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Ken Wilber: Integral Life Course with Mindvalley & Masterclass

Ken Wilber Integral Life Course with Mindvalley. Join Ken Wilber As He Reveals A Definitive Framework For Integral Living In Every Dimension Of Your Being. So You Can Experience Life, Evolve Yourself, And Impact The World On A Whole New Level.

Ken Wilber: Integral Life Course with Mindvalley

Ken shared a wealth of profound insights on applying the ‘Integral Theory’ framework in the field of spirituality and human consciousness so we can ‘Grow Up’ and mature as a species.

But what if you could also apply this framework to other areas of life? Like your mind, body, spirit, relationships, and work? Ken’s new program, The Integral Life, looks to answer these questions.

The Integral Life with Ken Wilber & Mindvalley

Rather than being yet another set of personal tools or techniques to add to your repertoire, The Integral Life gives you something far more valuable:

An ‘operating manual’ for thinking, growing, and being the most whole and fully realized version of yourself.

Every day for 35 days, Ken will take you by the hand and guide you in applying the integral approach to these FIVE key dimensions of life.

And by the end of the program, you’ll emerge with a whole new perspective on yourself, reality, and your place in the Universe.

To learn more about the powerful transformations you’ll experience in this program; we invite you to learn more below:

The Integral Life by Mindvalley with Ken Wilber

Better yet, you can try out the first 10-day of this program risk-free.

So you can see for experience first-hand both the a-ha moments that impact you on a deeply spiritual and emotional level – as well as practical breakthroughs that noticeably amplify your performance, productivity, clarity of mind, and connection to others.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Richer Spiritual Awareness:

    You’ll develop a deeper connection with the invisible forces and subtle energies that shape reality and your true nature as a spiritual being.

  2. A Higher State Of Consciousness:

    You’ll discover how to access higher states of consciousness – where previously unreachable levels of clarity and self-awareness await.

  3. Profound Empathy For Others:

    You’ll gain the ability to transcend the illusion of separation and truly embrace the diversity of perspectives and emotions around you.

  4. Better Decision Making:

    By mastering the Integral perspective, you’ll gain an elevated viewpoint from which to make decisions that are more accurate and in line with your truths.

  5. Deep Self-Healing:

    You’ll feel more whole and fulfilled than ever as you heal spiritual and emotional wounds often caused by a disconnection from your most authentic nature.

  6. Career Elevations:

    Your heightened sense of personal power and self-mastery will reward you with astonishing new productivity and performance levels in your work.

  7. A Well-Rounded, Full-Bodied Life:

    You’ll transcend the need to sacrifice one area of life for another and instead embrace a reality where all your needs and desires are easily met.

  8. A Strong Connection To Source:

    You’ll establish an unshakable connection to the Universe and Collective Consciousness – from which you’ll gain infinite support and guidance.

But if at any point during the first 10-day you do NOT feel the program is right for you, you can ask for an immediate refund – no questions asked.

Ken Wilber & Mindvalley: Integral Theory Masterclass

This is something that doesn’t happen very often.

Arguably one of the greatest living philosophers of our time, Ken Wilber hosts an extraordinary (free) 90-minute online Masterclass with Mindvalley.

He’ll be exploring how to experience profound spiritual awakenings while elevating your conscious development through his highly-acclaimed ‘Integral Theory’ framework.

The result: you’ll gain…

  1. A new awareness-expanding view of life,
  2. Greater clarity of your place in the world,
  3. And a means to live a truly holistic and fulfilled life.

For those unfamiliar with Ken Wilber, he is the man Deepak Chopra refers to as the ‘Einstein of Consciousness.’

And for a good reason.

The man has dedicated his life to creating an all-encompassing philosophy that distills the truths in every body of wisdom — and I mean EVERY discipline you can think of from religion, politics, evolution, science, spirituality — into a single coherent framework.

Hence the term, ‘Integral Theory.’

And in this Masterclass, Ken will teach you how to create an integral spiritual life practice.

Pay attention to Ken’s model for human consciousness evolution, which accurately maps out humanity’s distinct developmental stages.

This idea alone is worth attending this Masterclass because it will give you a powerful blueprint on how you can systematically elevate your own consciousness and transform every element of your being.

It was about an incredible NEW Mindvalley Masterclass he’s hosting where you’ll discover How To Create An Integral Spiritual Life Practice.

And don’t forget… This 90-minute Masterclass is completely FREE.

This Masterclass could not have come at a more important time in human history. Because today the world seems more divided than ever before. We’re seeing massive rifts between people with different political ideologies, religious beliefs, scientific understanding, and in just about any area of life or discipline you can think of.

But what if we told you none of these bodies of knowledge are inherently wrong. Or inherently correct, but rather each body of knowledge has kernels of truth within them.

As Ken Wilber so succinctly put it…

“No one is smart enough to be wrong 100% of the time.”

Therefore, the key is to distill these truths and weave them into a comprehensive framework we can apply to elevate and expand our life experience. It sounds like a mammoth task, but that is exactly what Ken has dedicated his life to creating in his highly-acclaimed philosophy of ‘Integral Theory.’

And Ken will show you how to start practically applying this in your life and profoundly shift your consciousness to extraordinary new heights in this free Masterclass.

What You’ll Learn in the free Mindvalley Masterclass

  1. The framework for ultimate self-mastery & self-evolution.
    Learn how to distill and apply the truths from any body of wisdom (religion, science, politics, and more) for a more holistic and expansive way of living.
  2. How to experience a feeling of ‘oneness’ with the universe.
    Discover why, for thousands of years, every major religion has devoted some aspect of its teachings to achieving this mysterious state.
  3. The 2 paths of human evolution: Waking up vs. Growing up.
    Learn why elevating your spiritual awakening and your psychological development is key to your evolution and pushing humanity into a new state of unity consciousness.
  4. Does being ‘spiritual’ necessarily make you more conscious?
    Discover the uncomfortable truth behind why even the most ‘spiritually enlightened’ individuals have inflicted pain and suffering on others.
  5. The 4 stages of consciousness evolution.
    Understanding this powerful model alone will instantly expand your worldview and make you a deeply compassionate person to anyone, and even all of life.

By the end of this Masterclass, you will see yourself, the world, and life itself in a completely new integral and holistic perspective.

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P.S. I am an affiliate for The Integral Life Course & will receive a commission on any sales. 😉

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Ken Wilber: Integral Life Course with Mindvalley & Masterclass


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