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The Five Elements of Tibetan Lu Jong and Your Yoga Practice

The most typical beginner type of Tibetan Yoga is Lu Jong, or “body training.” Lu Jong is different from hatha yoga exercise in that it perceives the body to be a vehicle to enlightenment and also not something to go beyond, clarifies Lharampa Tenzin Kalden, a Buddhist monk as well as Tibetan reflection teacher. Like hatha, “It aids us get rid of temper, accessory, as well as other adverse emotions,” he discusses. Start this Lu Jong method, from Kalden’s educator, Tulku Lama Lobsang, with a cleaning breath called Lung Ro Sel. Inhale as well as draw your palms up from your stubborn belly to your head, exhale, transform your hands over, as well as push them pull back to your stomach, exhaling any type of stagnant energy. In between each sequence that follows, take numerous cleaning Lung Ro Sel breaths.

  • 1. Space

    Tibetan Goose Alcohol consumption Water

    Stand with your legs spread out wide, and also bring your hands to your midsection, fingers on your back as well as thumbs ahead. On an inhale, fold forward with a lengthy back, maintaining area between each vertebra as well as making sure the neck is an all-natural expansion of the back and not pressed. Exhale to find back to standing and also take a mild backbend, lifting the heart. Repeat 6 even more times.

  • 2. Earth

    Wild Yak Rubbing Its Shoulder

    From a wide-legged stance, transform your right toes out 90 degrees as well as bring your Left toes in somewhat. With practical your waistline, this time around with fingers to the front and your thumbs back, breathe in, flex your right knee so it’s over your right ankle joint, and also removal your left shoulder toward that knee. Exhale, come up, and pivot to set up for the opposite side (shown right here), inhaling to fold forward and twist. Repeat 6 even more times.

  • 3. Wind

    Wild Horse Lying Down

    With your feet hip-distance apart, turn your right toes out 90 levels and your left toes slightly in, as if ready to move right into Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch Pose). Breathe in to move your left arm joint to your right knee, breathe out to come back up. Pivot on your feet and repeat on the left side (shown here). Take 6 more rounds.

  • 4. Fire

    Falcon Turning in the Wind

    From standing, bring your feet with each other and also return your hands to your waistline, with thumbs onward and fingers on your back. Much like in Tibetan Goose Alcohol Consumption Water, breathe in to fold forward, and also breathe out to come back up and take a mild backbend. Repeat 6 even more times.

  • 5. Water

    New Mountain Rising  

    Extend your arms in front of you and also turn the left hand so the thumb is dealing with down. Place the back of your appropriate hand in your left palm and also crinkle the left fingers around it. (If this isn’t possible, keep the left fingers right.) Inhale and also extend your arms along with your ears, breathe out to bring the by far toward your navel. Do this 6 even more times, after that switch the clasp of your hands as well as repeat a final 7 times.

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      The Five Elements of Tibetan Lu Jong and Your Yoga Practice


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