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Marisa Peer: Perfect Weight Forever Hypnosis

My affiliate friend Marisa Peer has a new hypnosis program for weight loss: Perfect Weight Forever. The Perfect Weight Forever program uses a safe and effective form of hypnosis to change how you react to food, helping you reach your Perfect Weight Forever.

It’s not what you eat.. it’s what’s eating you. Sometimes, diet and exercise are not enough. Overeating is an emotional issue, and it cannot be defeated using logic.

Research Shows 95% of People Find Diets Ineffective Because They Focus On The Wrong Thing.

Anna Richardson

In a recent blog post for the major British newspaper, The Independent, Anna Richardson gave a deeply personal admission about her weight problem and how she finally overcame it.

Anna said:

“For years, I’ve struggled with my weight, and I’ve tried every diet. I was the reporter for Channel 4’s diet series Supersize v Superskinny, and my challenge was to immerse myself in the world of extreme diets and to communicate back the truth.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I was a hefty 161 lb size 14 porker. Overweight and in complete denial. So I threw myself with gusto into the diets I was trialing, which included: The Apple Diet (apples…that’s it. Favored by supermodels), Diet pills (ditto), the Baby Food Diet (beloved by Hollywood A-listers), the Maple Syrup Diet, the Baked Bean Diet (beloved by no-one), and as a last resort, Liposuction (which went wrong).

I was by turns constipated, flatulent, hungry, and in pain. And after all, this, did I lose any weight? Just a few pounds.”

But then it all changed. Find out exactly what Anna did here.

Hint: It has nothing to do with dieting, pills, exercise, or even surgery

Marisa Peer: Perfect Weight Forever

pwf free e-book
Most people believe that we all overeat for the same reason a lack of willpower and an overabundance of unhealthy food. But the truth is far from that.

Question: Have you often begun each day saying, “I am only going to eat healthy food and lose weight,” only to find yourself giving in to junk food, like burger and fries or chocolate, even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t eat them?

You feel bad thinking you are weak and a failure when that is not the case at all. And then that bad, guilty feeling makes you eat even more bad food.

So which type of overeater are you?

  1. Addictive
  2. Emotional
  3. Habitual
  4. Ignorant
  5. Destructive
  6. Angry
  7. Feaster
  8. Constant Craver

Why Diets Are Ineffective

  • 88% of people who have eating/weight loss problems have an emotional relationship with food (source: eating disorder charity, BEAT).
  • 85% of people comfort eat because they have a negative body image.
  • Emotional eaters use food to soothe unhappy feelings.
  • Eating will never cure these feelings. It just makes them worse.
  • A third of women snack in secret and then feel ashamed and out of control.
  • Negative feelings just make it a vicious circle; the overeating continues even though you long to be free of it.
  • Your relationship with food as a child will affect how you eat.
  • I have so many clients, who in hypnosis, go back to events that leave them with the belief that says, “I can’t eat like other people.”
  • As a child, did you rarely have candy? Perhaps you were punished by not being allowed it, or your parents might have told you they were “too poor” to buy you treats.
  • When you’re denied food and have no power in it, you long to have the food that other kids have.
  • Years later, when of course, you have access to all that food, you still believe that you shouldn’t have it because of your on-going weight battle.
  • You feel exactly like that kid who didn’t get what they wanted, and now you want food even more and feel powerless to resist.

How Does it Work?

Hypnosis alters our state of consciousness in such a way that our conscious (thinking) mind is switched off, and our unconscious (emotional) mind is made more alert.

Because the unconscious mind is a deep-seated, more instinctive force, it is this part of the brain that listens to the words the therapist is using – and uses them to re-program negative patterns of behavior.

One of the most effective methods of weight loss is weight loss motivation hypnosis.

When engrossed in a film or driving on a familiar route on autopilot and you lose track of time, this is when you are actually experiencing a state similar to hypnosis.

A leading American psychiatrist conducted experiments on volunteers that proved how much the brain could influence our thoughts when under hypnosis. Hypnosis alters our state of consciousness in such a way that our conscious mind is switched off, and our unconscious (emotional) mind is made more alert.

The subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of our actions – if we can change our mind – we can change our behavior.

The Perfect Weight Forever hypnosis product will do exactly that; it will use a safe and effective hypnosis form to change how you react with food, helping you reach your Perfect Weight Forever.

>>>Go Here To Visit Marisa Peer’s Perfect Weight Forever

P.S. I am an affiliate for this Course and will receive a commission on any sales! 😉

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Marisa Peer: Perfect Weight Forever Hypnosis


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