‘ See no wickedness, listen to no evil, speak no evil’

— Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Fire Monkey Year!

Welcome to a year of enjoyable, mischief and also mayhem as from Monday 8th February, 2016.

The ape is an audacious demon whilst additionally being extremely intelligent, dedicated and useful. It cannot assist that it’s normally curious nature in some cases gets it right into trouble!

It’s that identical inquisitiveness that aids it develop also, Similar to anything in life– within our curses lay our blessings.

Monkeys are very delicate pets, actuely knowledgeable about heirachy, very strung as well as energetic. Currently allows add some fire to the mix and also just what you have is an exceptionally hotheaded monkey. Fire is enthusiastic, energised and also activity loaded– it never ever quits moving, shedding with anything that isn’t suitably holding it back– as well as sometimes with whatever is properly holding it back too.

Couple this with 2016 being a number 9 year (a number everything about releasing), and it appears we are in for a high energy time of shedding via all that has actually held us back.

The Fire Monkey tests us with an immaturity, as well as gifts us with a youthful optimism that we will get better and also advance with exuberant energy. A terrific meaning of maturity is when a person harms you and also you don’t harm them back, it will offer us well to remember this is year.

Watch that whatever bridges you burn this year are the ones that are too hazardous to go across. Discernment is something we need to bear in mind to take with us into 2016.

Gandhi’s 3-Monkey concept ‘See no wickedness, listen to no evil, talk no bad’ concept is something I inadvertently educate my tarot readers in. If you are going to remain in the fortunate setting of having actually a person come to you for an analysis, yet you still see the Tarot in a dual fashion as ‘great’ or ‘ bad,’ after that your customer will certainly see it in this way also, reacting to whatever you state in a great or bad way.

It’s the same in life. To live a well balanced life one needs to concern the understanding that whatever in life is an action on the path to our higher evolution, it’s neither good, nor poor, simply necessary.

In order to obtain to that point, we usually have to do a heck of a whole lot of work with ourselves, getting rid of out the past discomforts within. This is where the number 9 year can be found in– it’s all regarding removing the past pains within.

Be the 100th ape this year, rather compared to the monkey wrench. If you hang on to your discomforts, the monkey is most likely making you chatter, stir, and also you’ll finish up in your very own hot, sticky soup!

Yet if you focus on just how the monkey has a remarkable ability to jump back with energy and also progress like wildfire, then the collective awareness is going to proceed rapidly.

Clear out your past discomforts, prepare yourself for a jump in advancement as well as aid the collective consciousness by being the 100th ape– with enormously intense motivation.

Below are 12 questions in order to help you do so, you could use them in numerous ways: as an analysis if you are right into tarot card or oracle cards, for training if you enjoy that, for silent representation to contemplate, to ask your guides or for topics to automatic write about.

Or maybe simply take a seat with a mug of cacao, as well as excellent ol’ fashioned pen and paper!

All of these methods are a means to access our internal wisdom, make use of the way that works for you.

All that’s needed is a little silent head room– create it currently, whilst you still can. Take 5 minutes to loosen up, release and also enter into the concerns.

Don’ t be concerned with whether the answers that come are incorrect or ideal AND ALSO don’t take on your own as well seriously. Resemble the ape as well as paradoxically you will be able to educate your monkey mind– another blessing within a curse!

The Mature Monkey

1) What is my purpose in this lifetime?

2) What lesson am I discovering in this lifetime overall?

3) What lesson am I finding out in my relationships?

4) What lesson am I finding out with family?

5) What lesson am I finding out with my body?

6) What lesson am I finding out in my career?

7) What do I need to heal?

8) How best can I heal it?

9) Exactly what do I require to stop doing?

10) Exactly what do I have to begin doing?

11) Just what do I need to leave behind?

At the end of these 5 mins assess what came up for you. Currently you could think of exactly what feels right as well as exactly what does not. Did you get any type of ‘aha’ minutes that really feel like they are mosting likely to propel you onward?

Monkeys are wonderful at belonging of something bigger than themselves, they enjoy their community.

Be like the 100th ape and share any type of understandings you believe could be appropriate in the comments box below– lets make that huge monkey jump ahead on our course of development together!