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Pets horoscope

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Just like humans, cats, dogs and all other animals also have a sign in the Zodiac and are directly influenced by the Astros – including, pets are even more influenced than humans, since they do not try to repress feelings, emotions and wills.

In fact, far beyond belonging to a sign, animals have a complete Astral Chart, as long as the time and place of birth information are at hand so that everything can be calculated. With the Astral Chart, as with humans, it is possible to decipher the entire personality of each animal and, in this way, understand a little more its reasoning and the way it behaves.

Although it is a little difficult to have an exact time and place of birth of the pets, as many of them are adopted (adopted animals are often found on the streets, that is, they do not have this whole history), when the animal is still a puppy, it is possible estimate how old you are and, in that way, we know at least what sign you belong to. Even not being able to elaborate the entire Astrological Chart, knowing the sign of the Zodiac already gives us many answers about behavior and personality.

In addition to knowing the sign of your animal and, if you have the necessary information, making the Astral Chart, perhaps the coolest is the opportunity to trace the astrological relationship between you and your pet. See below how your animal’s behavior and characteristics are based on the sign of the Zodiac to which it belongs.

Aries – born March 21 to April 20

Aryan animals are impulsive and have a lot of energy, which can cause some aggression in certain situations. The pet is very agitated and likes to walk around a lot. It is the element of Fire and takes good care of its territory (its home). If you are trained to be a guard animal, you are extremely aggressive, so you must be careful with the intensity of the training.

Taurus – born between April 21 and May 20

Taurine animals are stubborn, but obedient and loyal to their owner. They like to eat a lot, sleep a lot and receive affection at all times. They do not usually like other animals in their home very much, unless they are used to them as young and grow up as brothers.

Twins – born between May 21 and June 20

They are curious and very active animals. They always want to play and have fun. They are from the Air element and, for this reason, they love to stroll, go for a walk and hear the owner’s voice. So, always talk to a Gemini animal. Often, when he is barking or meowing non-stop, he is talking to you and wants you to talk to him too. They are very intelligent and, if they receive enough affection as a reward, they quickly learn everything you try to teach.

Cancer – born between June 21 and July 21

Pets of the sign of Cancer are, like humans of this sign, very protective, attached to the beings they love and with an extremely present maternal / paternal instinct – that is, they are affectionate and do everything to make everyone well. They like to feel loved and to have their own space inside the house. They are very faithful animals to your family.

Leo – born between July 22 and August 22

They are proud animals, overly warm and enthusiastic. They do not realize the size and power of strength they have, that is, if they are very large, they do not realize that they are and, if they are very small, they actually think they are giants. They always try to be the center of attention, so if they visit at home, they try in every way that the focus becomes them. But, if you can climb on the sofa and receive affection all the time, the animal will be satisfied.

Virgo – born between August 23 and September 22

Virgo animals are curious and sometimes a little insecure, as they take too long to trust others. They like to sniff to help the owner find what is needed – this is a great activity for Virgo animals. They like to have routine, time for meals and tours. Always being clean also pleases them. They are obedient and don’t like a lot of mess, despite enjoying games.

Libra – born between September 23 and October 22

Libra animals are sociable, do not like fights and feel good when they are always groomed (which means regular baths and treats). They don’t like loneliness, that’s why they value the company of the people and animals they love – which is why they always try to be with their owners.

Scorpio – born between 23 October and 21 and November

Scorpio animals are jealous, possessive and suspicious. As they have a lot of energy, they like games that demand their physical capacity – and attention, as they have a certain propensity to destroy objects. However, if they are close to the person they consider their owner, they are calm and safe.

Sagittarius – born between November 22 and December 21

The sign of Sagittarius strongly brings to the animals the feeling of joy, enthusiasm with games and new adventures (they like to explore environments and look for toys that the owners have hidden). They also love the feeling of freedom, so (and because they are very anxious) they don’t like being trapped alone in an environment, even if it is big. It is a very happy animal, who likes to be surrounded by companies and making a lot of mess!

Capricorn – born between December 22 and January 20

Capricorn animals are reserved, disciplined and determined, just like the other signs of the Earth element. They like to conquer territories, because they are also competitive (even with themselves) and feel safe when they have a broad view of where they are. These pets don’t like being around strange people or animals, as they are suspicious. They do not receive changes very well in their routine or in the place where they live. It is a relatively serious animal and knows how to take care of itself, although it does not deny eventual caresses.

Aquarius – born between January 21 and February 19

Sign of the element Air, Aquarius brings instincts of freedom, independence and socialization to animals. They are carefree and somewhat unpredictable, but in general, they like to be surrounded by other companies – animals or humans – and to participate in challenges. They are animal animals, but very friendly and faithful companions. Unlike animals of other signs, they don’t mind having no routine or any kind of schedule. In fact, they like the feeling of being able to choose what they want to do and when they want to do it.

Pisces – born between February 20 to March 20

They are sensitive animals, very sweet, perceptive and calm. They like to feel safe, protected and have a great need to feel loved at all times. Very affectionate, Pisces animals belong to the Water element and, therefore, extremely sensitive – they go close to the owner when they feel they are sad. Their behavior is usually influenced by the personality of their owners.

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Pets horoscope


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