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5 sympathies to cure the sick dog

The health of pets is one of the biggest concerns of many people. Nobody wants to see their puppy suffer, so when your four-legged friend gets sick, it is important to help him in every way possible. It is very important, first of all, to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible, but in addition to following the medical recommendations, you can also have some of these sympathies. The following rituals will attract Healing energies, ward off negativity and strengthen your puppy’s spiritual and physical health.

1) Friendliness of Spiritual Help

– large blue candle; 
– rue; 
– white mallow; 
– angelica root; 
– dog hair; 
– a letter asking the dog to heal; 
– anointing oil (consecrated oil); 
– pin.

Using the pin, write the dog’s name on the candle 13 times. Cover the candle with oil from the bottom up and place the dog’s hair on it. Place the candle on a plate and, below it, deposit the letter with the request for healing. Around the candle, deposit the herbs and mentalize their functions: rue keeps evil away, white mallow calls auxiliary spirits and angelica has healing properties. Grate a small amount of the angelica root and place on the candle. Light it, thinking about your dog. Ask for the help of spirits of light and helpers to bring healing to your animal and to guide veterinarians. Mentalize the dog’s body and visualize the light filling and healing it. 

When the candle is almost completely burned, burn the letter. Keep the remains of the ritual in a white bag until the puppy is cured.

2) Sympathy to cure cough 

– corn cob; 
– string;

This friendliness is quite simple: just cut the cob into seven slices and put them on the string. Tie this “collar” around the dog’s neck until the coughing stops.

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3) Sympathy of Artemis 

– stone linked to healing (for example: green quartz, hematite or amethyst); 
– a glass of water; 
– Cinnamon sticks; 
– chamomile;

In the water glass, deposit the stone, cinnamon and chamomile. Leave it for one night in the light of the crescent or full moon and say a prayer to the goddess Artemis asking for your dog’s healing. Artemis is the Greek goddess associated with hunting, the moon and nature. It protects all animals and dogs in particular, because they help hunting. The next day, strain the water and soak a cloth in the liquid. Wipe your dog with a damp cloth, mentalizing its healing, as well as the help of the goddess. It is not necessary to use all the water in one day, you can repeat the ritual. When the water runs out, thank the goddess by planting flowers or a tree, that is, dedicating something to nature!

4) Friendliness to cure tailworm 

– some nails;

The tailworm is an infection by fly larvae, which can happen to any animal that has contact with flies, especially if it has a superficial wound. Sympathy consists of making the dog walk through a damp place, in which its steps leave footprints. In each footprint, deposit a nail. As the nail rusts, the bicheira improves. It is important to remember that the tailworm can have serious consequences, so use sympathy to relieve the animal’s pain, but take it to the veterinarian so that it can properly remove the larvae.

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5) Friendliness to maintain the dog’s health 

– coarse salt; 
– blue candle; 
– glass of water;

So that illnesses no longer attack your puppy, repeat this ritual every first Monday of the month. Place two handfuls of coarse salt in the glass of water. Next to the glass, light a blue candle and dedicate it to your protective angel. At the end of the candle burning, give the dog a bath. Take the water from the cup and pour it over you from the neck down.

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5 sympathies to cure the sick dog


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