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How to avoid astral hell

Much is said about Astral Hell and many superstitions are placed on top of that time of year that seems so dark. In fact, the period is nothing wrong or bad, it is all about energy adequacy.

To understand Astral Hell, we first need to have a basic understanding of Astral Maps. The Astral Map is a map that you make according to the place, date and time of your birth, to analyze the position of the planets in the solar system and what energy (sign) each one of them is in, which indicates their potentials of personality.

Within the diagram of the Astral Chart, there are twelve divisions that we call “houses” and each of them is governed by a certain sign of the zodiac. The first house is ruled by Aries, the second by Taurus, the third by Gemini and so on.

It seems a little complicated, but it is the basics for us to understand why there is the “Astral Hell”. Come on! Astral Hell is the period of the month before your birthday. If there are twelve houses on the Astral Chart, each one influences each month of the year in your life. The first house will have a greater energetic influence in the first month from the date of your birth (from your birthday to the next 30 or 31 days). The second house will influence from the end of the house 1 period, for another month and so on, which brings us to the twelfth month, which is influenced by the energies of house 12, which is the house governed by the sign Pisces.

So, if the last month before your birthday is influenced by the energy of Pisces, does that mean that that energy brings Astral Hell? Not necessarily. What happens is an energy shock, depending on how energetically you are vibrating and acting during that time. The sign of Pisces is linked to spirituality, charity and emotional sensitivity. So, if during this period you are connected to practices such as meditation (or some other spiritual practice according to your religion or belief), helping others and having healthy emotional experiences, the period will be extremely good and you will feel well balanced. until you get to your birthday.

Astral Hell happens because most people, a month before their birthday, do everything unlike the energy of Pisces and, therefore, generate an energy shock that brings about not very pleasant events. Usually, before arriving at the birthday, people are thinking only about them, what they want to get as a gift, at a party and everything, when it is an energetic period totally opposite to that.

In short, in the month before your birthday, be less selfish and look for healthy spiritual and emotional practices, that way, nothing bad will happen. Don’t be like most people, who use the excuse of Astral Hell to justify life’s ills. This is victim behavior, which does not help at all. Astrology exists to help us find answers about who we really are, and how to act in an essential way for our lives to be more and more harmonious, and not to feed victimistic behavior. Don’t worry about Astral Hell, you are much stronger than any superstition about it.

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How to avoid astral hell


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