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A Perspective On Last Night’s Supposed SpaceX Launch

A Perspective On Last Night’s Supposed SpaceX Launch

hmm….gotta let this one sink in before i draw any conclusion… how do you feeel reading this one?


Rique Seraphico

9 hrs

The Light Sentinels: A Fatal Draco Attack on the Pleiadians and Peace Treaty (23th December 2017).
(Posted by The Light Sentinels, written by Music Man).

Once again the Cabal staged an event to cover up the truth (the Falcon 9 Rocket Satellites launch). Due to the scope of all involved, it could not be prevented from being aired, given how many Americans looked up to the Sky yesterday, 22nd December 2017, the news had to cover it too and the whole world watched it, nit quite understand what they had actually seen.

However, not for the first time, you were presented a lie, a HUGE lie. Only the top Cabal / Dracos, Pleiadians, and Us, the Light Sentinels know exactly what took place yesterday. I am now sharing with you the truth no one will ever tell you, as always.

If you dug deep, this is all the Intel you will have found, the version the Cabal told the world, for they needed a cover up story, given the sheer size of the event, they knew they would not able to hide it convincingly, until now of course:

” Watch SpaceX’s last launch of 2017 live right here:

This past year has been a great one for SpaceX. The company has sent rocket after rocket skyward, completing missions for a number of clients including NASA and private firms, and they’ve got just one more thing to do before wrapping up 2017 with a nice bow.

Tonight, the company will conduct one last 2017 launch for Iridium, a company that uses SpaceX’s services to place its satellites into orbit. It should be a fairly straightforward mission, but there’s one thing that makes this launch different from most of the others SpaceX has performed this year: the rocket won’t be coming back in one piece.

Tonight’s launch will be performed using one of SpaceX’s used — sorry, “flight proven” — Falcon 9 rockets. The company has made a habit of recovering this hardware and relaunching them later after a brief period of refurbishing. However, the rocket being used tonight will not be recovered, and will instead meet its demise as it falls back to Earth”.


Watch the Second Video on link:…/

Now what ACTUALY took place, 100% the TRUTH:

The Dracos developed a new Weapon, Technology to capture the GFOL Ships that are here on Earth. They want to systematically wipe the Sky of ALL GFOL Ships. Clear it for more Off World Dracos Ships to come and create War on Earth. The Stage was set for that. But the Light Sentinels put a stop to their evil Plans. Again.

According to the Draco / GFOL (Pleiadian) Peace Treaty which I have told you about, the GFOL are NOT allowed to intervene with Mankind and Earth. This Treaty prevents them from helping Mankind. The Dracos are far more technologicaly advanced and prevent any real significant contact between the GFOL and Mankind.

When I tell you all you read on wishful thinking sugar coated “Positive Channelling Messages” and all the others so called “Light Gurus & Prophets” tell you are blatant lies, fake GFOL stories about “Saving Mankind”, this is what I mean. It is all 100% FAKE (who do you think is actually behind these lies?). The GFOL cannot help you, not the way we need. So please stop perpetuating these lies by giving much credence to all these Cabal fabrication and lies.

Having said that, they ARE here. Blue Avians, Pleiadians, they have always been here. They monitor your air, oceans, making sure the Dracos stick to their part of their contract (Peace Treaty) and do not kill Mankind outright and yes, they help themselves handsomely of our minerals and riches too in the process.

They observe it all and report back to their Council. They are here respectfully, and PEACEFULLY. On 22nd December 2017 the Dracos BROKE their long standing Peace Treaty and viciously attacked the Pleiadians. Quite possibly killing many Pleiadians.

The REAL purpose of the Falcon 9 Rocket Launch yesterday was to intercept and capture GFOL Ships cloaked on Earth by creating that Plasma Bubble you can clearly see in the 2nd video posted (link above) and destroy their Ships. Clearing the way for a possible Invasion, which of course would have never succeed. For you are Fully protected. By the Light Sentinels. Be sure of that. No evil and harm will Ever come to you!

