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Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Zodiac Compatibility


It may seem that people born under one sign will fit together perfectly, but my personal experience speaks differently. In the beginning, she seemed to meet her soul mate. Both were born in July. Common features attracted and attracted. Both were gentle and faithful. However, both are also prone to Mood Swings and excessive sensitivity.

Over time, strong attachment became a cause of discontent, even for the slightest reason everyone thought that he was betrayed. In fact, if we were wiser and more mature in our views, we would be able to overcome problems. In general, I have never met a person who would understand me that way, and I did.


I’m also a Cancer woman, fell in love with a Cancer man. Common features were very attractive. In the first month, it seemed that we were speaking sign language and views.

I felt like the happiest person on Earth. We had no opposites, general moodiness and constant introspection, as some say, plunged 🙂our union into the sink . Sincerity and sensuality just turned into sullenness and resentment on each side. Devotion and loyalty turned into suspicion and imaginary betrayal. However, he was my real double. Fortunately, our relationship ended calmly and peacefully, we remained just friends.


Me and my man Cancer met more than 7 years. The synchronicity of our lives was simply shocking. No fight or argument. These relationships will work with efforts on both sides, but now we decided to remain just friends. It’s hard to be friends, I’m still in love with him. Recently met the guy Aries – the exact opposite. But he is a little insensitive. In general, Mr. Aries is a good guy, I like it very much, but I do not think that the relationship will last long.


I am a Cancer Woman and my boyfriend is also cancer. From the very beginning there was crazy love. After 3 months of our meetings, I became moody and very emotional. In general, this alliance evokes trust and a sense of reliability. Despite all the flaws, I think I found my soulmate!

I have cancer.

I spent 14 years in a Cancer on Cancer relationship.

It’s nice to find the same couch potato as you. Crayfish can enjoy the height of feelings and emotions, but can also dive deep into resentment and anger. Cancers are hard to understand and many run away from us with sparkling heels. Even we ourselves do not understand our terrible moods.


When I first met the man Cancer, I thought that we were relatives. We perfectly understood and knew each other and it was an amazing feeling. I noticed that he has frequent mood swings. If I don’t answer the phone, I’m worried and can say unpleasant words. Sometimes he even threatens to erase the number and never call again, but the next day he wakes up and calls back.

He is a very hardworking and loyal guy. Over time, I became not like I was in the first months of my acquaintance, which makes me terribly angry. Only 2 months have passed since we met and the most amazing thing is that we have never slept yet. I want to be sure of his intentions 100%. The problem is his emotionality, he can react very violently to any trifle, how to understand such an emotional person?


I meet a man with Cancer for 6 months, everything was fine. Could laugh for hours about everything in the world. Proximity and understanding at a very high level. We could just snuggle up to each other and watch TV for hours (both homebody). During working hours we work a lot and are generally busy. But recently, I tried to call him, was upset with something, but he did not answer. Then he called back and I expressed him too much. He just hung up, had not talked for two weeks. My feet are in my mouth, what should I do ??? These damned mood swings!

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Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Zodiac Compatibility


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