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Reflections for 2/6/18

Reflections For 2/6/18

As I mindlessly dried my hair I thought back to a reading I had last year.  I was seeking information on a long-standing issue in which I was wanting some clarity on – namely how to deal and heal.  The message that came through the “psychic” was “you are not ready to receive that answer” before adding I would be dealing with it for the rest of this incarnation.

Naturally I was not ok with that so I said I did not consent to that information.  I was indeed ready to hear and receive.  Dig deeper, reach higher, I implored.  You are still in the matrix.  There was no guidance to offer other than that message, I was told.

I knew right then I was in the presence of darkness, even if it was well-intentioned.  Love shares.  Dark withholds.  I cannot imagine being in the presence fully of Source with a request only to be told “you are not ready”.  I would say “wrong answer matrix being”.  As Source in Body and as a Free Being I know what is best and right for me.  We all do.

Another awakening moment for me.  No more psychics ~ at least those who are not in alignment with my feels and perspectives.

The chemtrail sprayers have returned today for another full-on assault of criminal, murderous activity.  It is time for each of us to file a Human Right’s Violation with the Trump Administration.  If you have considered such an action, please do so.  Meanwhile we are forced to deal with the very stupid masses who continue to believe these lines are just normal contrail lines.  Here, I have a microchip for your body, some round-up for those weeds you are too lazy to pull and a gmo potato to add to your delusion.

The trolls who come around my site and attack.  The family members and those who would otherwise say I am a friend ~ allowing themselves to be controlled.  Not one of them visit my site.  Not one Support what I do.  I have one person in my day to day life who supports what I do AND reads my site – my mate.

Thank Love of Source for every one of you!

It is time I begin to ask these sleeping trolls what it is they do to save the world?  What are they doing to awaken the people?  If you aren’t helping awaken you are complicit in the agenda to destroy and control.

Even the act of just being aware, exploring and searching for the Truth is enough.  But to Remain Blind is not an option.  I was told by a family member my site would not be shared with the rest of their family (their?  thank you for clarifying the feeling that I am not really a part of the family) because I discuss politics and politics is just dark, my topics too conspiratorial.  This individual refuses to research what I share.

Don’t believe it – research it.  Hell, prove me wrong.  If you can…

But no longer is it ok with me to remain blind, to remain ignorant, to refuse to explore that which is beyond what you are spoon-fed by your media outlets, your church, your school’s, your science and your deep state politics.  Not that such people view my site regularly.  But there are some.  And my message to you is if you come to this site I expect you to be diligent in your mental, emotional and spiritual work.  I expect you to research what I post instead of being intellectually lazy and sharing smart-ass comments.

What is it these beings want?  More of the same?

Yeah, not me.  And not every one of you who support this site and my messages.

Something must change.  Something must shift.  These people, if they even are human (I think of “They Live”), are helping continue the crimes against us all.  Greater Selves are calling forth the awakening.

They must take this step.  For if not, when the energies reach us, it may be too late.  And I for one, feeling as I do more and more lately, will not be around to help ensure their transition is as smooth as possible.  I went about this journey more or less on my own – certainly received far more criticism and judgment than I have support.  I will be moving on to greater world’s with the rest of you.

I am tired.  I just don’t feel tired.  I AM tired.

And am ready to breathe the clean air and drink in the pure water’s, jam with my tribe and greet the skies of pure blue each day.



Thank you for supporting me and inspiring me to KEEP GOING.

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Reflections for 2/6/18


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