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Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Zodiac Compatibility

In all my life I had only one man, Cancer. It was one continuous depression / moods / pessimism and sensitivity. He, like me, was taciturn; I don’t really want to draw words of love, approval and compliments from him. I’m generally silent about the discussion of the future.

In general, life with him was not easy. He is bored, the lack of brilliance and wit made me lose heart. Maybe he could be friends with him, but most of the time he would make me bored.

Met with a guy Cancer for 6 years, now 4 years married to him. They keep their emotions and feelings under a thick layer of shell. In general, he does not like to share his feelings. We have to adapt to this. In general, everything suits me, my advice to you is to let them be what they are, they will slowly but surely come to openness of feelings and emotions … and you will get what you want.

I Julia
4 years met with a man Cancer. We parted, but because we had to leave for different cities. We have remained friends. Now we have met again, but still live in different cities. I feel that I’m still crazy about him. He is very touchy. I need advice on how to make him come to me and stay forever. We spent a long time at a distance and in fact now we are just friends. Please help me if you have any recommendations?

Marie I have been
dating my cancer for 1.5 years. I love this guy with all my heart, but he’s sooooo slowly loading everything. Very touchy and in bed also very lascivious. Indeed, as they wrote here moody. Any attempts to push him to open in terms of feelings make him hide in his carapace.

We have to give him time to think everything over and he returns to his normal state again. In general, a good client.

I just started dating Cancer, I love him with all my heart. He is always fun with him, he understands me, he is always ready to listen. I used to worry so much about guys, but I feel safe with him. Every day with him makes him happy. He already told me that he wants to get married. I will never forget our first night in bed.

I was pleasantly surprised to read so many successful stories about this alliance. When I meet Cancer men, I feel a special connection between us. Nevertheless, their mood swings and hypersensitivity repel me. Everything was just perfect in the bedroom! But despite all these advantages, I do not see the future with him.

My Cancer is a great cook, but I would like to just have fun in the bedroom, and he is already striving to introduce me to his parents. I know that I’m selfish and use it for sex and good food. But I’m very straightforward, any of my words drives him into his sink and all the romance melts. Help with any advice please ?!

I can confirm all of the above. In the beginning, he thought my perfection and soulmate, but over time, his secrecy came to the fore. He absolutely does not know how to handle money. Over time, we got married and have children. But even after that he doesn’t open, I thought he would become more romantic and open in words. On the whole, he is a wonderful father, worked a lot for the family, but over time he could not keep up the pace and gave up. He became more cruel and moody. I had to take parenting completely into my own hands.

Over time, he hides more and more in his shell, any attempts to put pressure on him only exacerbate the situation. What can I say, when we met for 10 years it was a time full of bliss. But the remaining 16 years of marriage are just hysteria and depression. We had financial difficulties and he just locked himself in the sink. Do not think that you can change it. Now I’m looking cautiously at any crayfish, I don’t think that I will ever risk it again.

Not so long ago I met a guy Taurus, we already knew each other, drank coffee, when they left they would throw the phrase “I love you” I thought she would call, he called only a month later. On the whole, the conversation was pleasant, he invited me to come to him, but I refused, because I had to go far and would have to spend the night. He has a 3 month old baby and 5 year old. I’m still puzzling why he didn’t call for so long. I don’t know what to do …

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Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Zodiac Compatibility


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