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Seeing the Darkness For WHAT IT IS and DOING Some Thing(s) About It

I came out into the living room, pretty fired up over thoughts going through my mind about this “be patient” and “allow” those outside of us to DO what needs to be done in the field of politics and other social realms (i.e. the exposing of the Swamp and its draining).  Then I read a comment by one of you awesome Beings who more or less said what I was thinking.  It was in regards to some words in the recent Diane Canfield piece, who overall I resonate with and appreciate her work.  However, this particular passage, at the time I read it, bothered me too.  That little inner buzzer lit up.  In a nutshell, she said now was not the time to get involved in all of the politics as all was being guided by Divine plan.

That hit me wrong as well.  We are the Divine, right?  Darn right we are!  It felt off.  If one feels the desire to help expose, we need to ENCOURAGE such a feeling not say “look the other way all is going as planned”.  Feels like being told “oh don’t look that way just be patient and let the Horror and unveiling and clean-up unfold”.

Or continue?

Sometimes I wonder if some of these blogs – the highly successful ones that is – are just another cabal tool with some unicorns and butterfly pretties thrown in.

Where is the anger with these people?

Do they not have any?

Where is their sense of DO SOMETHING?  DO something so this NEVER happens again!  It’s one thing when the horrors and control’s are placed upon the adults ~ but much of this involves our children.  OUR BABIES!  WE are responsible for them!

I don’t get it.

Maybe I’m not supposed to.

I know this.  I don’t like flowery words and metaphors, especially when it comes to talking about the dark horrors of 3D reality.

I like things communicated CLEARLY and PRECISELY.

Tell it like it is.  Tell it like you really FEEL it to be.  And SEE it to be.

As one of you commented, telling a parent who is just awakening to the horrors of our children being used in trafficking and for sexual deviance, for torture and sickening “power”,  that all is unfolding according to Divine plan is not going to cut it.

She is right.

We need to be having conversations about this and we need to be authentically real about it.  We need to be encouraging those seeing this information for the first time to do what WE have done – search for the truth and when we see it – ALLOW ourselves to feel the rage and disgust and pain.  Allow for the experience of cognitive dissonance instead of judging them for having it.  Encourage those seeing this shit for the first time the same Freedom we have given ourselves.


Freedom to BE which includes the freedom to FEEL and express that feeling instead of dismissing it so you can replace it with a prettier version.

I have considered not sharing the horrors (FINALLY) being exposed.  Finally in that FINALLY the 100th monkey effect has happened, has long past gone by and this information is no longer considered conspiracy.  WHEW on that as I have been sharing some of these dark horror things with others off and on for yearSSSS.  Anyway, I have thought to not feed the dark crap by focusing on it.  Don’t want to clog up an already dark murky pipe.

And yet we’re in swamp draining mode, right?

And how do you drain a swamp?

You see it for what it is.

You let the reality of it sink it.

Then you engage in a dance of draining it, letting yourself feeeeeeeeeeel the effects it is had on your life experience, and speak out affirmatively in ways to ensure this shit NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

Not on my watch.

And not on yours.

Much love, in Warrior Spirit ~


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Seeing the Darkness For WHAT IT IS and DOING Some Thing(s) About It


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