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ASCENSION GROUP DIARY - How to get your spiritual momentum going...



Jay O'Burg

March 2017

Can you feel it?

Whether things are wonderful for you right now and you want to take it to a next level, OR, perhaps you are engaging within a tough set of circumstances at the moment. Can you feel it?
Are you incredibly overwhelmed? Exhausted? Operating on non-stop for far too long? Are you right now, or have you been, receiving increased setbacks and disappointments. NO MATTER WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE, or what you are looking to accomplish, there is one thing I want you to know. It is that you are here for a reason. Had you found this page by a ‘coincidence’ or were you guided?

Many people say that the Universe and its masters did not create extra beings for no reason. There was and is a reason for the creation of an entire mixture of spiritual beings. You were created for a reason. No other person has or ever will have the unique blend of talents and strengths, perspectives, gifts and spiritual configurations that you have. You were born with an innate power to create change. Both, in your life and in the lives of others. This is not something outside of yourself. It is not something that you can buy or acquire. This is something you already have within you. Right this very second. You are simply experiencing blockages, barriers and cords that are preventing you from tapping into it. Can you comprehend this?

I am going to be direct with you. If you do not have a 2017 Ascension Group Diary now, then get one.
Ask for one for your birthday, as a wedding present for yourself, or any other celebration concerning you.  Your spiritual change is going to happen.  You can be preparing for it.  Or.  You can remain ignorant of it as your spiritual change takes a hold of you and makes you deal with it.

The 2017 Ascension Group Diary is your ultimate, interactive diary as you enter, plan and experience your spiritual journeys. Not only does it cover ascension for beginners, it also helps those who are already taking their first tentative steps into spirituality and those that are more advanced in spiritual matters.

The 2017 Ascension Group Diary is an interactive diary. There is no other diary like it. You can use the diary on your own and record your personal journey in any and all spiritual matters. In addition, you can use the diary within your Ascension Group. An Ascension Group is a gathering of individuals each on their specific spiritual transitions, whom are sharing information with other members on the outcomes from previous group meetings. Both situations; as an individual and as a group member, are highly beneficial to your personal development.

Who am I?
I am a voluptuous, (read as UK size 18; USA size 16, European size 46, Japanese size 19 - "Yes thank you"), caftan wearing, full on positive mindset woman with a glamourous weave that can more than match the princely wigs of Liberace, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins and Celia Cruz! I am most definitely a British lady with the advantage of being Black. I adore listening to music all day every day. I adore operas, classical music and world music.  As a child I had a strict Roman Catholic faith upbringing AND I experienced Out of Body Experiences. In a past life I was a High Priestess and the journey that I took to becoming a High Priestess was as an apprentice recording all aspects of potions, magic, rituals and ceremonies to help the sacred females, the elders and the tribes people.  In addition, another part of my apprenticeship was to assist other Priestesses at ceremonies.  During my childhood I had many questions and uncertainties about matters pertaining to spirituality and religion. I had no mentor so I had to figure out the conflicts of my Catholic faith, the sensations from my auras and spiritual journeys that I encountered. As I was growing up I placed these talents and experiences to the back of my mind in a locked room. Life duties took a prioritive stance with its MANY ups and downs, tooing and frooing, light and dark. My journey from being a disciplined child, to a young lady enrolled in the UK Royal Air Force, to setting up a business and experiencing blockages, barriers, cords and failures, to a homeless middle aged lady, took substantial knocks and hardship experiences. I experienced life in the heady champagne, nightclub society of London and the fall from the other side of that life. I was forced to go within and tap into my own powerful strength. A lot of private tears on this journey. Too many tears. That is another story within itself for another time. Fast forward to today. I am a qualified Assessor in Adult Development and CPD. I am an Aura Communicator. I am an Intuitive. I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. I am a wonderful person. On 11 June 2016 I had a Karmic Body Removal and a Chakra System Closure and my first Ayahuasca experience. You can listen to my experiences from these videos:

Karmic Body Removal

Chakra System Closure

I also had a Chakra Removal and can assist you, whenever you are ready to receive my help, with this. Know this, my spiritual momentum is flowing in ways that brings elevation to my daily activities.  So, YOU need to get your mojo on and get your own spiritual momentum going.  Regardless of your age, race, gender, social class, religious belief and anything else that you are making as an excuse to not move forward spiritually.

