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With an eye on the moon: understand the lunar cycle

The Moon varies according to its position in relation to the Earth and the Sun. We usually classify the phases of the moon based on the apparent change in the part we can see.

The lunar cycle is also called, by astrologers, astronomers and area scholars, lunation. The complete cycle takes just over 29 days to complete.

Moon phases for science

As it travels around the Earth, the Moon undergoes gradual changes. This change is divided into four main stages: New Moon, New Moon, Full Moon and New Moon.

In the New Moon, we almost can’t see the Moon, its position is with its face totally turned to Earth, making its observation impossible. In the Crescent phase, we were able to appreciate half of the satellite.

The Full Moon, as the name implies, makes it possible to view the entire satellite. During this phase we were able to admire 100% of its color and brightness. And finally, in the last quarter, the shadow of the projected moon makes it possible to see only half as well, the opposite half of the view in the Crescent.

The Moon Phases for Astrology

According to studies, the phases of the moon have a strong influence. Many of these influences can be seen in agriculture in periods of planting and harvesting, in hair growth and in periods of pregnancy and childbirth.

Many believe that the Moon is able to mobilize our emotions and guide our feelings and decisions.

The Moon also acts differently in each sign, providing good and bad times for areas such as business, love, health, among others.

Moon phases

New Moon

The New Moon brings to the moment the ideal phase to meditate and reevaluate unfinished situations. The moon period should be used to organize and outline goals, strategies and plans.

This phase is also good for making changes to the hair. Women who want to redesign the look take advantage of the New Moon to make reflections, coloring or permanent.
Tip: Ideal time to reflect before exposing your ideas or making important decisions.

Crescent moon

At this stage the Moon has a strong influence in the business area. The period is suitable for starting new businesses, starting an enterprise, making trips as well as starting physical activities, courses and new projects.

But be careful to start transformations, the Crescent Moon does not influence the beginning of diets. Its increasing form can act negatively, encouraging the increasing consumption of substances that can hinder and harm your diet.

For the hair, the period is good for making new cuts. If you want to activate the growth of the wires, bet on this period for that visit to the salon.
Tip: Take advantage of the period to start plans and strategies outlined during New Moon.

Full moon

If you are having family or love difficulties, enjoy this period. The Full Moon influences the resolution of problems and contributes positively to the achievement of moments of peace and harmony. The phase is also very positive for changing jobs or residence.

Take advantage of the Full Moon period to place orders with the universe. The power of this phase contributes to the requests being made with even more magnetism, power and positivity.

The phase is also very good for agriculture, being the best period for harvesting medicinal plants and fruits. For hair, Lua Cheia is perfect for hydration and revitalization treatments. If you are looking to gain volume and remodel your hair, call your hairdresser now.
Tip: If you are undergoing medical treatments or experiencing health problems avoid performing surgery during this period.

Waning Moon

The Waning Moon is associated with a period of cleansing and purification. The ideal is to take advantage of the period to get rid of what you no longer need. Clean up at home, rearrange the drawers in the office and take the time to throw away or donate everything you don’t use.

The waning phase is also very good for starting health treatments and regimens. The treatments and regimens started during this period usually have better and faster results.

In the visual field, the moment is good for strengthening. Take advantage of the waning moon to make cuts that strengthen your hair and enhance your look. The period is also good for taking care of problems related to hair loss and thinning.
Tip: Take advantage of this phase to stay with your children and family. The energy and magnetism of this period favor a good relationship and provide joyful and happy moments.

Moon phases in 2016


January 2 / February 1 / March 1 / March 31 / April 31 / May 29 / June 27 / July 26 / August 25 / September 23 / October 22 / November 21 / December 20


January 9 / February 8 / March 8 / April 7 / May 6 / June 5 / July 4 / August 2 / September 1 / September 30 / October 30 / November 29 / November 29 December


January 16 / February 15 / March 15 / April 14 / May 13 / June 12 / July 11 / August 10 / September 9 / October 9 / November 7 / December 7


January 23 / February 22 / March 23 / April 22 / May 21 / June 20 / July 19 / August 18 / September 16 / October 16 / November 14 / December 13

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With an eye on the moon: understand the lunar cycle


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