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A Vision at the Piano

earlier this evening as i played the Piano, completely in my zone, i received a Vision and an impression in my heart.  i saw myself awakening – looking around and seeing some of you – and wiping the sleepiness from the mind – remembered how “close” we really are – in proximity.  in a flash we can be together ~ using outer tech and/or inner tech – or a bit of both – that is our inherent ability.

in this realm was created – installed – the experience of separation and that included our inability (certainly difficulty/blocks) to be together when we are in our own states, countries – shall i just say plots of land.  in order to see one another we must travel using such archaic tech ~ plane, car, etc.  we need to buy the tickets, the gas, pack our bags.  add in health issues and/or traveling issues, the bastards did some real trickery to keep many of the soul tribes (especially) disconnected.  i used to believe and think we chose to keep ourselves separate so we could hold the light throughout the globe.

this never felt right to me.  now i see it as just another (highly probable) program.  being in the matrix reincarnation loop/prison, we consented to agreements and contracts from a space that was due to pressure and/or no other choice – certainly not from our place of Divine Truth and Divine Creation.

ending the separation piece ends the challenge to see one another – be together.  i saw us, in this flash of a vision, gathering.  hearing the voices of one another.  holding hands.  touch.  hugs. looking into the eyes of our brother’s and sister’s and celebrating.  the grand reunion.  chills and tears with this one.  

i type this as i am listening to the rest of lisa harrison’s update.  i am about halfway through and she is speaking of the current energies calling us to go within and feeeeeel our way to our truth.  get outta the head and into the heart.  this is something many of us have been doing naturally, gradually. that’s why i do the “this is how i feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel” for i know this is where i find my truth.  i may think the words to form an opinion but if my feeling body doesn’t align, i put it aside.

my mind will still grab my attention and say “hey what if that feeeeel of yours doesn’t happen?  what if it turns out to be wrong?”  feeeeeeeling into those questions, i ask how can a feeling ever be wrong?  feeling is our personal truth and simply because some mind-based creation does not happen WHEN or HOW we wish does NOT mean it NEVER will nor does it dismiss the truth OF the feeling.

to me the more i feed my feeeeeeeeeeelings the stronger they become and the stronger they become the more i KNOW what i desire WILL manifest.  it has to.  that IS Universal Law – ALL that we desire and create from Divine Heart Consciousness/Space ~ even in this low density simulation this is UL (just isn’t instant due to the frequencies and rules/systems of the prison).

and this prison IS ending because we have grown in our feeeeeeeeling bodies what we desire and we are projecting this – and in doing so – we are co-creating the ending of their game and our experience of it.

with a little help from our friends at home as well of course.




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A Vision at the Piano


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