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Reflections Part 2 ~ 2/6/18

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They just keep comin’…kinda like this cold virus that keeps on makin’ an unwelcome appearance…

I recently heard a video that included Allison Coe, QHHT.  I Love her work, her spirit, her energy.  She said something though that made me pause and think “nooooo don’t put that out there!”  She said, even though her clients have overwhelmingly given the 3d time-span of the first 3 months of 2018 for The Event, she said even if it doesn’t happen then she’ll be ok for she knows it’s coming.

Nooooo, I thought.  We are Creator Beings!  We co-create here.  We can Draw forth this energy NOW.

WE CAN DRAW FORTH THIS ENERGY.  By showing resistance or saying well if it doesn’t arrive that may push it away.

I am not willing to take that chance by entertaining the thought.

Endless talk of we create our thoughts create.

So then let’s draw it to us NOW.

Create a timeline for it.  Create a bubble for just the number of us who want it.

We are tired and done.

Many of us feel we have done as much as we can.

Some say the Event will occur in 2024 and other dates far off into some elusive future.

Not good enough.  Not in my reality.  I do not consent to that timeline.  That experience.  That year.

Love Responds in the NOW.

Draw the return of Source Wave Energies to your Being NOW.

We were pushed, kicked, conquered quite quickly.  In a flash.

We arise, heal, and are restored and returned to our Rightful Place in a flash.


Another insight swimming through me in this moment of Now.

Those who are saying “don’t look here, don’t give that attention” are being Spiritually amiss.  When we allow ourselves to be in the state that “all is love/all is well” that makes us vulnerable to attack.  It sucks, yes indeed but that is the reality of this realm we have been in.  I had a flash earlier that part of the reason why we were conquered was because we were did not want to see the behavior.  It was new to us, so traumatizing, so shocking. Not looking at it doesn’t make it go away, at least not that I am aware of.  If that were the case, we wouldn’t be in this war/mess.  The vast majority of humanity has been looking the other way, mostly unconsciously, and that hasn’t made any of that dark crap disappear now has it?  It has allowed it to flourish.

Love sees ALL.

Love shines the light of Truth on ALL of it.

Love says “I SEE YOU”.

When you hide you remain in the dark.

Eyes open.

Hearts open.

Minds open.

The Soul and Spirit willing to embrace it ALL.

Then make the choice as to what is OK and what is NOT and create the energy around those desires and put forth action.

And that, my beautiful people, is all I have for now.  Please as always share your insight’s, words of wisdom.  How are you doing your journey during this time?  


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Reflections Part 2 ~ 2/6/18


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