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Way of the no-mind

Life itself is its goal. It is not relocating to some target. It is herenow, it has no future. Life is constantly in the here and now. But the mind could not live in the existing: mind passes away in the here and now. Therefore, down the ages, mystics have actually created gadgets to bring the mind to the present.

The moment the mind comes to today, it melts as snow, thaws in the warm sun, it goes away, evaporates. And also the disappearance of the mind is the biggest experience feasible to humans, due to the fact that because disappearance is the appearance of God.

The mind thrives on goals

The mind lives in the future, future is its region, its kingdom. As well as future is possible just with Objective positioning. Mind makes objectives out of every little thing, life needs to have an objective– not only a goal but a best objective. After that the mind is completely happy, after that it can safeguard itself: ways to achieve that goal, the best ways to reach to that ultimate?

The minute you can ask, ‘How?’ mind is flawlessly comfortable. It is very brilliant, shrewd, skillful in developing methods and implies to achieve something, whatsoever it is– yet it needs to be there in the future. Mind lives through developing goals: political, social, evolutionary, spiritual, as well as so on etc, but the mind needs some objective to exist, it preys on it.

In truth, all is and nothing is going to happen. Tomorrow never ever comes. It is always currently as well as here.

The centre is now, here

The mystic method is absolutely different from the goal-oriented mind. The mystic says, ‘Live the moment in its totality, enjoy the moment in its totality, sink yourself in this overwhelming existence, and also you will come closer and closer to God.’ By ‘God’ I do not suggest some person, by ‘God’ I merely indicate the important core of presence, the Centre of the cyclone.

The cosmos is the area as well as godliness is the centre. If you dive deep in the now, in the right here, you are bound to encounter the centre. As well as the miracle is that the centre of all is also your centre also. To become conscious of it, to live that centre, from that centre, right into complete understanding, is to be a Buddha, is to be enlightened.

But bear in mind, Buddhahood is not an ultimate objective. It is not something, which has to be accomplished elsewhere. It is available now– quickly it is available, not ultimately. Bear in mind these 2 words: the utmost and the immediate. The ultimate brings the mind in, the immediate assists the mind to disappear.

Ambitions = Ego

To me, the immediate is the supreme. There is no goal, physical, mental, spiritual. All is as it needs to be … it already is. Drop your tensions, anxiousness for the future, what is going to happen. All has actually already happened! Live it! Don’t aspire. Objectives make you enthusiastic, as well as they own you crazy.

The more goal-oriented a person is, the crazier he becomes– because aspiration is just vanity. You can go on developeding brand-new goals, there will always be the horizon beyond. As well as with those new goals your vanity can go on and also on having new trips.

The mystic as well as the world of the mystic is an absolutely different dimension. What I am speaking about below has nothing to do with goal alignment– that is the means of the mind. I am showing you the way of no-mind.

The immediate is the ultimate

Unless you drop this concept of a supreme goal, you will certainly never ever have the ability to come down to the earth, to the here and now, to the minute. And without that there is no reflection, and also without meditation there is no god.

The immediate is the best– I teach you the immediate, living moment to moment, without bring the past. Buddha says, not hoarding the past, not accumulating the past, I wish to add, not projecting in the future either. If the past and also the future vanish, just what is left? A terrific silence, an extensive visibility of something utterly unknown.

A secret overwhelms you. And that enigma is prompt. I will certainly not state ‘utmost’, because ‘utmost’ indicates you can delay for tomorrow. ‘Immediate’ shocks you, trembles you into awareness right now.

Goal requires dividing life

A objective is possible if we separate life into ways and ends. That’s exactly how it has actually been down the ages. However life is one, it can not be divided. It is indivisible, whole, it is an organic unity.

Nothing is a means, absolutely nothing is an end. The whole life is one. You can not classify methods as well as ends.

But the moment you think of advancement, objective, you have to separate life, then something comes to be a means and also another thing ends up being completion. Adolf Hitler relied on development, for this reason he can encourage the intelligentsia of Germany, which is just one of the most sophisticated intelligentsia of the world. In the name of evolution he can teach his Nazi ideology that superman is the goal, that man needs to be given up for the superman. It appealed, it looked logical.

Who is the superman? And that is mosting likely to become the superman? Naturally, the Nordics, the Germans. It enhanced the German ego tremendously.

There is no goal, no hierarchy

There is nothing else objective compared to this moment, and existence is as perfect as is ever before possible. Existence is as perfect as it ever before will be. Existence is perfection.

But due to the idea of a goal, we start contrasting: then man is more than the apes and the apes are more than the canines, and more as well as so forth. That is going to decide? Have you ever asked the monkeys? Regarding I understand, they still make fun of Charles Darwin, because they can’t think this pauper is greater compared to the Monkeys.

Have you ever before battled with any ape? Fight with a monkey barehanded and also you will certainly know that is much more powerful. Can you jump like the monkeys on the trees? Then you will certainly know whose body is much more athletic. Apes reside on the trees as well as you survive on the planet: you are the dropped monkeys! Yet Charles Darwin never ever asked the monkeys.

Man himself goes on choosing. So if Germans choose after that Germans are the highest possible race, obviously. And also if Indians determine then they are the Aryans, the genuine Aryans, the pure blood. And also if Jews make a decision then they are the chosen people of God. However that is mosting likely to make a decision? And if man makes a decision then male is greater than all the pets. There is nobody greater and also nobody lower. All these categories are silly– there is no hierarchy.

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Way of the no-mind


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