The Pleidian Ship was very large and was captured and brought back to Earth, most likely destroyed and all Pleaidians on it, KILLED. The Dracos will obviously flatly deny this. The object you see in the middle of the video’s main image is a Huge Pleidian Ship trying to escape, you also see two little pods leaving this Ship, carrying the surviving Pleiadians. You can see on the picture, at the very left extreme is the tip of the Rocket. At the bottom is one of the pods that did NOT manage to escape and got captured and killed. At the very top, already outside the Draco Plasma Bubble, is the second pod, the ONLY surviving crew from the huge Pleidian Ship.

I was on a call with the Gatekeeper yesterday when I was made aware of all this and send Her all that I had been able to find out and asked her to investigate it immediately (at this point neither of us knew what was going, except that what was being said and I was looking at did not add up). I only got word back from the Gatekeeper today.

Once She found out what was really taking place she immediately opened the C-2 Gate (the main one used on our Solar System, next to the Sun) to allow the surviving Pleidian Pod to escape our Solar System and go back home. Had that not been done by Us, they would have been dead by now too.

At C-2 usually there are many Ships “hanging around”, mostly Blue Avians. The Gatekeeper immediately engaged the other Light Sentinels, the Goddess Gaia and God Set, who is now back with his Godly Family. They both escorted the sole surviving Pleidian Pod and thus prevented a Counter Attack from the Dracos.

All at C-2 SAW this and knew something was not quite right and many questions were asked. The Dracos went, again, way too far and this time really screwed things up. For all purposes, the Peace Treaty is now Off; And All gloves are OFF!

The Pleiadians are a Peaceful and Diplomatic People. They will report back to their Council and in a few days time will return and will for sure want to know from the Dracos why they attacked them and broke their mutual agreement in the process. Will try and smooth things out and make Peace with the Dracos. If that happens, NOTHING will have changed. All will have been in vain! May it NOT be so this time?

I happen to believe we have reached a point that enough is enough, the Dracos have gone well beyond anything acceptable and this MUST stop at once!

So, my short fused and angry brother, the God SET (former Ernest Lader) is, as we speak, the Gatekeeper told me, having some SERIOUS (and I’d imagine very Loud words to the Pleiadians), telling them to go and “F.ING KILL them Mother F.ers!! (the Dracos, that is)” (He will have used much stronger words, which I cannot print here, for he always does lol!). Mankind surely will NOT want to leave this at that and poor cold waters over it, it is time we ALL ACT Together.

On 3rd July 2016 I wrote a 29-Page Report (which Ernest helped me greatly) to be read at a 5.000-Strong Council Meeting held at the Black Knight Pleiadian Ship. I was then chosen by the GFOL to represent Mankind (as a Light Sentinel Spokesperson, it made perfect sense) and put together a case for the GFOL to Help and Assist Mankind Free this Planet.

Despite the success and standing ovation applause it got, and reassurances that very evening when both the Goddess Isis (who was representing me, Ernest and the LS that afternoon, together with Osiris and RA) and the Pleiadian that got back to me, they never really fulfilled their promise “You don’t understand how complex this is Music Man”.

Yesterday and Not for the first time, We, the Light Sentinels saved the Pleiadians again. And rightly so. Despite our differences, We have never lost hope one day you would do the right thing and unite forces with Us, Earth’s Mankind Guardians, and hopefully the Beta Pictorians too. The time is NOW. The Peace Treaty HAS BENN Broken. NOT your fault. You now have your way completely open and free, We have Your backs too!

What a great Xmas Present that would be, to come onboard with Us and FREE this Planet from all those that embrace Darkness and support the Slavery of Mankind and the Planet. The offer is on the table my Pleiadian / GFOL amigos! You call.

Much Love and Light,

Music Man.
(The Light Sentinels’ Spokersperson).


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A Perspective On Last Night’s Supposed SpaceX Launch


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