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The mirror as an instrument of magic

Today, we will touch on a very complicated theme, the magic mirror.

Since ancient times, the human being has been reflected in the Mirror, whether in the waters, in metals or in the mirrors of today. In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with himself looking at the waters, hence “narcissism”. The mirror reflects everything that comes in front of you and is a great magical portal.

Let’s remember the Wicked Witch (Oh, what a horror!) Who asked the mirror: “Mirror, mirror of mine! Is there anyone more beautiful than me? ” . In Harry Potter the mirror reflected what you most wanted to see, and so it is also true!

The mirror is a portal, being able to show us what we want as long as we have the courage and structure for it. Within all spells and currents, there is the Magic Mirror that is used in a sacred way, as a divinatory vehicle. What many do not know, is that it is extremely dangerous. Many go and do not come back. Because it is a portal to several worlds, the person “enters” and his spirit does not return, and he may go mad. This is not a joke! Common mirrors that are not consecrated are also portals if used for these purposes. When we were children, we stood in front of the mirror and saw our image change and we thought it was funny! However, children are children! A sacred mirror has to be covered with a cloth, preferably black.

The crystal ball, water containers and containers thus become a magic mirror.

On the black mirror, which is made through thick glass painting one side, it has the same function as the other common. Both must be consecrated and must not be exposed to the eyes of others or exposed to sunlight.

I am not in favor of the layperson or curious person who does not have a magical background, making use of it. Only those who have an initiation and are really aware are advised, know where your limits are! A student of magic, of witchcraft should not practice just because he thinks he can. You have to have a person who helps you understand and teaches the right way, the right time and all the tricks of a magic mirror, besides not being afraid!

My dear aspirants or beginners of witchcraft! Caution! Do not use the mirror without knowledge or structure. You won’t have time to return if you get lost in other worlds!

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The mirror as an instrument of magic


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