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No one would ever agree to this would they? Maybe One?

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The story below is totally fictional.  Maybe.  Nothing even remotely like this could ever happen. No one would ever agree to this.  I don’t think.  It’s based on a true story.  Although that last statement can’t be proven, I believe it’s true. It’s almost beyond belief.  And yet…

As we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday, you can decide for yourself about these fictional events , although roughly based on real events, for yourself.

No one would ever agree to this would they?  Maybe One?

This is the story of Frank – a father.  And Jimmy – Frank’s son.  And Scott.  Frank is the most powerful man in the world.  At one time, he ruled the world.  He had a bad reputation though.  He really was a nice guy – had everyone’s best interests at heart.  But the people were short sighted.  Wanted immediate gratification.  The people thought he was mean.  

He wanted to know for sure whether the people liked him.  So he allowed a world-wide election.  And he lost.  Big time.  Scott won in a landslide.  So even though he was way more powerful than Scott – Frank let Scott rule the world. 

But still – even though the people rejected him, Frank had a plan to show them the truth about both himself and Scott.

It was a big risk.  It involved Jimmy.  His son.  And the real risk was to Jimmy.  Frank knew he could pull it off.  Knew it would be worth everything.  But Jimmy – would he be able to pull it off if he knew the whole story?  That was the problem.

Frank groomed his son for what was to come.  Never really told him the details of what was to happen – just that it was the only way to save the people from Scott.  Jimmy was a good son and a good student.  Learned everything he needed to know.  Amazingly fast.  Jimmy was a great student.  Frank was so proud of him.  This was really going to work.

One day – when Jimmy was in his late 20’s, his father told him it was time.


Son, I’ve got the motor home ready for you.  All the latest computer gear is there.  The cloaking device is working flawlessly, so no one will see it.  Why is it cloaked?  Well, the people where you’re going to go – they’re not as advanced as we are.  A bit old fashioned.  They’d be scared half to death if they saw your RV.  The area is a bit remote too, so we’ve got a satellite phone for you.  Of course, we can’t let them see that either – so the miniaturized parts will be injected into the skin in your neck.  But don’t worry – it’ll work fine.  At first, there won’t be too many people paying attention to you – so you’ll be able to get back to the RV and we can video chat.  But later – that sat phone hookup is all we’ll have.

Now – we’ve sent some advance people, so we know what to expect.  One of them is kind of spreading the word that you’re coming.  That you have news about me and Scott.  The real truth about what happens if they keep Scott as their leader.  Yeah – some of the people are rally looking forward to meeting you.

It looks like there will be some trouble – so we’ve got lots of undercover security forces out there to protect you too.  We have to keep this going according to plan.  Can’t have any disruptions.

And you’ll need to get a few of the local to help you out.  

They have these odd rules there about money – especially the way they collect taxes.  So you’re going to want to get one of their tax collectors as part of your team.  Maybe he can help document the journey too.  It’s always good to have records – and I’ve seen these tax people.  They’re really good at it.  

Next – food.  Like I said it’s remote.  It’s good to have a few fishermen to help out.  They’ll come in handy, I’m sure.  So get more than one.  Some of them are pretty philosophical too.  That would give a different kind of record that the tax collector.  Would appeal to a different kind of person.  So yeah – get some of them too.

And some body guards.  I’d rather not show the plain clothes guys unless I have to, so some local body guard types would be good.

How many people altogether?  I’d think about a dozen or so.  Enough – but not too many.  You just go ahead and pick the rest of them as you go along.  Whoever seems right.

So – off you go son.  I’m so proud of you.  You’ve done so well up to this point.  I know we’ll reach lots of the people with this plan.  

We’ll video chat when you get there!

The journey begins

Hey son!  How’s it going?  

Wow – that’s fast.  You’re getting the team together nicely.  By the way, there’s a guy in the next town you’ll be stopping at.  He’s going by the name of The Negotiator.  You should add him to your team.  No, really – the advance team tells me he’s going to come in useful at the end.  There’s going to be some kind of trouble with the authorities, it seems.  But this Negotiator – he’s good with them.  He’ll be sure everything comes out the way we need it to.  By the way, he’s real good with money too.  Maybe he can handle buying things and keeping track of petty cash.

So you’ll get him?  


Talk to you later Jimmy.


And so Jimmy’s journey continues.  Just like Frank said, video time was getting harder to come by.  The people always wanted to be with him – talk to him – hear about how things would better with Frank as their chosen leader instead of Scott.  But he really enjoyed spending whatever time he could get with his father, even if it was just texting.  Yeah – things seemed to be going really well.

A question about one of the men.

Hey Jimmy!  What’s that?  Am I sure about the Negotiator?  Absolutely, why?

You have a bad feeling about him?  Well, all I can say is – trust me.  He’s critical to the plan.  My advance guys tell me we absolutely need him.  So try to keep your feelings to yourself.  If you spook him, he might leave the team.  Or worse, he may try to play out his part before we’re ready.

Why would that be worse?  Well, remember – it’s all about the timing.  We need to keep to the plan.

No, that’s true.  You don’t know all the details.  You need to focus on your part.  I’ll keep track of the details.

Yes, I’m sure.  Things are going amazingly well.  Exactly as me and the advance guys saw it coming down.  

OK then.  I’m so proud of you son.  

Hey – why don’t you bring a few of the most trusted buys from your inner circle to the RV next time?

Yeah – then they can get a taste of what we’re about.  And they too can see just how proud I am of you!

