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Today’s Reflections ~ Tidbits of Info

according to the graph lisa harrison put together (of the numbers leeloo shared) today we are at 6.250 ~ set to double tomorrow, continuing that pattern until Tuesday the 28th when we are set to reach 100% completion.  does this mean the event? my feel and under and inner~standing is it marks the end of the 7th wave and this event experience will very soon follow.

the white patterns showing up on the mimic ~ which I have been following/observing/sharing off and on the past year ~ have intensified. here is the most recent image:

dutchsinse, along w/the Cats (at schrodinger’s other cat blog) call these “wave x”.  (it’s essentially big waves of electromagnetic frequency).  dutch says this pattern will only intensify quite dramatically next week.  all seems to be lining up for some huge shift next week ~ data points, intel, graphs, visions, messages received.  and suspicious observers ~ an overall pretty mainstream guy on youtube put out a video speaking of rapid pole reversal and deep destabilization.  as he says the earthquake uptake is raging ~ and “strangely”.  so even though these two aren’t embracing the concept of the event or the matrix simulation, they are both rather freaking out over the intense energy occurrences and how fast all is changing.

there are also some channels speaking of ripples showing up on the sun and moon.  bruce sees all had a video up last night on youtube showing a ripple showing up on the moon.

given all is energy frequency, these wave x patterns (which some say are coming from w/in earth, others outside of this Realm ~ i lean towards outside of our realm) ~ are changing the frequency all around the realm.

home, anybody?  breaking down the matrix grid anybody?

hands raised?


i also tuned in to the simulation ~ in particular the mindset of one who would create such a situation.  i have a rare blood type (off world, linked to those who allegedly altered our DNA) and i feel – i know – this gives me the ability to tune in to their way of thinking.  i’ve done it before.  if i were to create such a simulation, i would make sure i had a variety of safety checks (what we would call booby traps) in place for when others caught on to what had happened and decided to end it.  i had a vision of a variety of wires you would see attached to a bomb.  not that this is a literal vision ~ more like a metaphor.  anyway a being would need to know which wire to cut ~ and given there are many ~ expertise is needed in undertaking such a venture. cut the wrong wire and you go “kaboom” only to have that particular area of the simulation replaced.  so that’s as far as i have chosen to go with that one.  know thy “enemy” without becoming them, right?

on to the next share….

today in the shower i heard “final ops” ~ then had the vision of a sling shot followed by another vision of one being pulled up and out of quicksand.  in my dreams last night both my child and i were connecting with some family members ~ the same 2.  and speaking with my new earth brother, he said he had a vision last night of people uniting with families on a stage, some leaving together, others saying good-bye.  upon waking up this morning, i had some tears to release.  deep pain over the connection i have felt with these particular 2 beautiful souls.  the connection surpasses the human self and concept of family.  as i cried i was called to look at the television.  synchronicity.  a few moments later, i felt some hope return, again was guided to look at the television to see more synchronicity.  and last night before going to bed, turning off the lights, etc. again i was guided to look at the television for one final message.  all 3 photos i took are below.

we are being prepped.  guided. i feel it.  i know it.  my mate is having similar experiences.  and like many of us feel, this has gone on longer than anticipated/intended.  and yet like the plan under team Q, those timelines have changed as well.  when you are in a war, whether it is literal or energetic or a bit of both, NO ONE in ANY dimension or of any ability can give precise dates.  shit happens.  plans change.  but the goal ~ the end result of the plan remains the same and given the mass scale taking place with the plan(s) being carried out here, this time failure is not an option.

success has already been predetermined.  we have already done this.  we are just playing catch up to the timeline where the outcome intended has already been achieved.  this is the game that was played in the realm of separation.

freedom is the outcome.

it is done.  it is so.  

love to all of you ~


last night’s message:

this morning’s messages:


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Today’s Reflections ~ Tidbits of Info


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