When talking about things that I am expressly keen on. Things that I learn and discover. That can help other people live a life with more of what they decide. This is innate to me. It is one of the significant things that I was born to do.

The 2017 Ascension Group Diary encompasses knowledge and development for YOU and is a way of passing along key spiritual matters in the assertion that it is of service to you. Indeed, I realise that with every fibre of my being, with every cell in my body, that no matter what you want to create or experience in your life YOU have the ability to do it. Yes, I know that there are certain laws of physics and of time and space, that presently we cannot defy quite yet with our physical body, but beyond that there is an enormous untapped oasis of potential within you. I am guided by my Higher Self to accept that I must make this Ascension Diary available to those in need together with the support of your local Ascension Group, for this is the reason why YOU are reading this article right now and on a higher level you know it. Take away the barriers, blockages and cords that are binding you to move forward and you know that there is much more to you. More LOVE. More CREATIVITY. More JOY. More POWER. I understand your story and I understand that you have merely scratched the surface of your highest, spiritual, powerful, potential. Can you feel it?

I ask again, can you feel it? Are you currently aware of when something is not performing well in your life? Or are you in denial of when something is not performing well in your life? The point is this, you must have cognisance to face all that is not serving you. Call it what you want. Consciousness is a resourceful tool which will help you to proactively look for a way to resolve it, revolve it, or transform it. Being here with me, right here and now, as you hear my gentle words supporting you as you read on, know that YOU are already on the path to conquest. I want you to feel joy at this turning point in your life because, the more you use your holistic, spiritual, etheric, intuitive and psychic tools and resources in conjunction with the Ascension Group Diary you will see growth:
+ As long as you accept the guided support during your personal development.
+ As long as you stay connected to your heart and to your intuition.
+ As long as you stay open and willing to learn and to change.

Interactive Judgement-free zone
Interacting with this diary makes an enjoyable, educational and evolutionary journey for you. So, do not be too hard on yourself whilst you are scribing your daily experiences. Some days, weeks and months may be more eventful than others. The 2017 Ascension Group Diary is a judgement-free zone, so do not feel as though you need to be honed and unbroken every moment. Allow the communication from within you to flow at the rate and intensity that is felt, at that time and space. Also, if words are difficult to convey what you are feeling and thinking, use the spaces provided in the diary to draw this aspect of yourself instead. The objective of the Ascension Group Diary is to place in order and context all that applies to you, to allow you to grow, develop, train and blossom through your spiritual and Universe evolution with an array of ins and outs of spiritual aspects.

Taboos. Taboos. Taboos.  The 2017 Ascension Group Diary is an excellent companion for exploring your family, community, religious and race taboos. It is important to explore the taboos within your family and any other taboos that you personally believe, or taboos that have an influence on you from others. The journey will be a test for you. The journey will also open up spiritual aspects that will need attention.

Acknowledging your family past
The 2017 Ascension Group Diary is an excellent companion for delving into your family past. This may also be an uncomfortable journey, so be prepared for whatever comes to light. You may need to speak to your family members to ascertain more about your family line and the ‘secrets’ that lay in the dark surrounding your family. Some family members will be unwilling to speak about the past and will not understand why you have a need to know about the past in your family. Conversations concerning family members from the past and/or family situations from the past can be become emotional and hazy in truth. So, it will be up to you to do your own research. As best that you can. The journey is needed to bring clarity and release all forms of ancestral, historical and family blockages, barriers and cords that are still working on you, within you and around you. You need closure from this. You might have to speak to ‘outsiders’ to understand more about your family. What comes up will have an impact upon you. The question is, how much of an impact is it having upon you in things that you do? Or, indeed want to do. How are you going to rectify it so that it no longer lingers in your ‘space’? The 2017 Ascension Group Diary is your ultimate, loyal, personal, companion on this journey of yours. This is your personal reference aid.

You can also use the 2017 Ascension Group Diary for documenting past life regression and past life therapies.

