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Saturn’s Return To Aquarius In 2023!
2023-01-24 18:12
Saturn’s Return to Aquarius in 2023 – After a gap of 30 years, Saturn will, once again, come back to Aquarius – a sign that it owns and prefers the most. Saturn is the plan… Read More
February 2023 Full Moon In Leo!
2023-01-19 21:13
February 2023 Full Moon in Leo – The Moon is Full in Leo on February 5, 2023. The Moon determines how plans and undertakings will be implemented. You just need to structure your ideas… Read More
Astrological Predictions For Year 2023!
2022-12-09 13:42
Astrological Predictions for Year 2023 – The year 2023 will be showing us that after each storm comes a period of calm and an opportunity for us to rebuild the road and our lives. Afte… Read More
January 2023 Full Moon In Cancer!
2022-12-04 12:45
January 2023 Full Moon in Cancer – The first Full Moon of 2023 falls on January 6th and has been referred to as the Wolf Moon in Cancer. This first Full Moon has often been referred to… Read More
December 7 2022 Full Moon In Gemini!
2022-11-13 19:53
December 7 2022 Full Moon in Gemini! – This Full Moon in Gemini will form an exact opposition with the Sagittarius Sun, powerfully aligning with the planet of luck, Jupiter, in Aquariu… Read More
Thanksgiving Fun Facts!
2022-11-11 18:53
Thanksgiving Fun Facts – As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. – John F. Kennedy Twelv… Read More
Winter Solstice 2022 !
2022-11-05 20:05
The Winter Solstice for 2022 happens on Wednesday, December 21! This is the astronomical first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year. After a Winter Solst… Read More
November 2022 Full Moon In Taurus!
2022-10-15 19:21
November 2022 Full Moon in Taurus – From a Full Moon in Taurus to a New Moon in Sagittarius, from a Leonid Meteor Shower to a total Lunar Eclipse – Observances this November brin… Read More
2022-10-03 18:41
Halloween is reportedly celebrated alongside traditional holidays in thirteen countries, including, Colombia, Germany and China, and Halloween is reportedly gaining in popularity in 23 count… Read More
September 9 2022 Full Moon And Happiness!
2022-08-26 23:21
September 9 2022 Full Moon – September’s 2022 Astrological readings show us that this month will be filled with happiness and joy for members of all the twelve Zodiac signs. You… Read More
August 2022 Full Moon!
2022-07-15 13:52
August 2022 Full Moon – August 11th brings a Full Moon in the astrological sign, Aquarius, and has a history rooted in nature. This Full Moon also signals that it’s a time for ap… Read More
Full Moon Super Moon July 2022!
2022-06-02 15:35
The Full Moon Super Moon July 2022 for July will occur in the second week, on Wednesday, July 13th. This Full Moon is in the Astrological Sign of Capricorn. This will also be a Super Full Mo… Read More
June 2022 Astrological Events!
2022-05-03 17:36
June 2022 Astrological Events – June 2021 brings many exciting Celestial events! June’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is a Strawberry Moon as it comes at the time of year when wild st… Read More
EASTER And Astrology – The Easter Tree!
2022-04-02 17:46
EASTER and Astrology – Easter is the celebration of hope, positivity, and a new dawn in life. This year, Sunday, Apr 17, 2022, marks the day Easter is celebrated. Easter is celebrated… Read More
Angels On Earth!
2022-03-07 22:35
Angels On Earth – Would you know an Angel if one crossed your path? Angels are Glorious Beings! Angels are Glorious Beings who encounter us all the time. Few of us are sensitive… Read More
Moon Phases February 2022
2022-01-13 19:28
The Zodiac Signs for February are Aquarius, from January 20th through February 18th and Pisces completes the month from February 19th through March 20th. Moon Phases February 2022 &nd&hell…Read More
Moon Phases January 2022
2021-11-10 10:00
Moon Phases January 2022 – January begins the month in the sign of Capricorn, and on January 20, transfers to the sign of Aquarius. It is a time when you walk in the rhythm of your own… Read More
2021-11-08 21:51
December 2021 Astrological Events – December is a Water month. It brings challenges to help us cope with the continuous stream of new responsibilities all of us have faced, and are fac… Read More
2021-11-02 13:53
Thanksgiving Day History – Thanksgiving is a day to spend some time with the people we care about, and to think about what it is that has made us the way we are today. It is a time of… Read More
2021-09-17 17:00
Astrological Events for October 2021 – Many exciting events will be happening in October! Libra season is all about balance and equality. Both the Sun and the Moon will be aligning w… Read More
2021-08-22 15:00
Moon Phases September 2021 – This September Full Moon will rise late-night on Monday, September 20, just two days before the Fall Equinox! It will be taking place in the dreamy and emo… Read More
2021-07-08 17:11
Moon Phases August 2021 – The New Moon in Leo will be on August 8th with the Full Moon that is located in Aquarius on August 22nd. This August Full Moon is special because it is a Blue… Read More
2021-06-27 20:45
Is Astrology Real? – Astrology is based on the theory of Cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect is a Universal Law which specifically states that every single action in the Univ… Read More
2021-06-19 11:09
July 9th 2021 New Moon in Cancer, July 23rd 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius! Moon Phases July 2021 – A Full Moon in Aquarius will ignite the night on July 23, 2021. The power of this Ful… Read More
2021-04-02 20:07
April 27 2021 – Full Moon in Scorpio – This Full Moon in Scorpio rises on the night of Monday, April 26th, and will be in full view on the night of Tuesday, April 27th. It is al… Read More
2021-03-25 16:46
April 22 and 23 2021 Lyrids Meteor Shower – Viewing a spectacular cosmic phenomenon like a meteor shower can remind you of the grandeur and majesty of the Universe. In the past, many… Read More
2021-03-19 21:06
April Fools Day 2021 – April 1st is as good a time as ever to turn a frown upside down and lighten the mood. Do it with a brilliantly-executed April fool’s prank! April Foo… Read More
2021-03-01 17:58
March 28 2021 Full Moon – Winter will become Spring on March 20 during the Equinox. In the southern hemisphere, Summer will transition to Autumn. The word “Equinox” is Lati… Read More
2020-11-01 22:03
2020 November – Astrological Events – From Full Moons to New Moons in Scorpio. From a Leonids Meteor Shower to a Lunar Eclipse. Holidays and Observances in November bring us impo… Read More
2020-09-25 23:20
2020 October Astrological Events! – From two Full Moons, a Star named Spica, to a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, October 2020 is going to be anything but boring. We will also experienc… Read More
2020-09-07 22:53
The Rust Moon – Scientists have discovered rust on the Moon, something they did not believe was possible! Rust Moon – Traces of Rust are Found on the Moon! India’s Lu… Read More
August 11, 12 – Perseids Meteor Shower!
