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7 “Poopy” Spiritual Ascension Symptoms 2019 (And What to Do About Them)

Do you think you might be experiencing physical Ascension Symptoms? Are you waking up between 2 & 4 a.m.? Having vivid dreams or visions of angels or dead loved ones? Experiencing headaches, fatigue, tooth pain or ringing in the ears? These can all be extremely unpleasant symptoms of ascension during spiritual awakening! I’ve listed my 7 most unpleasant spiritual ascension symptoms and how I learned to deal with them. #ascensionsymptoms, #ascension, #ascensionandspirituality, #ascensiontherapy

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Do you think you might be experiencing physical Ascension Symptoms? Are you waking up between 2 & 4 a.m.? Having vivid dreams or visions of angels or dead loved ones? Experiencing headaches, fatigue, tooth pain or ringing in the ears?

These can all be extremely unpleasant symptoms of ascension during spiritual awakening! Below, I’ve listed my 7 most unpleasant spiritual ascension symptoms and how I learned to deal with them!

(And don’t worry, it gets better!)

Unbeknownst to me, I was on the verge of a spiritual awakening! I thought I was going crazy! But I was experiencing all the Bizarre Signs of a Spiritual Awakening. Ascension sickness symptoms and spiritual awakening signs tend to go hand in hand.

What’s worse is that I didn’t know what a spiritual awakening was or what one looked like… I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I thought I was being haunted or going crazy, and I resisted my spiritual awakening heavily! Which just made the Ascension Symptoms worse!

The headaches were excruciating! I also experienced ringing in my ears and feeling like the phasing girl on Antman & The Wasp! (I didn’t feel like I was holding still when laying down. I felt like I was vibrating back and forth).

I argued and screamed at negative thoughts and my inner critic. I ran and hid from past fears. I yelled and threw things when my ears would ring. I took prescription pills for the headaches and lack of sleep.

And, I wished for my life to end because I was so incredibly homesick for the higher dimensions I was beginning to experience in dreams and visions.

I don’t want any of this for you! Hopefully, you aren’t doing any of these things! I hope you aren’t handling your spiritual awakening & ascension symptoms with as much imbalance and drama as I was!

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What are Ascension Symptoms?

In short, ascension symptoms, or ascension sickness are symptoms your physical, mental, and emotional body exhibit while ascending from the heavy denseness of the 3rd dimension.

You may experience some, or all of these symptoms while ascending to living in the 5th dimension. (A higher faster dimension available on the Earth at this time. Mindfulness, joy, peace, graciousness, harmony, unity, oneness, kindness, and curiosity make up the 5th dimension).

Ascension symptoms, or sickness, may include, but are not limited to: Headaches, nausea, depression, loneliness, electrical zaps, sensitivity to light and sounds, body pain, tooth pain, fatigue, and ringing in the ears.

What is the Reason for Ascension Symptoms?

Your Soul is awakening, which brings more light vibrating at a higher frequency into your physical body. You are ascending from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. This requires holding more and more light that vibrates at faster and faster speeds.

This is very hard on your super-dense designed for the 3rd dimension physical body! Our wiring is being rewired.

My best explanation for this is that you’ve been living at the bottom of the ocean for a while (The 3rd dimension). Now, you are trying to ascend too fast (to the 5th dimension), and you get “the bends”.

On the mental side of ascension symptomsold habits, pain, grief, fear, anger and sadness are coming up for you to observe and clear. This may feel overwhelming and depressing as we struggle to cope with a lot of these feelings at once!

So, below are 9 Poopy, (Yes, poopy! They literally stink!) Spiritual Ascension Symptoms and what to do about them! These are all the tips and tricks I had to learn the hard way!

I hope that by reading this you will understand what is happening to you and why, know that you are not alone, and take away powerful tools and advice to help deal with these ugly ascension symptoms.


Spiritually Awakening & Literally Awakening – Especially Between 2 a.m. & 4 a.m.


Waking up at 3 a.m. to receive spiritual guidance.

It’s funny that when you are “awakening”, you are literally waking up! A lot! I woke up so much between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m., usually with a dream message or an angel number to look up. I used these as a road map to get myself out of the “hell” I had put myself in.

The hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. have often been called, “The Witching Hour”. 3 a.m. has also been called “The Holy Trinity” hour, where “the veil” between the physical world and the spiritual world, thins.

I not only woke up between 2 a.m. & 4 a.m. on my own, I also received many phone calls! Actual phone calls from all zero numbers (zero represents the beginning of a spiritual journey). No one was ever on the other end of the line.

Yes, the spiritual realm can and do manipulate technology when they need to! But, at the time I just wanted my sleep!

What to do about Waking Up Between 2-4 a.m.

