and thus speech, you gain an ability to quickly assess the characters of others simply by how they speak. This is a very useful quality for assessing character, even as people try to hide theirs.


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32 Bible Proverbs on Wise speech


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