Awesome.  See you next time.


So Jimmy did that.  And just like everything else his dad said, it went exactly like they discussed.  One of the guys – Pete – he really was catching on.  This was going to be good.


Son – what’s the matter?  You sound so scared?

You still have the bad feeling?  

What?  You want to back out now?  No – there’s no other way.  Trust me – this is going to work out fine.

OK.  Talk to you later.

Jimmy – again?  We just talked.  

No, son.  It will be fine.  Get some of the guys to talk with you.  Maybe that’ll help you relax.

Oh.  You’ve tried that.  But they fell asleep.

Well, try again.

Yes, thing’s are still exactly according to plan.

Jimmy!  Son!  So soon.  Are you all right?

Are you sure?  You’re sweating blood?  Really?

Son, you need to relax.  Go back to the guys.  I’m sure this will all be over soon.

And then…

Dad!! I’ve been arrested!  I’m in jail!  And talk about brutality!  These authorities down here are unbelievable!

It’s that Negotiator you set me up with!  He turned me in on some trumped up charges!  Honest – I haven’t done anything wrong!  Not one single thing!  I don’t deserve this!  You’ve got to get me out of here!  It’s going to be a death penalty trial!  And I don’t trust the judges!

You’re sure?  This is still according to plan?  It’s really going to be over soon?  And everything’s really going to be OK?

It continues..

Frank is sitting in his office now.  He’s turned off the microphone so Jimmy can’t hear him crying.  But he has to listen.  He can’t tear himself away from the sounds of Jimmy crying out in pain as the authorities beat him mercilessly.  As much as Jimmy is in physical pain, Frank is feeling every bit of it in emotional pain.  

He’d really like to bring this to an early end.  But he can’t.  Certain things have to happen.  No matter how much it hurts him.  And his son.  Jimmy was right.  He didn’t do anything wrong.  And yet – it had to happen this way.  Justice was essential.  There was no other way to maintain his own integrity and show the love he had for those people who were doing these awful things to his Jimmy.  Yes.  Love.  Integrity.  Justice.  All essential.

Silence.  Finally.

Frank turned the mic back on.  Apologized to Jimmy.  Told him it really was almost over.

Frank really wanted to tell Jimmy how it was going to end.  But he couldn’t.  Just like he couldn’t tell him ahead of time about what just happened.  If Jimmy knew any of this – he’d never have agreed.  And even if he did – no human could ever act out his part – knowing what was to come.  Jimmy would have hated the people.  He wouldn’t have been able to tell them how good Frank was if he hated them.  Or maybe he would have just taken the RV and run off someplace.  Or maybe he’d go on an ego trip – go though with it.  But then it would look fake. 

Especially if he knew the last part.

Especially if he knew about the undercover medical team.  

You see – Frank knew they were going to kill Jimmy.  So he had the med team right with him all the time.  His best people.  Always there within site and within reach.  As soon as possible after Jimmy was killed, they’d be in there to resuscitate him.  And they had enough equipment and meds with them to heal almost any wounds that could be inflicted on Jimmy.  Almost anything.

Yeah – it’s a shame, but if Jimmy knew that – he’d never pull it off and make it look believable.  No human could.

No.  It had to be this way.

The end comes – no one would ever agree to this – would they?

More screaming.  Three times.  

Jimmy’s thirsty – but there’s nothing his father can do for him at this point.

It’s almost over.

The medical team is standing by – waiting.

The plan – as hard as it’s been – is going according to schedule.  Just the way the advance guys saw it happening.

Dad!  Dad!  Where are you?  Why have you deserted me?

Frank can’t take it any more.  He turns the mic back on so Jimmy can hear him.

Son.  It’s me.  It’s your father.  I’m so sorry.  It had to be this way.  But know this – I love you.  And trust me – it will be OK.  I’ve got everything covered.  Like I always have.  

And son – we won! You were awesome.  You always have been.  And you always will be.  

And so many of the people will love you.

Like I love you.

And Jimmy. Son.  I’ll be seeing you in a few minutes.

Yes son.  In a few minutes.  

It’ll all be over.

And we’ve won.

Yes.  You’re right.  The people win too.

I am so proud of you son.

It is finished!

When Frank heard those three words – he started crying again.

Even harder than while he heard his son crying out in pain.

But these were tears of joy.

People were already starting to choose him and Jimmy as their rulers to replace Scott.

And that made it all worthwhile.

No. This could never happen.  

Can you imagine anyone capable of it?

Knowing all they were going to go through?

Being able to actually still love all the people who you knew were going to do all those things to you? 
Even wanting to start the journey – knowing all the things they were going to do to you?

And it had to be real.  The love had to be real.
Because if it wasn’t – anybody could see though it.
It would be so fake – so obvious.  

No one would ever go thought with it. 

Not if they knew it all ahead of time.

It had to be the way Frank did it.

Didn’t it?

The story above is totally fictional.  

Nothing even remotely like this could ever happen.  
I think.  

It’s based on a true story.  
Although that last statement can’t be proven, I believe it’s true.

It’s almost beyond belief.  

The rumors that Jimmy did actually know ahead of time are astounding.  The events did happen.   But were parts of the conversation between Frank and Jimmie doctored to make it look like Jimmie was duped?  

Can you imagine the love Jimmie had if he really did know what he was getting into?  Wow.

Surely, that can’t be.  He couldn’t have known.  And yet…

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No one would ever agree to this would they? Maybe One?


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