Follow the signs!

Is getting your sleep interrupted annoying? Yes, but you are awakening to your greater purpose. Don’t fight it! Use the signs to change your life and align with who you truly are, and who you were born to be.

Experiencing Physical Ascension Symptoms: Headaches. Dizziness. Fatigue. Ringing in the Ears. Pain in the Teeth.

Physical ascension symptoms can be scary! (As a side note: Please get medical help or advice for anything that is concerning or worrying to you. There may actually be something physically wrong. Also try to pray and meditate for guidance on your symptoms and if they are ascension related or something wrong physically).

You may experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, pain around your teeth and jawline, and ringing in the ears.


Headaches, pressure and tooth pain can all be ascension symptoms.

Many new pathways for light are opening in your physical body, especially in your head area! Your Third Eye Chakra may be opening, which can cause pressure, headaches, and sensitivity to light.

The new light codes vibrate faster and are clearing out all that no longer serves you. Many times, this takes a toll on our physical bodies. We require more rest and can get very dizzy upon standing.

Your clairaudient centers may be opening as well, which sends light around the temples and ears (which may be another reason for the ringing).

Higher frequencies of light may also be entering your telepathic channels, which are held in the jawline and teeth. Another common ascension symptom complaint is pain in the teeth. (But again, check with your dentist as well!)

What to do about Physical Ascension Symptoms: Headaches, Dizziness, Teeth Pain, Fatigue and Ringing in the Ears

Eat better food.

In particular, an Organic Whole Food Diet will support your body while spiritually awakening. These foods are of a high vibration and match the faster vibrations of light your physical body is now trying to hold.

“This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”


You can also try taking Spirulina for your ascension symptoms. According to, spirulina is great for ascension as it contains a “very high degree of life force”. It also “creates a balance in the amino acid tract”.

Spirulina is also extremely high in vitamin B-12 (helps with energy levels) and protein (also helps with energy levels).

Spirulina also assists in Decalcifying your Pineal Gland which helps open your third eye.

For best results, please choose an Organic Spirulina, like this brand below!

Sleep more if you need it. Drink more water.

Make sure your water is filtered with a really good water filter! This one, by Aquagear filters 2000% more contaminants, including fluoride (important for Decalcifying the Pineal Gland, that Brita water pitchers miss.)


Particularly this, Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher Consciousness. This is similar to scuba divers needing to blow air out every 10 feet or so upon ascending to the surface to avoid the bends. Meditation helps you adjust to the new levels of light you are carrying, so ascension symptoms are minimized.

symptoms of ascension sickness

Mindfulness meditation helps ascension symptoms by clearing your baggage and easing anxiety, stress, and depression!

As for the ringing in the ears, I still hear it sometimes, although it has lessened since I’ve healed & dropped much of my heavy baggage that I was carrying.

Some say the ringing is you actually hearing the higher vibrations of sound. Others say it is the vibration of Mother Earth. Either way, it usually goes away very quickly.

Dealing with Fears & Negativity During Spiritual Ascension

I don’t just count physical ascension symptoms as the only ascension symptoms. I also count your inner demons coming to haunt you as Ascension Symptoms!

As you take on more levels of light and begin the long journey to reconnecting with your Soul, you will be confronted with all the horrible fears and negativity that you’ve hidden away, but never processed.

Things that frightened you, or made you uncomfortable, never went away, you just hid them in a deep dark box (so you wouldn’t have to look at them again).

This doesn’t work for Spiritual Awakening. When you ascend into the 4th and 5th dimensions from the 3rd (where power, greed, guilt, blame, shame, fear, and negativity live), you can’t take your baggage with you.

You cannot live in the 5th dimension while still holding the vibration of angry, or sad, for example.

So, it comes up for you to look at, process, and release. Obviously, this is super poopy and sucks! Having to face one’s worst fears, guilt, and past is never comfortable and often very frightening. But, this is a necessary step to the process of awakening & ascending into 5D.

How to Release Your Fears & Negativity with Meditation and Root Chakra Work

More often than not, that deep dark box we’ve stored these ugly past experiences in is held in the root chakra.


Clear your root chakra often to ease Ascension Symptoms!

So, one very helpful hint that helps ascension symptoms is to clear the root chakra, often. This will release the “old crap” much faster! It helps with depression, sadness, loneliness, and lets go of the “heaviness” that the extra light is trying to release from your body. However, be prepared to still have to look at and allow it to leave.

Don’t argue with the fear, past, trauma, guilt, shame, doubt, or whatever other negativity you’ve been holding on to.

The old adage goes, “Whatever you resist, you assist.” Allowing is your best friend in clearing through meditation and root chakra work. This takes practice and a lot of patience! Just remember to go easy on yourself. This doesn’t happen overnight!

