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Angels Are Real and Talked About in the Old and New Testament

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I wish to discuss this personal testimony and expertise with you to check the ministry of Angels among us since they’ve begun to choose prophetic ministry into a high degree. The Lord has introduced me to discuss this Angelic Visitation with you now since these Angels have been introduced strategically into the *Body of Christ. They’ll operate to lead to the transformation required within the *Body of Christ in preparation for * the next coming of the Jesus Christ to earth. Personally, I give God glory and our tradition provides the glory to God, for it all goes to Him. May you be encouraged and attracted near the Father, Jesus the Son and also the Great Holy Spirit. Don’t be diverted by Angels but keep placed before God. Ask Him to boost your prophetic seer anointing.This article will inspire you to make Him your fire and pursuit. Additionally, it will encourage you to get the support of *Angels to your workplace. (Words with all the * have explanations in the end of the report.)

I went to bed early on Sunday evening about 9:30 pm not due to being tired but since I wished to devote some additional time with the Lord. After a while of worship, then I drifted off to sleep.

This kingdom was a really beautiful setting. I’d flown into the place at the Holy Spirit and that I transitioned to a position position in a really peaceful meadow like spectacle. There were plenty of plants and trees growing in this area. In a few feet of the place I’d come to endure, I detected a little angel sitting on the floor tending to among those crops. This angel was about 1 foot in height but also in look was completely developed and older. It wasn’t a baby but quite happy and childlike. You will find lots of those angels in this area and they had been always frolicking with one another. They have been full of joy and adored playing non aggressive matches with each other in amusing joy filled enjoyment. In the middle of their extravagant joy, they also tended into the plants and other developing things in this location.

These gardening angels realized that my birth and presence there. They warmly welcomed me in their kingdom. You will find seven angels in complete which I fulfilled and they eagerly fulfilled me as they gathered around me. They started to introduce themselves to me. Each of them looked in human like type. They all were dressed in simple normal human trends of clothes. There has been an accelerated way of communicating there which functioned on a soul to soul level. It might include spoken words but wasn’t confined to that. This kind of communication happens on a greater degree than anything known within our earthly realms.

The first angel which participated me was known as the Angel of Revelation. This angel has been set to my left side. As soon as I looked in to this angel’s eyes, she instantly started to speak with me. This angel was feminine in look with a normal white dress with a couple red accessories. She had blonde hair softly styled along with the most amazing blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She explained she had been known as the Angel of Revelation. Her human form abruptly was transformed to a luminous, vibrant, shining form which amuses a deep blue light. She then came back to her human form and proceeded to talk with me. I noticed her distinctive eyes. Her blue eyes radiated light towards me but I discovered that her students were willow foliage shaped and almost cat like. She reacted to this notion. She clarified that her eyes were made in order that they could see in dark areas or dark atmospheres, allowing her to exude there. Her ministry is to bring revelation to the people of ground both *stored and *unsaved and deliver them in to revelation and direct them from darkness. This Angel of Revelation continues to be released for you to boost your prophetic seer anointing.

The next angel to present herself was in my best and was known as the Angel of Promise. She again was in human kind clearly dressed in a light beige dress and has been tanned or olive skinned in complexion. As I looked into her eyes rainbow colors started to radiate out of her eyes. She subsequently took on her angelic shape and immediately turned into a dazzling circle of light which comprised each of the colors of the rainbow. There were other types of electricity flowing also from her that maybe were colors beyond my visual spectrum. At this stage a idea of uncertainty came into my mind. I questioned if that entire dream was real. She promptly responded with a look of complete shock on her face. I instantly asked the Lord to forgive me and then rejected this notion. As this occurred, all of the scene was evaporating before I repented with this poor thought. I needed to press back in to this spectacle again to then reengage this particular angel. She then explained that most angels are extremely sensitive to bad thoughts that people have. Any idea that opposes God and His term is wicked and when left unattended, will induce people to lose our celestial perspective. She subsequently proceeded to explain that she had been delegated strategically in the ground to cause the claims of God to return back. She wasn’t the guarantee but she attracted the supply of God’s promises to those who’d believe. This angel will operate together with the prophet who works under the prophetic seer anointing.

The next angel was in man human form and also dressed in rather ordinary man’s clothes. Working clothing that wouldn’t be noticed. He had a gentle light brown shirt on with comparable jeans on. He had great energy and amazing humility. His presence radiated these characteristics. He however, didn’t disclose his luminous form to me personally. He said “I’ve come to do everything possible with God for the ones that think”

The fourth angel to show itself to me was standing behind me. This angel had come to stand behind me to “up me” This angel could constantly release affirmation to the Word of God as it had been spoken in religion according to *Mark 16: 17 -20.