What can I get from the 2017 Ascension Group Diary?
When you buy a 2017 Ascension Group Diary you get the following:

How do I make the 2017 Ascension Group Diary specific to me?
It is useful to create your own code or colouring system. That is, use no more than five colours that act as a shorthand to particular schedules throughout the year. For example, using a Green ink for when something commences, or a Red ink for when something ends/finishes. So on and so forth. Then you can see at a glance the patterns of events and also solutions as your develop with the aid of the diary. Keep to your format throughout the year and into the next year as you progress.
Whilst on your spiritual journey with the 2017 Ascension Group Diary, ask yourself the following questions:
1. How am I feeling? (at the start)
2. What did I learn today?
3. What do I want to accomplish?
4. What do I want to fix?
5. How am I feeling? (at the end)

One of the first things that you should write are your intentions for the year.
Create a diary entry stating your ‘Intention(s) Introduction’ for the year.
For your entry to your first Ascension Group Diary, you should write an introduction stating what assistance you seek from a journey into ascension and the steps to be taken from that moment forward. Open up and be yourself.

Psychic Demonstrations and Out of Body Experiences
+ Write down ALL psychic demonstrations events that you attend. There is a section for this in the Ascension Diary.
+ Describe ALL that you can remember from dreams and Out of Body Experiences. There is a section for this in the Ascension Diary.
+ Document ALL other aspects that you encounter. Whether this be from within yourself or relayed to you by others.

Learn WHO you are first
The 2017 Ascension Group Diary is beneficial to you as a signposting to various persons around the world that can assist you. Learn who you are first. What is it that you need to do/to take, for that first step into ascension? Take those steps. Be BOLD. Get ready for learning and how to handle unwanted spiritual impacts within and around you. This is how you use the 2017 Ascension Group Diary.

The most important decision that you will ever make in developing your spiritual journey is to acknowledge that you need help. So, start to say “YES” to your ascension. There are many men and women around the globe that have been where you are right now. You are not alone. We have not walked in your shoes, but we understand where you are coming from and where you want to be.

SO, get into your hands a 2017 Ascension Group Diary, at the first opportunity. The sooner you begin, the better.  Truly.  Unfurl your spirituality with each page.

About you?
So, the question is who are you? I would love to read your story.
Are you hesitant in taking your first steps into spiritual energy aspects, but know that the ‘idea’ is calling you?

Are you starting out in spiritual matters with tentative steps and trying to control how things move ahead for you?
Bring CLARITY to what you want, yet let the HOW and the TIME come about in its way.

Are you an advanced spiritual, holistic, etheric or psychic woman/man and coming across stronger barriers, blockages or cords in a particular part of your development and/or life?
Maintain the essence of the DIRECTION so that help can be delivered to you in unexpected ways.

Tell me about which aspect of the 2017 Ascension Group Diary that you are drawn to or using, in order to increase your spiritual experience, create your dreams and change your life.

REMEMBER. Stay on your path with your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have.

I will talk to you soon on further videos, or you can connect with me via Skype.

There is no need to be alone. Join or create an Ascension Group community in your area. There is a powerful aspect from being within a spiritual community. Find strength in an Ascension Group.  Get your spiritual momentum going.  Right here.  Right now.

So, again I ask, How are you?  Really. 

Remember this, if nothing else, fear is not the only enemy that you chain yourself to.  Waiting to stop feeling afraid is also the shackle that you carry around with you.

With much Love + Light,


The 2017 Ascension Group Diary can be bought at your local bookshop or online.


Within the Ascension Group Diary there is information on how to create a local group, how each Ascension Group must function and what each member benefits from, from being in an Ascension Group.

Learn more from the Ascension Group from this video.
Understand what they are about and how they help all who participate within it. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced in spiritual aspects.

WOMEN ONLY!!! Peri-Menopause and Menopause - spiritual, new birthing, state 
Use in conjunction with the Ascension Group Diary.

NEW!!! Free eBook available. WOMEN ONLY - Sacred FemaleEnergy with Moontime
Use in conjunction with the Ascension Group Diary.

PS.  Can you guess why there is a baby silhouette as the logo?  (The answer is within the 2017 Ascension Group Diary)

International Women's Day

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