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Cafeomancia: How coffee grounds reveal your future.

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, during the Divination class, wizards and witches needed to make a prediction about the future of their colleagues from the tea sludge deposited in the bottom of a cup. To interpret what the formation of the wet powder meant, Ronald Weasley opened a bulky book and tried to associate images with the indefinite drawing. This practice is known as tasseomancy.

Leaving the cinematographic universe, a technique similar to tasseomancy has been practiced for centuries, not necessarily by witches and wizards. Cafeomancy is the reading of Coffee grounds deposited in a cup in order to make a prediction about the future. At first, this practice developed in Turkey, Iran and southern Russia. Then it reached France and Italy. Over time, it has become a worldwide activity.

What does each oracle say about the future?

Cafeomancy is possible based on the belief that coffee enhances communication between existing worlds. Thus, spirits use the sludge to communicate a message to those in the world of the living. This technique works as an oracle that can answer questions, bring advice or tips to those looking for it.

Divination by tea as well as divination by coffee requires an analytical and accurate reading, which depends on the understanding of symbols that can be formed by coffee. Searching for “cafeomancy symbols” or “interpretation cafeomancy”, for example, is not enough to put this technique into practice.

To play cafeomancy, it is recommended, first, that the environment is purified. Light an incense and walk it through the room where the reading will take place. Let the smoke spread all over the place and place a glass of salt diluted in water on the table where you will sit.

Before preparing coffee, you must meditate. In the purified environment, take a deep breath and expel negative feelings, such as pessimism and anxiety. It is important to carry out this process so that the reading is not influenced by external factors, as well as the coffee preparation.

The drink must be prepared in a pan. Mix a spoon of coffee powder, a spoon of sugar and a cup of water. After boiling, place the liquid in a white cup with white saucer, so that reading is easier. Let the drink settle for five minutes before you start drinking it.

When savoring coffee slowly, you must think about the question that needs an answer. If you want to know about your Love life, for example, you must think about love (the people you love, the love they feel for you, the love you want to meet). If you want to know about your professional life, focus on the environment where you work and your ambitions. If you want to know about your health, mentalize your body and the area that concerns you.

When you finish drinking the coffee, you should place the cup on the saucer, face down, quickly. After a few minutes, you can pick up the dishes to start reading. Focus on getting the answer without thinking about any other questions. From the left of the wing to the right, from the walls of the cup to the bottom, look at the Coffee Grounds thinking about which figures those shapes remind you of.

After writing down each image you saw on a piece of paper, see what are the possible meanings for what you identified: 

Animals: they represent the wishes of each person and the way they behave, referring to the animal and primitive aspect of the human being.

Objects: they symbolize events that were remarkable for your life, such as moving house, getting a new job, starting a family, finishing or starting your studies, traveling or making friends.

The revelation of the future through the crystals

Images formed to the right of the cup’s handle: they refer to the anxiety that drives your decisions or your thoughts. It is possible that you are adopting some behavior (animals) in advance or that some important event to come is affecting the way you deal with the present.

There are some images that carry specific meanings. It is necessary to look at them carefully, so that the interpretation is more correct: 

Alliance: represents a successful union between two people. It may be that you will be with someone who will make you feel better about love, for example.

Two alliances: the set of alliances represents the harmony that exists in a family.

Domestic animal: it is a warning sign. Someone who is your friend may be experiencing problems and needs your help to overcome them.

Tree: it is an indication of the need to take better care of your health. Routine annual checkups can be essential to avoid problems in the future.

Spider:when you see this animal, it is possible that people around you are conspiring against you. Identify who really loves you and fight for these people to be by your side against the bad energies of others.

Snake: someone close to you may be manipulating you to harm you, as well as gossiping about you.

Bengal: you will notice that a person will approach you. Be open (o) to receive this new presence and find out what it has to offer, in addition to showing what you can add to her life.

Ball: this object indicates that some kind of problem is approaching. Keep an eye out for challenging situations and do your best to overcome each one.

Butterfly:your heart can rejoice in the loving adventures to come. Taking risks and doing something for the first time can be essential at this point.

Home: Viewing a home on the coffee grounds may indicate that you will soon be joining a person.

Dragon: The image of a dragon can alert you to an unexpected conflict that will demand your attention and care.

Ladder: represents the wisdom that will be essential for you to overcome the challenges that may appear in your life.

Star: a change in your life can bring positive results. Don’t be afraid to change, because this symbol represents prosperity and luck.

Arrow:a loving disappointment can reach your heart. Remember that this is not forever and that there is a possibility to meet new people.

Horseshoe: winning money that was not expected. You can help with the month-end bills or a spontaneous trip.

Fish: represents the entry of a lot of money into your life, allowing even some exuberance.

Folha: represents the success that a person can have in the projects that he envisioned while drinking coffee.

Straight lines: indicate a life of tranquility, without major problems and without many challenges to be overcome.

Parallel lines: alert to the need to abandon pessimism and adopt a more positive attitude towards life.

Full moon: the love you feel is matched by the person you love. Invest in that relationship!

New moon: a love disillusionment can hurt you, but you will have no problems facing this bad moment.

Nest: a reciprocal love, with the possibility of building a home in the future.

Pyramid: indicates that you are attracted to the person you thought of when asking the question of the spirits.

Sea: periods of great confusion and anguish can disturb your thoughts and emotions.

Lightning: they represent a difficult moment, with many challenges to be faced and overcome.

Egg : it is a sign that great happiness is about to take over your heart.

Bird: it is possible that you will receive good news on the issue that motivated your consultation with the oracle.

Door: represents the beginning of new moments and the conquest of new opportunities.

Shoe: a transformation can take your life and bring positive consequences.

Triangle: you can receive new professional opportunities that will do well for your career.

Square: indicates the breach of expectation in relation to a person.

Candle: indicates that there is a positive love relationship in your life (or that that relationship is yet to come).

Arrow: it is possible that you receive negative news about the question that motivated your question to the spirits.

Scissors: represents a disagreement between a person and you (probably involving the person you thought of when asking the question).

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Cafeomancia: How coffee grounds reveal your future.


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