There were just two more angels sitting before me that didn’t disclose their purpose to me. I started to participate the Angel of Revelation again and again needed to listen attentively to the words and disclosure coming from her to me. I needed to ask her to get understanding and wisdom as though I could hear what she was saying, I could know very little of everything she’s stated. In the dream, I recall understanding some components but the words taken deep profound truth. Instantly, I could listen to within a brief distance yet another angel singing a most lovely song of praise. This angel at the space wasn’t using words but had been singing pure musical tones. This angel had a gorgeous rich voice that could sing or replicate musical sounds. There were not any words or syllables but it turned out to be a pure type of musical praise and worship. I stated ” I hear that today.” From my soul I started to respond and call out to this particular angel. I discovered myself in the fantasy really entering in this musical type of praise. I raised my voice without any words or syllables and started to replicate exactly the very same tones that this angel was offering to God. These musical sounds flowed outside my inner soul and that I could actually listen to it and watch it ascending up to the Father. As soon as I started to launch this kind of music it brought this angel into our team. Another angels with me started to present this angel to me. This angel so much as I could tell was neither female or male. This angel has been completely gold in look. This animals skin, hair, eyes, hands and clothes were a gorgeous, colorful gold. It wasn’t a metallic stone but a living gold. It wasn’t coated in golden bleach or spray. It had been made from a living material that has been golden in appearance. There was a gold cloud or mist or air throughout this Angel of the Glory. This angel was strategically released into the ground also. When the people of God start to ascend through praise or worship in the existence of God throughout the large praises subsequently the Angel of The Glory starts to manifest its existence within the people. The gold air is discharged and manifests one of the individuals and upon the servants of God.

Now the dream started to fade. I fought within my soul to stay engaged with all the angels and this setting. I didn’t have the chance to participate the rest two angels but understood that they were ministering angels being discharged into the ground. Since the dream disappeared.

Observations: I think there’s something important about the clothes that these angels looked in. They all with the exclusion of this Angel of the Glory seemed in rather ordinary human clothes. This implies they’re identifying with us in our human journey. In addition, it shows their humility and openness to function along with us in nowadays. People who did gave me a brief glimpse of the glorious angelic types did so for affirmation and encouragement. See that the Angel of Power didn’t do so since the attractiveness of the power can quickly divert people. Notice, also within this dream there were seven angels who built with me. Seven speaks of God’s devotion, therefore through these kinds of angels working together with us He will perfect His work in the ground. I was just permitted to talk or participate with five of these nevertheless. The number five frequently symbolically signifies innocence or may refer to the *five fold ministry gifts that Christ has put into the church. This angelic ministry may consequently honor those ministry presents and also make good effort to engage the people in these offices with the celestial realms. The number five star ways I (we) have to trust in His grace to view and function in Heavenly domain authority.

Heavenly beings as well as the Heavenly lands are being introduced into larger ministry in the ground. They’re here already but their action will increase dramatically. The veil or split between the earthly kingdom and the celestial kingdom is thinning out. God is ripping the veils again in preparation for His glorious invasion together with His glorious kingdom to the kingdom. Signs and wonders, miracles and signs will continue to raise. The *shekinah Presence of God will be seen, touched and felt in corporate meetings. His Presence will arrive in such significant measure on people who will receive Him and walk reverently with Him; in order that others will experience and see Him in very concrete ways. As in the times of Moses, there’ll be individuals who’ll want us to pay our faces so that they aren’t stricken down in His exemplified Presence.

Here’s exactly what you ought to do. He’s said He will come to those who draw close to Him. The God who sees all, additionally sees you. He’s preparing you for larger steps in prophetic seer ministry. It’s His church and he’ll build it. Position yourself in Him. He’ll saturate *His Bride with His kindness based on Ephesians 3: 19 and due to Ephesians 3:20. That is exactly what these verses state:


If you’re in agreement then allow “Amen” come in your soul for a cry of desire and devotion to God.

Additionally, there are fallen Angels who operate for the harmful purposes of wicked against humankind.
His Coming: Jesus prophesied and promised he personally would come back to the ground later on. Watch John 14: 1 because among several scriptural references. People people who have completed this are stored from the sins and also the coming conclusion of these sins. These folks need to then walk that connection outside with God. In that connection they’ve turned away from sin and therefore are being changed into His image due to their devotion and concede to the direction of the Holy Spirit in their own lives. This supernatural cloud has been proof of God’s Presence resting on the Ark of the Covenant. This cloud (since the Presence of God) would occasionally fill the temple and has been known as the Shekinah of God.

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Angels Are Real and Talked About in the Old and New Testament


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