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Tell me how you write that I will tell you who you are: Graphology

While it may be much more practical for some to use a keyboard to type what you used to write with your hand a few years ago, using a pencil or pen can say more about you than you can imagine. Handwriting makes it possible not only to identify whether your handwriting is ugly or beautiful, but also personality traits. There is even a study of Writing analysis called Graphology. According to this study of a pseudoscientific character, despite our hand writing obeying a conscious flow of ideas, who really writes is our unconscious, therefore being able to reveal our characteristics without the intention of revealing or even having the perception, eventually, of the existence that particular trait of our personality.

Among the observed points of extremely detailed character, the graphology observes some aspects as:

– The speed of writing.
– The use and spacing of the blank part of the sheet.
– The slope of the letters
– The distance between the letters and between the lines
– The distance from the margins and the organization of the paragraphs.
– If writing has a tendency to go up or down.
– The design and curvature of the letters.
– Existence of erasures and the way they are made

According to Lucia Brito de Leal, instructor of the graphology course focused on employee selection at the Brazilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH-RS) in an interview with Pense Empregos, some personality characteristics that are indicated by the way of writing are:

• Line: upward alignment.
The letter tends to rise over the line. Outgoing, enterprising, optimistic person.
• Small print, fine print.
Reservation, shyness; thorough and detailed person; good concentration.
• Large print.
Expansive person, with ease of communication, self-confident. It can also be an indication of exhibitionism.
• Slow writing speed.
Person with a tendency to reflection.
• Fast writing speed.
Quick, agile thinking. Trace of impulsivity.
• Erasures:
It can be an indication of stress, tension, personal problems. Depending on how the erasure is done, it can also provide signs of concealment or even character problems.
• Letter tilted to the right:
Ease of interpersonal relationships.
• Letter tilted to the left:
Caution, reservation.
• Inflated rods or with long legs:
People who are more idealistic and have a passion for knowledge lengthen or inflate the letters l, d, g, t and f.
• Stems inflated with “fat” ties:
Creativity and good humor are manifested in the ties of letters like f, g, for example.

It is worth mentioning that graphology is the target of criticism in the academic community, precisely because of the search to study personality without the existence of a scientific basis for the conclusions pointed out. Critics of graphology claim that there is no evidence that the unconscious mind is a reservoir that holds the truth about a person, much less that graphology offers a portal to that reservoir, and that it uses associative rules of a symbolic or analog character without proven validity.

In any case, the deepening of the study of graphology is valid, but always with our feet on the ground regarding the complexity of the human mind that prevents the accuracy of any study that can generalize the definition for a logical and rational behavior.

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Tell me how you write that I will tell you who you are: Graphology


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