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Are You Planning to Take Your Christian Kids Out of Public School?

SHOCKING FACT: 88 percent of evangelical Christian Kids are leaving the church and walking out of the religion in two decades of graduating from public schools.

The cause of this is that Christian parents in the united states have given their kids over to Caesar to become indoctrinated with a secular humanist, socialist, anti-Christian worldview “public college” system that’s totally contrary to all that the Bible stands for, to what Christian parents state that they think, and into the worth, moral absolutes, integrity, and principles Jesus Christ and of their biblical Judeo-Christian worldview.

The huge majority of Christian kids in the us aren’t being educated based on Christ and his commandments, aren’t being discipled from the fact God has revealed in His Word, and aren’t being educated and mentored by their own parents (or even by godly Christian instructors) based on the Deadly Educational Mandate as seen in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Matthew 28:18-20, and Ephesians 6:4.

Take a couple of minutes and see a YouTube video which has been recorded in a Southern Baptist Convention a couple of years back. The movie that comes up on peak of the record is 4:43 minutes long. Please see this YouTube video since it pertains to this report.

Bruce Stortt creates an superb point when he states that the Southern Baptists wish to engage the culture, but what that actually means is a abject surrender into the civilization! He strongly disagreed with the chief of this conference who advocated Christian parents to not eliminate Christian kids in the public schools since that would imply removing a Christian opinion from the colleges.

On the other hand, the truth is that Christian kids are being changed into the planet in public schools instead of turning the entire world to Christ. The harsh fact is that we are losing nearly 90 percent of those Christian kids to the planet and their salt has been neutralized and their light has been extinguished! Jesus advised his older, mature, educated disciples to become light and salt in a heathen society, not kids. Nowhere in Scripture are kids missionaries. For years now, many Christians have believed from the “light and salt” rationalization, but what exactly do we need to show for this? The shocking reality is that Christian kids in public schools aren’t turning the heathen, but instead, the heathen are turning our Christian kids.

Shortt points out that at the California public college program, all kids, including kindergartners, are being INDOCTRINATED to feel that gay, bi-sexual, along with other sexually deviant lifestyles are ethical, regular, and okay. Homosexuality is actively being mainstreamed in most government schools, beginning from age five, and there are currently over 3,000 college districts which have gay clubs at middle schools and high schools.

Unlike what many Christians are led to think, Shortt teaches that there isn’t any such thing as a ‘neutral’ schooling for the very simple reason that all education is spiritual and conveys a worldview that creates the beliefs and behaviour of their child. Thus, there’s no more important decision that parents may make than just how to teach their kids.

Shortt points out that tragically Christian parents let an aggressively anti-Christian association to form the heads of the children, leading to the reaping of much bitter fruit. Additionally, surprisingly, just nine percent of evangelical teens think that there’s any such thing as absolute fact, and these very same kids are being forcibly indoctrinated in government schools to feel that homosexual behaviour is acceptable and normal behaviour.

I strongly suggest all adoptive parents to acquire a copy of the publication to minister with their Christian friends, neighbors, neighbors and cynical relatives. This government-school habit that Christian parents have become addicted to over the decades is sowing the end, and unless Christians parents turn away from the unbiblical habit, they’ll reap a whirlwind that’s unimaginable.

In his publication, Shortt records the hazards of public schools, stating the anti-Christian thrust of this governmental school system generates inevitable consequences like ethical relativism (no fixed criteria), academic dumbing down, far-left applications, near lack of discipline and also the persistent but pitiable rationalizations provided by government schooling professionals.

This book makes it obvious why no Christian child ought to be left behind in government colleges. Shortt says that Christian kids are dying because parents and pastors lack understanding. The info in his novel exposes the mis-interpretation of ‘light and salt’ theology and also the ‘our colleges are distinct’ rationalization for instructing Christian kids in pagan schools to the misguided and damaging falsehoods they’re.

Shortt considers that any priest or parent who wants to be loyal in the instruction of Christian kids wants to open his eyes to exactly what the public schools are now doing, as opposed to determined by what they say they’re performing or on memories of their public colleges as they may have been 20 or even 30 decades back.

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Are You Planning to Take Your Christian Kids Out of Public School?


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