2020-08-07 16:32
August 11 12 – Perseids Meteor Shower – The annual Perseids Meteor Shower is one of the most beloved meteor showers of the year, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, where the… Read More
2020-07-30 23:09
August 3 2020 – Full Sturgeon Moon occurs on Monday, but the Moon will appear full the night before and after its peak to the casual stargazer. Full Sturgeon Moon of August! The… Read More
June 20, 2020 – June Summer Solstice!
2020-06-13 17:17
The June 20 2020 Summer Solstice marks the beginning of the season that contains the utmost bounty, abundance, and beauty. It is a time for you to be more of an observer of your thoughts tha… Read More
Comet Atlas May 23 2020
2020-05-08 18:00
Comet Atlas May 23 2020 is second in brightness only to Venus! It can be observed through binoculars traveling between the constellations known as the Big Dipper and the Giraffe. When this c… Read More
New Moon In Gemini – May 22, 2020!
2020-05-04 19:26
New Moon May 22 – As the Moon grows in the sky, we too feel our own energy increasing and growing. But don’t be fooled by appearances. The breezy surface of the Gemini New Moon c… Read More
April 22 2020 Earth Day!
2020-04-20 17:23
April 22 2020 Earth Day – This year, Wednesday, April 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day celebrated by millions of people across the world. The First Earth Day was… Read More
May 7 2020 Full Moon, Super Moon!
2020-04-19 17:48
May 7 2020 Full Moon – is known as the Flower Moon to signify the beauty of the flowers that bloom during this month. There are other names for this Full Moon in May: Corn Planting M… Read More
Coronavirus And Astrology
2020-03-23 18:00
Coronavirus and astrology, karma, auras, horoscopes, etc., is a topic that is getting some attention in the spiritual community. How do major negative events like this effect our energies, a… Read More
2020-03-22 18:45
Do animals go to heaven? – From time to time, people wonder: Do animals go to heaven? We’ve heard people with great sincerity say, “If my fur baby can’t be with me, t… Read More
Dreams And Nightmares  Meanings!
2020-03-08 17:50
Dreams and Nightmares Meanings- Adults and babies alike dream for around two hours per night. Researchers have found that people have several dreams each night, each one lasting for betwee… Read More
March 24th:  New Moon In Aries!
2020-02-28 17:10
March 24th New Moon: The New Moon of March 24th, 2020, is symbolic of the second chances you are given. If everything went wrong by the time of the Full Moon, and you made every mistake you… Read More
Leap Year Facts!
2020-02-10 12:39
A Leap Year is a Lucky Year. The energies are higher and filled with enthusiasm, optimism, compassion and love. It is a great year to search for spiritual wisdom. Leap Year and Our Cal… Read More
What Is A Super Moon?
2019-12-31 13:23
A Super Moon is a New or Full Moon closely coinciding with perigee, the Moon’s closest point to Earth, in its monthly orbit. Intensity of a Super Moon! A Super Moon is at… Read More
January 24 New Moon In Aquarius
2019-12-11 18:02
January 24 New Moon: This January 24th, the New Moon arrives as the Sun and Moon will be aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon. The New Moon is symbolic of the second… Read More
January 10, 2020 – Full Moon
2019-11-11 19:24
Full Moon in Cancer – Full Wolf Moon – Moon After Yule, Old Moon, Ice Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon and Great Spirit Moon! January 10, 2020, brings a Full Moon in Cancer. D… Read More
Thanksgiving Day History
2019-11-03 18:07
Thanksgiving Day History — Thanksgiving Day History: Thanksgiving is a day to spend some time with the people we care about, and to think about what it is that has made us th… Read More
Tarot Card Readings!
2019-10-18 21:40
What is a Tarot Card Reading? For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, Tarot Card Reading is a practice that calls upon a special deck of cards in order to provide guidance and wisdom to anyo… Read More
December 26, 2019 – New Moon In Capricorn
2019-10-01 19:02
During the phase of a New Moon, the lunar disk is almost completely invisible to the naked eye until daybreak when it will appear as a tiny little crescent, which will get bigger and bigger… Read More
New Moon When?
2019-09-09 12:35
New Moon When? And what do we know about the influence of New Moons? More on New Moons New Moon Schedule: 2019 New Moon When? September 28October 28November 26December 26  2020 New Moon… Read More

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