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The real high

yoga postureRecently, I found an interesting piece of news that was both fantastic and shocking. It said that the most significant cash plant in the USA is Marijuana. They produce only 17 billion dollars well worth of corn and 12 billion bucks worth of soybean, however 38 billion dollars well worth of cannabis! We always assumed Afghanistan produces all the marijuana in the world. However the USA is creating 38 billion bucks well worth of marijuana. Someplace individuals need to think that medicines could deliver them to the Ultimate.

Extensive research was lugged out in the West by people like Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung as well as Ram Dass [ Richard Alpert] amongst others to discover a medicine that could offer the ultimate high. All them did notice that there seems to be some sort of development, but they always reached a dead end, they could not exceed a certain point. They believed there could be some various other drug to do this.

So what does a medicine do? Most medicines are harsh and also harmful to the system. Marijuana is one of the milder ones and LSD [lysergic acid diethylamide] was taken into consideration spiritual. In the ’60s, people considered it to be a prasad from heaven.

That wave of the ’60s and also ’70s took the lives of numerous youth. When the drugs obtained them high and also dropped them, someone informed them you should go to India. So, a huge exodus of hippies to India took place. Once the Indian cops obtained cracking, all the hippies transferred to Nepal because there was no authorities in Nepal. Even today, residues of those die-hard hippies, that chose not to transform, are hanging around in Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Nepal and the borders of the Himalayas as well as are still marketing as well as surviving on drugs.

So what is the spiritual opportunity of this chemical, which provides you an experience of explosion of powers within yourself? The surge of power triggered by a chemical makes you absolutely think that there is a possibility. Can a chemical take you throughout? No matter exactly what kind of chemical it is, it can not take you across. Could it give you a preference of something? With wonderful hesitation and a deep feeling of worry I am stating this, ‘possible.’ It is that possibility, which is dangerous. If a thousand individuals take to medicines in quest of spirituality, one might experience something real. The remaining 999 may simply decrease the drainpipe. Making simply that one person have a glance of a spiritual opportunity, compromising a lot of people, with them winding up dead or absolutely loosened, crime ridden, unmanageable, infected, as well as broken, is ineffective. But that one individual might have some authentic experience beyond the constraints of just what is considered ‘mind’.

Now getting on to something light like marijuana, which individuals keep propagating by stating “it is safe, it behaves, it maintains you calm”. It does definitely maintain you calm, there is no question regarding that. It soothes you, and calms you, as well as soothes you and also after at some time you come to be as well tranquil. Without any kind of fire in you, without anything, you will see your psychological capabilities just slowly shrink.

The very nature of the spiritual experience is such that whenever you explode right into a various measurement of power, the initial thing that happens to you is, suddenly you have enhanced capacities. But the result of a medicine is simply the reverse, whenever it gives you some experience, it minimizes your psychological capability.

Once Ram Dass travelled to India. He visited Neem Karoli Baba, who is a mystic, a worshipper of Hanuman and also a tantric of substantial capabilities. Ram Dass was a difficult core LSD customer then as well as can stand out 2 or 3 LSDs in a day. So he came to this yogi and also stated, “I obtained some real things from heaven. You take this, everything that deserves knowing opens up. Do you recognize something regarding this?” Neem Karoli Baba asked, “What is that? Program me.” Ram Dass offered him a small amount. Baba said, “The amount of do you have? Program me.” Ram Dass had sufficient to last several months. Baba claimed, “Offer all of it to me.” So Ram Dass offered a handful of LSD.

Baba just popped and swallowed them and also sat there and also carried on with whatever he was doing. Ram Dass was resting there and also really hoping that the guy would blow up and also die now. Baba did not reveal any type of indicators of having taken LSD. He simply continued, simply to show to Ram Dass that he was losing his life on some stupid stuff and it was not going to take him across.

All the stuff that you need to continue to be tranquil or relaxed is offered in your body. A recent research into the human mind has actually yielded some amazing results. After 18 years of study, an Israeli researcher has found that there are countless cannabis receptors in the human mind. Cannabis is an additional name for marijuana. Why are these receptors there in the mind? The conclusion that whole lots of people had actually come to is that it implies everybody have to be smoking pot. Due to the fact that we have cannabis receptors, we have to attend to them. Then he found that at various times of day, the body develops its very own chemical comparable to marijuana. When a person undergoes a specific degree of stress and anxiety or whatever, the body creates its very own chemical to relax the system. So there is an entire cannabis yard inside the body.

There was no name offered to this certain chemical yet, which goes in the direction of the marijuana receptors. So this researcher had the liberty to name it as well as he wished to offer it a really relevant name. So he actually explored all the scriptures on the world, yet he could not locate an ideal name. Then obviously he came down to India and researched the Indian bibles and to his amazement he found that the Indian scriptures are the only bibles, which discuss blissfulness. Nothing else faith on earth talks about bliss.

Religions talk about sin, fear, regret and also punishment however no faith discuss blissfulness. So he called this chemical in the mind, which removals in the direction of the marijuana receptor as ‘Anandamide.’ So all you need to do is produce a little of Anandamide.

Now if you cultivate it appropriately and you maintain it on, you can be stoned all the time without damaging your system, without shrinking your brain. All that you should remain calm, to continue to be in a severe sense of enjoyment at all times is readily available to every human. You simply have to explore your personal system a little bit a lot more, that is all.

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The real high


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