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Libra Woman and Leo Man Zodiac Compatibility

I am a Libra Woman, recently met a Leo man. It was love at first sight. Already on the first date, he shared his secrets that he didn’t tell anyone, so I feel special.

I’m absolutely comfortable with him. He is romantic, with him there is such an understanding, had never experienced this before. It is easy for both of us to understand each other’s point of view, we share common values ​​and outlooks on life. I look forward to when we get married, I have never met such men.

I am a Libra woman, in love with a Leo man for several years. Recently I told him about my feelings, and after a few months he started dating another and keeps away from me. Why did he become so angry with me? He acts as if he has a split personality. He never apologized if he offended me. Every time he returns, he will not even say a banal forgiveness.

I met with Leo for 6 months. I broke up with him last night, he just told me about all his betrayals. He Constantly deceived me and denied everything right in the eye, I’m in complete shock! In general, he was lazy, there was never any money, I had to mess with him as a child. Next time I will look for Aquarius.

In my opinion, Libra, Leos are just prostitutes of the zodiac horoscope. I think this is their retribution for the karma that they get for how they relate to people. Leo man will never be faithful, constantly lying.

Met my Leo at the university. The pull was instant. He was a real gentleman. I will not say that he is handsome and smart, but many girls and friends of guys constantly swirled around him. Fell in love with him instantly. There is a lot of controversy in these relations, all the time trying to control me. I met somewhere about 6 months, a very complicated relationship, he just has a huge ego. Now not together, he left somewhere, does not answer messages. I won’t run after him, I’m proud, but in my heart I understand how I miss him.

I meet a Leo man for about 3 years. In general, I like everything, a lot of great sex and romance. He is attentive, caring and hardworking. Together we have fun, we go shopping, I love him, and he loves me. We constantly care about each other. We plan a marriage and a large family. I think Leo a man is exactly what Libra woman needs.

Everything that you want to know about the Leo man, I’ll tell you now .. Everything started great … he has a huge ego, he is strong, strong-willed and jealous of every guy with whom you will talk. I fell in love with him instantly, over time I began to find fault with every little thing, if something wasn’t what he wanted, just stopped talking, I had to constantly apologize. Constant debate, even by telephone.

In my opinion, over time, he began to just hate me, but for what ??? It’s not possible to agree on anything with him, he just doesn’t listen to me, probably he should just be left alone. I’m not proud, I’ll try to establish relations once again, honestly I really miss him.

The Libra woman and the Leo man were simply not made for each other … In the beginning everything was beautiful until I found out about his lies .. He was lazy, constantly deceiving me .. we have a common daughter whom he does not even care about .. does not work and believes that everyone owes him something. She treats mom like shit. I hate him wholeheartedly .. everything was fine in the bedroom … though …

I am a Libra woman, dating a Leo man. What can I say, he constantly strives to dominate relations, always wants to be right, on this occasion we have a lot of controversy and struggle. There are both good and bad periods. In the bad we just can not see each other and not talk. He can just become impudent and miscarry, which hurts my feelings …. I feel that I need someone more calm, who can complement my personality, but on the other hand there is something in him that keeps me next to him, but what?

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Libra Woman and Leo Man Zodiac Compatibility


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