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The Cats ~ List of Clair-Senses


Clairvoyance — seeing things with your Third Eye (6th chakra), aka, “the mind’s eye,” mental images of past, present, or future.

Clairaudience — what? oh, “HEARING THINGS.” Spirit/ET/HOB (Higher Order Being) voices, tones, music, ringing, Energy ZAPs, vibrations, static, etc. (The Oversoul/ONE *loves* communicating to clairaudients with music and movie theme songs. It’s quite hilarious, at times; at other times, it’s extremely annoying.)

Clairsentience — just “knowing” something, as well as knowing the Truth when you hear it — and knowing when people are lying. things.” It’s also feeling differences in energy, which can indicate spirits, portals, Wave X, energy attacks, microwaves (HAARP), proximity to certain celebrity egos, etc.

Clairscent — literally smelling energy (it’s pretty cool and dead-useful); certain spirits/beings have a psychic “smell” to their energy. Good spirits can Smell like coffee! You can really smell anything that the spirit or being wants yu sto smell, like a favorite perfume, fav food, etc. It’s a bit odd at first.

Clairtangency — aka, psychometry: being able to get impressions by handling an object. A great and terrible gift (“Someone has had sex on this table.”)

Clairgustance —  perceiving the essence of something a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.

Clairempathy — aka, being an “empath.” Empaths easily feel what others are feeling, even at a distance, in past, present, or future.

Channeling/Mediums — A channeler allows their body/mind to be used as a mechanism for other beings to speak through, while Mediums are expert at speaking with the spirit world. There’s nothing like a really good Medium. As for channeling, PLEASE don’t attempt this if you’re not trained. All kinds of things are out there to trick you.

Clair-aping — making really accurate ape noises through ape-channeling (this is the best), second only to cheese-channeling.

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The Cats ~ List of Clair-Senses


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