Hearing Voices That Are Not Your Own. Or Worse, Hearing Your Own “Inner Dick”, Loudly.

This can be the most jarring and is another common ascension symptom or spiritual awakening sign. As pieces of your wounded psyche attempt to fuse back together, you may hear “many voices”.

Some of these voices are probably also your spirit guides, trying to help you out of the initial and hardest part of the ascension process. (Once I got through this first part, my ascension symptoms lessened considerably!)

It is difficult to make sense of who’s who and what’s what!

I struggled with hearing my own “inner dick”, which I go into further in this post: Mindfulness Meditation: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

My inner dick or critic would argue with my wounded victim and my optimistic self! Then I’d hear a song or spirit guide trying to help and make sense of the whole mess!

This was very annoying!

How to Let Go of your Inner Dick, Victim, and Shadow Self through Mindfulness Meditation

Again, hearing all the criticism you’ve hidden away for years is a common sign of spiritual ascension. They are simply coming to the surface for you to process, look at neutrally, and let go of.

How do we let old beliefs, fear, and negativity go?

We meditate, focus on our breath, and practice being an amused neutral observer. This takes lots of patience and practice!

Again, work on your root chakra. Also, ask Archangel Michael to cut cords to whatever ails you (Depression, anger, sadness, pain, doubt, fear, etc. He is a rock star! The other day I cut my cord to the words, “I am tired” and felt so much more energy the next morning!)

An important note to remember when working with our root chakra is that it releases all this baggage! So, you may get hit with this stuff harder at first, until you allow it to be released.

How do we allow old negativity and fears to be released?

Again, by simply observing them as they come up and allowing them to pass you as you breathe. Do not hold onto these thoughts or argue with them. Let them pass by you while simply focusing on the beginning of the next breath.

Feeling Disconnected, Lonely & Homesick is a Common Ascension Symptom

As you begin to awaken to the higher dimensional “you”, you will often experience an intense longing for your true home.

You see the ugliness in the world and have been considerably wounded by it. It is sometimes very hard to live in this world while awakening to the higher aspects of you.

When you spiritually ascend, you begin to sense and remember these higher dimensions where the ugly heaviness simply doesn’t exist.

This makes it extremely hard not to get lonely and homesick for your “true home”.

How to Deal with Ascension Symptoms of Loneliness, Depression, and Disconnectedness

I retreated for a while. I turned off technology and went hiking into nature. I spent lots and lots of time meditating and pondering my purpose.

Yes, I was lonely at first. But I got stronger by working on releasing my 3rd dimensional crap through journaling, meditation, and exercise.

The Beautiful Journal that I use and found on Amazon!

I healed my physical body and mind with healthy, organic, whole foods. And I asked for lots and lots and lots and lots of help from my spirit guides, Archangels, Source, and the Ascended Masters!

After, about a month, I began reconnecting with family and friends and found I connected with them on a much deeper level than I had before.

I was also able to help them through their crap much better! I became a lot better listener and friend to those closest to me! They were right there waiting for me after I healed!

I also connected with other like-minded spiritual groups on Facebook. These groups have nourished my Soul and uplift me when I struggle!

Your Ascension Symptoms may also include: Feeling Overwhelmed by Lights, Crowds, and Loud Noises

This could be a sign that you are an empath and need Powerful Empath Protection Tools, or a temporary sign of ascension.

Either way, it is another poopy symptom of ascension sickness!

You can lessen this noise and overwhelm by using the tools in the previously mentioned empath protection post. Ground, shield and protect your energy!

Final Thoughts on Ascension Symptoms

I know it is very cliché to say, but if you are experiencing any of these physical or mental ascension symptoms from spiritually awakening, you are not alone!

These are pretty standard symptoms of ascension sickness, and I experienced them all! And swore at them all! All the live long day! Until, I finally accepted that I needed to take better care of my physical body, meditate more, and let go of past crap.

I also began drinking holy water daily and wearing crystals to keep communication lines to my spirit guides open. I asked for so much help from the Teachers of Light (Archangels, Ascended Masters)! And they didn’t care! They helped e-v-e-r-y time!!!

 Know that these ascension symptoms will pass as you shift. And the worst part is the beginning of your awakening. I hope these words bring you hope and comfort and actionable steps to take to heal and align yourself with the home awaiting you in the beautiful 5th dimension!

I wish you much love and light! (And less poopiness!) You are finally returning to your true home…


Have you experienced any ascension symptoms? What have you found that helps? If you liked this post, please share, comment, or bookmark!

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7 “Poopy” Spiritual Ascension Symptoms 2019 (And What to Do About Them)


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