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What Is A Good Bedtime Routine?

What is a good bedtime routine? If you are like me, you probably struggled with creating a bedtime routine that works. Many people either don’t have any idea what to do to make them sleep well at night, or they can’t stick with their plan.

I wrote this article to give you some of my best sleep tips so you can sleep throughout the night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. These ideas are geared towards the best bedtime routine for adults, but almost anyone can use them.

According to the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans does not get enough restful Sleep.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society recommend that adults aged 18–60 years sleep at least 7 hours each night to promote optimal health and well-being.

Sleeping less than seven hours per day is associated with an increased risk of developing chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and frequent mental distress.

Bedtime Routine Ideas

This is a simple bedtime routine ideas list. To get a good night’s sleep, there are things to do and not to do throughout your day. Remember, change takes time, so be patient yet persistent with your efforts.

You have to look at your whole day in regards to your sleep schedule and bedtime routine. Think big picture. Ask yourself if going out with your friends at night or watching an intense thriller before bed is good for your sleep.

Choose Your Set Sleep Time

Everyone has their natural requirement for sleep. For me, I always needed more than less. If my set wake-up time is 6 am, then the best time for me to go to bed is 9:30. That gives me over eight hours to sleep, which works best for me. You have to stick with your sleep time, so it becomes second nature to you.

Don’t Ingest Stimulants Past Noon

I like coffee. I drink it every day, and that is the only caffeinated drink I consume. I have, on many occasions, drank coffee too late in the day, and as a result, I didn’t sleep well. Now, if I get a coffee craving later in the day, I drink a cup of decaf. This usually doesn’t affect my sleep.

Do physical Activity Daily

Exercise in any form will work. Simple daily walking is the best for a restful night’s sleep, but weight training and intense forms of cardio work. When you exert yourself daily, your body will naturally want to sleep deeper.

Work On Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

The Parasympathetic Nervous System is your body’s rest and digest mode. The Sympathetic Nervous System is the infamous fight or flight mode. Many people’s nervous system is stuck in almost perpetual Sympathetic mode.

If you do not get your parasympathetic system working, you will experience insomnia, mood changes, and eventually adrenal fatigue, also known as burnout.

Suppose you want to see someone who is in their parasympathetic, watch Eckhart Tolle; if you want to see someone who is in sympathetic, watch Gordon Ramsay during dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen. (I like both of these guys, and there is no judgment on my part here.)

You can also look at the duality of the nervous system as the gas pedal on the car and the brake pedal on the car. They both serve a purpose, but you need to work on relaxing more by taking your foot off the gas pedal for most people.

Don’t Watch Or Listen To Stressful Things Near Bedtime

I know with 24 hours news, it’s tempting to watch the latest travesty on our planet. However, the stimulation of reactive news is not good for your sleep routine. It will trigger your nervous system causing you to have a hard time turning off your racing thoughts and minds.

Food & Drinks Before Bed

I wouldn’t say I like going to bed hungry or thirsty, and I have, on many occasions went to sleep with a full belly and bladder. The general rule of thumb is not to eat or drink anything for two hours before bed.

When you eat, your body has to digest the food, and lying down is not a good position for food digestion. When it comes to drinks, try relaxing teas before bed if you must like chamomile tea.

You don’t want to drink before bed because you want your bladder empty while you sleep, so you don’t have to get up and go to the bathroom.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is your overall sleep method.

  • Get a quality bed and mattress; large enough to accommodate you.
  • Find your perfect sleeping room temperature. Keep the temperature neither too hot nor too cold. Using a ceiling fan or floor fan will help with air circulation and create white noise blocking out other noises in or outside your home.
  • Use room darkening curtains and blinds. Use these to keep your room as dark as possible. Light indicates to the body that it is time to get up.

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