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Tonight’s Reflections….

I have had one of those days where I feel I awoke to a different timeline ~ one I have no desire nor intention to see continue.  Most days I’m on course ~ in the flow ~ seeing all that I intend and focus on showing signs of happening/manifesting (along with hundreds of thousands if not millions of others).  Then there are days where I look at what comes my way via research, articles, etc. and I am left thinking “WTF???  Where am I?”


Today for instance some of what I shared here didn’t resonate with me one bit.  I searched for more of what is in alignment with what I want/feel/see and couldn’t find “that” which I seek.  I had my “that’s IT ~ walking away from the computer” moment when I saw a message I had actually been waiting for ~ one of the channeling peeps with whom normally I align. Today?  Not one bit. When the talk turned to OLD MATRIX PROGRAMMING….speaking of prisoners, people in jail, including all those who are there under false charges ~ every one of them….yes, each and every one of them according to this “higher message” have made some agreement to undergo this experience.

Deep sigh.


You KNOW each of these beings and their corresponding Soul Beings?

Hmmm…  I certainly would like that kind of power ~ the ability to speak for everyone.

Not buying it.  What kind of a Soul Being resonates with: “ok I will come to this realm into this body and undergo a life of horror – let me choose from this list of traumatizing experiences.  Let’s see I will choose war and oooh no I already did the public hanging thing ~ yeah that didn’t go so well but oooh I haven’t tried THIS one yet:  False Imprisonment!” because hey – that sounds like a BLAST!

My feel is that while this has been a horrible game of enslavement for goddess knows how long, most of us know to some degree what we’re about to get into ~ and we are frigging here to make sure NO ONE EVER has to partake of ANYTHING that robs us of our Freedom ever again.  At least that is MY take for ME ~ my feel ~ and I saw/felt that during a past life experience (that I did not expect could come forth but it did and it altered my perception on Who I Am and why I Am here).

This realm and the corresponding systems don’t give us free choice.  Free will.  Freedom.  When your right to do/be/think/speak is limited by the power-over by others via rules, laws and my personal favorite “people in positions of authority and power” (over you), you cannot possibly create a life….an experience of ANY real truth according to how the Soul operates. How many of us have said felt “NO” in all that we are and stated that as “NO” to another, the system or anyone who operates in a power-over position and had that not respected, not heard?

Each one of us.

So how then can any supposed higher being claim every person in prison, even the innocent (you know – those who were falsely placed there to begin with by some freedom destroying unawakened fuckhead(s)) are there due to their own choice?  Doesn’t that require the full freedom to make that choice?

It is time to end this type of programming b.s.  I won’t have it in my space without speaking up about it.

As I read that piece and shared with my mate, I kinda laughed as I said “that’s why I stopped doing the channeling stuff a few years ago…I asked a lot of questions and called out a lie when I felt it.”  That and well, those types of Beings, even if well-intentioned, don’t speak with me anymore.

I do however feel a nice connection with this Being I continue to call Clair ~ who I feel is part of my Soul Group ~ so it’s like speaking with someone you know. She came to me again in the shower this evening ~ her voice almost loud in my left ear ~ telling me I needed to get out of my head NOW and into my heart but first ~ I needed to speak my truth ~ get out the gunk clogging my ability to do so.  I thought “but that feels so hard” and as I did, I shut my eyes and without even asking for love, I, again saw a beautiful pink energy in front of my body, at my heart level. She did this for me awhile back ~ only I asked for it.  Tonight, she just sent it to me.  Words began to flow again after they got rather clogged after today’s experiences as well as a personal thing that happened last night that I am still on the fence as to how to handle.

Words that flowed….that I shared above.  They may have come out rough around the edges.  I am so passionate about FREEDOM (at every level for every part of Who We Are) and this speak that those who have been victimized by this very system that robs us of that freedom are essentially wanting that experience because of lessons and karma and fill in the blank blah blah B L A H.  NONSENSE.  FALSE MATRIX SPEAK.  FALSE TRUTH.  FALSE RELIGION. FALSE PHILOSOPHY. FALSE LIGHT.  And THAT is a “NO” that WILL be listened to no matter how long I will speak/present it.

Join in with me with your words and energy.

FREEDOM NOW.  For every one of us.



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Tonight’s Reflections….


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