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Why I Can’t Explain Everything In My Book

Many years have passed since I first transcribed this Work.

Since then, astronomers have made many new discoveries concerning the Universe. The Hubble and other telescopes have taken pictures of millions, if not billions of Galaxies. They indicate that the Universe is expanding.

They found Black holes, one of them being 200 billion light years across! They found Dark Matter and it affected gravity as they knew it. Now they are pondering the latest discovery, Dark Energy.

Fantastic laboratories are attempting to split particles in hopes of learning more about the Big Bang Theory.

With each new discovery, educational film producers provided excellent animated computer-generated graphics and extremely authoritative dialog that is verbally delivered by competent professionals.

As I watch these wonderful educational presentations, I can visualize events described in the Work. Because of that, I feel like I understand the Work better and I think I could explain the Work more so than ever before.

My prediction for the future of astronomical discoveries is that they will soon realize that they are seeking a vibration because complete separation of something only leaves PURE ENERGY

See One Single Highest Vibration (Simple).
">Pure Energy or the Body of the Creator.

They will also learn that the energy from cone representation with opposite composition when combined will produce energy of the highest order.

Eventually, they will learn that this energy has intelligence, which is capable of manifesting THOUGHT

The result of specialized theoretical centers interacting with each other and making theoretical determinations, which are further saved or cataloged in archives, and may be accessed, modified and assembled into thought forms, or ideas. In this form, thought is dormant. When thought is stimulated it is forced into action, which is the major cause of manifestation. Initially, the use of thought by the Supreme Power took much energy. Later after the design of advanced Advisory Centers, the use of thought became much easier.
">thought into REALITY
Reality came into being initially with, the Supreme Power’s ability to use thought with intense concentration to produce something else, or to cause manifestation, (see Manifestation) resulting in something other than the theoretical. Once any Thing exists outside of the theoretical environment, it enters the environment of reality (see Thing(s). Things can also be modified as a result of manifestation by entities other than the Supreme Power. In following a path that leads to the Law of Reconversion, Things material and non-material undergo unimaginable changes as they evolve again into the original one-half vibration of Spirit force realized at the time of bursting. Reality ends for the lower vibrations when the two halves meet, at which time Reconversion to the One Single Highest Vibration takes place. Reality, which was temporary, has given way to the One Single Highest Vibration, or Pure Energy.
">reality. They will have learned what the Supreme Being has been trying to teach them for eons.

I also believe intelligent beings from other realms will make themselves known here on earth and they will confirm the existence of souls, their beginnings, development, destruction and their ultimate goal of earning the right and privilege to be at one with the Creator, from whence they came!

I have no doubt that the philosophy taught and demonstrated by Jesus, whom I believe was raised by the Essenes, will be their recommended form of governance and treatment of humanity.

“My prediction for the future of astronomical discoveries is that they will soon realize that they are seeking a vibration because complete separation of something only leaves Pure Energy or the Body of the Creator”

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My Thoughts:

At the TIME

Time does not exist for the Supreme Power. However, it is useful in order to understand the workings of Cone creations, which are the seeds of Universes. The metamorphoses taking place in universes eventually result in a return of Things of every kind to the One Single Highest Vibration. Because of observable changes to things, there is a need for an understanding of Time in making proper analysis by Logic Control Centers. That need by Control Centers does not reflect how the Supreme Power operates with total disregard for Time. The Supreme Power is not affected by Cone creation or a material environment, but It is affected within a Vibrational Environment, where only theoretical application occurs. The Supreme Power may project a theoretical application into a Cone creation to initialize a specific process of manifestation. Once that process begins, Time becomes essential to the process, but does not affect the Supreme Power. Manifestation will occur, as planned unless an action affecting its progress causes metamorphosis or change.
">time of this revision, I have a compulsion to have the Work published and it is as strong as the original compulsion I had to transcribe it! After the First Edition I felt the following way about explaining what had been written, but I have since changed my mind:

(First edition) Unlike scientists that are called upon to explain their published theories, I cannot be called to explain this Work which has in my opinion been provided by the Creator. Further explanation will of necessity have to be provided by some other source. I hope you will understand that I am only a transcriber. The people of the world will have to study the work and look deep into their souls for further understanding. I, now, and in the future shall be unable to defend the explanations provided in this Work which in my opinion have been sent by the Creator. I have developed my own opinions; however they are mine, not those of the Supreme Author. To force my opinions onto others would be self-serving and would increase the level of sin I have already accumulated. I am certain that anyone that sincerely promotes the true meaning of the Work will certainly be Spiritually rewarded.

Do you have to understand God’s words to publish them?

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