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10X Fitness: Mindvalley & Lorenzo Delano

10X Fitness with my affiliate friends at Mindvalley & Lorenzo Delano. 10X is a 12-week online total body transformation program. Gain your dream body in just TWO 15-mins workouts a week.

In this time, you’ll join Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego de Oliveira, Head Of Health & Fitness At Mindvalley, for just 10-15 minutes a day.

They will guide you through the core exercises to activate your adaptive response mechanisms, engage your muscles, and permanently transform your health & fitness in just 15 minutes of working out twice a week.

Mindvalley recently broadcasted a free Masterclass where they revealed their brand new fitness protocol to the world, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

They call it ‘10X.’

And it’s designed to give you the same strength gains, muscle growth, and extraordinary levels of fitness that exercising in a gym 4-5 hours a week would give you…

… But in just TWO 15-minute weekly workouts.

Skeptical? I was, too, until I heard the science behind it. (More on this in a bit.)

The Masterclass officially ended last week, but my friends at Mindvalley agreed to open a special limited broadcast just for our community because it was such a roaring success.

10X Fitness with Mindvalley

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“How can exercising as little as 30 minutes a week in TOTAL possibly transform my fitness and my body?”

Well, according to the latest science in muscle conditioning, the key lies in triggering an evolutionary mechanism in our bodies called the ‘adaptive response.’

Essentially, it is what allowed our prehistoric ancestors to quickly become stronger, faster, and more agile (or else end up being a saber-toothed tiger’s next meal).

10X is designed to trigger this very same physiological adaptation.

And in their new Masterclass, Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani and his Health & Fitness Team will show you exactly how.

But what surprised me the most was when they showed me this picture of one of their 10X ‘test subjects.’

Meet Mary, a 40-year-old woman serving in the US Army.


Just observing the changes in her Body shape was impressive enough.

(And yes, she only exercised for 15-minutes, twice a week, for 6 months to achieve these extraordinary results.)

But when they shared her DEXA scan results over the course of those 6 months, it blew my mind.

10X Fitness

This Masterclass was a game-changer for so many people and really challenged what we thought we knew about fitness.

So if you’re looking to crush your 2021 fitness goals, this might be the perfect place to start.

10X Is Easy To Use

10x is easy to follow and accessible for people of all ages, genders, lifestyles, and fitness levels (although we recommend starting with a baseline level of moderate health & fitness for your age).

You don’t even need a gym membership: you can perform all 10x exercises either at home or at the gym.

10x is divided into three phases, each with its own distinct focus.

The program’s ultimate goal is to empower you with a deep understanding of your body’s fitness mechanisms – so that even after the initial 12 weeks, you can easily lock in a lifelong habit of optimized weekly exercise, eat and rest right, and even target specific areas of your body for more focused gains.

You Deserve A Great Body & Exceptional Health

Look, I believe you deserve to have the body, the health, and the fitness you truly want.

I do NOT believe in that the PURSUIT for that body, that health, and that fitness should consume all of your time.

(After all, your time truly is your most precious asset.)

Put it this way:

Would you rather…

Spend an hour on a boring, monotonous run on a treadmill or endure a crazy intense workout that leaves you sore and exhausted?


Spend just 15-minutes TWICE a week on a lightning-fast workout that effectively AND efficiently crafts your dream body so you can actually use that body for the things that bring joy in your life.

Like using that newfound stamina to play with your kids (or grandkids).

Or to impress your partner with that new hot, sexy body in bed.

Or to go on that exciting adventure that gets your heart pumping.

Or to have the sustained energy to pursue your passions and goals.

Or most importantly, to live a long fulfilled life, while looking and feeling your absolute best doing it.

I have a feeling you’d choose the latter.

So, I encourage you to check out Mindvalley’s revolutionary new fitness Masterclass:

How To Get 10X The Results From Every Minute In The Gym

P.S. Here are some key highlights to look out for in this Masterclass:

1. “The more you work out, the fitter you get” myth

Latest studies in muscle conditioning prove it’s unnecessary to spend hours a week in the gym. Yes, you can get fitter and stronger by exercising less.

2. Is this nature’s best-kept secret to optimal fitness?

Learn how to supercharge your strength, agility, and longevity through simple exercises that trigger your body’s evolutionary mechanisms.

3. Why your regular exercise routine could be destroying your muscles

Some of the most common approaches to exercise – particularly among women – can also be the most damaging to your strength, fitness, weight, and longevity.

4. Achieve extraordinary fitness without even stepping foot in a gym

Global events have left many unable or reluctant to visit the gym regularly. Here’s how you can enjoy comparable results with just a handful of inexpensive tools.

Ready to crush your 2021 fitness goals?

Book your spot for our new 10X Masterclass today >>

10X Fitness Course

What To Expect From Your 10x Total Body Upgrade

  1. You’re At Optimal Strength & Muscle Mass

    Your use of adaptive response-optimized exercises has taken you to your peak level of strength and muscle mass.

    Whether you’re lifting weights, enjoying outdoor activities with your loved ones, or even just carrying groceries – your body now allows you to get more out of everything you do.

  2. You Love How You Look – Clothed Or Naked

    You now know exactly how to exercise and eat to get your dream body: whether it’s a lean, athletic physique, a more muscular look, or anything in between.

    You’re amazed to have seen your physical appearance transform in ways you’ve never seen before – all in just minutes of exercise a week.

  3. You Look & Feel Younger Than Ever

    One of the most rewarding ‘side effects’ of your 10x training is that it has turned back your biological clock.

    While the vast majority of people lose muscle mass as they age, you’ve restored and even upgraded yours – which has improved all your biomarkers of aging, including your body composition, cardiovascular fitness, genetic expression, and more. The result is you look and feel more youthful now than you did even years ago.

  4. You’ve Increased Your Longevity.

    You now have a solid foundation for extraordinary strength, mobility, and overall wellness well into your golden years.

    By conditioning your body with 10x, you’re ensuring you can retain your balance, carry your body weight, move around unencumbered, and enjoy a high quality of life for decades to come.

  5. You’re Ready For Anything

    You’ve successfully optimized all five aspects of your body’s fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, and mobility.

    This means you can do more in plain English, get more done, tackle any challenge, and live life on your own terms without ever missing out or getting prematurely exhausted.

  6. You’ve Reached Peak Endurance.

    You’re now enjoying peak levels of the two types of endurance: cardiovascular and muscular. Your cardiovascular endurance, gained through 10x’s circuit exercises, enables you to move and stay active longer, even in high-intensity activities like running or swimming.

    Your muscular endurance allows you to lift heavier weights and put greater strain on your muscles while exercising or doing daily activities, with minimal fatigue.

  7. You’ve Achieved New Heights Of Athleticism.

    In addition to all the benefits 10x has imbued on your athletic ability, you’re also enjoying another rewarding perk: more bandwidth and vitality to focus on mastery of your favorite sports or physical activities – like improving your yoga or martial arts technique or improving your tennis swing. The result is better skills and performance in anything you set your mind to.

Join 10X Today!

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10X Fitness: Mindvalley & Lorenzo Delano


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